He knew little about the other two men in his prison cell. They rarely spoke to each other, so the other men felt foreign and alien. One man, he knew, was an Italian Gangster, and had been arrested for trouble-making in New Mexico. The other was a military officer from the Falklands, and had rioted about the high wages of state governors.

"Psst. Come and listen to this." whispered the officer, who had his ear to the door.

The man got up, and did as he was instructed.

"...I don't care about why those men are in there, I have a need for them, and I am willing to bail all three of them out, for triple the price." said a woman.

"That's quite a bit of money. Why do you need them?" asked a guard.

"My business is none of yours."

"Stand back from the door." muttered the officer, gesturing to the man.

A few minutes later, the door was opened by a guard, and a woman in a purple dress and smoking a cigarette was standing in the doorway.

"Come with me. Questions can be answered later." the woman instructed, the men obeying.

Outside of the prison, the three prisoners were ordered into a car, and drove away.

"You're all wondering what I'm doing. There is a war in Mann's land, which, being that one company has got some more mercenaries, you've been recruited by their rivals." stated the woman.

"What...how? Why have I been drafted into a war in New Mexico?" said the officer.

"That doesn't matter. What does is that we'll be arriving in about ten minutes, so prepare yourselves. Each mercenary recruited by me for RED has a code name. The Falklander is the Officer, a support class who will increase morale and lead charges. He was close to not getting a job, but your rivals got one, so RED does as well. The Italian is Gangster, who is an offensive class, and is good at close combat, and the other man, um, what are you?"

"Canadian." replied the man.

"Canadian. Right. You're Lumberjack, and are on defence. You simply do your old job of chopping down trees, but replace the trees with people."

The three new recruits arrived a little time later, and were taken to a white room with benches and lockers. On the benches were three cardboard boxes with their class names on it. These contained their weapons and uniforms, but were taken to the barracks before being opened.

Outside was the sound of gunfire and pain, confirming what the woman said about the war. In the barracks, the men were told to wait until being met by their Medic, but to change into their uniforms in the meantime. This was done quickly, and so the three men waited.

Gangster wore a suit and fedora, and carried a Tommy Gun, a Double Barred Shotgun, and Knuckle Dusters. He looked similar to Spy, but he hunched like Heavy, and was taller than the Frenchman. Lumberjack wore a stereotypical Canadian shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, loose black trousers, and a Canadian hat, while carrying a Chainsaw, 4 sticks of Dynamite, and a Shotgun. Officer wore a green jacket with loose plum coloured trousers, and had Infra Red Goggles, a smoke grenade, and a sabre.

"I think that woman is crazy. Releasing us from prison? To do something that would usually get us straight back in gaol? I reckon she's quite powerful. What do you two think?" asked Officer.

Gangster mumbled something in Italian before nodding, while Lumberjack said that he agreed with Officer, before taking over from the Falklander.

"I think that something is happening here that we've not been told. I have no idea what that is, but I think it's serious. It was good of that woman to get us out of gaol, but I think she has some serious motives. We should do as she says, but we should also try and find out what is going on without being caught."

Eventually, the gunfire ceased, and the new mercenaries were shortly joined by the most German-looking of doctors. He was covered in blood, and seemed fairly tired. Taking the new mercenaries to his surgery, Medic told them that he would be giving them a new heart and taking a DNA sample for re-spawn. This was done quickly and relatively pain-free, the new recruits thanked the Medic.

Meanwhile, Engineer was working on a machine, similar to the life-extender built by his grandfather, which could make people younger. He decided to test it on his entire team without mentioning his new creation to them. It malfunctioned, and took them to room with lots of chairs and a small kitchen area in it, as well as a man, who was leaving. He stopped, and turned to the mercenaries.

"Ah, you must be the new members of staff. Your timetables are next to the sink, but be quick, lessons begin in three minutes." the man said, before leaving.

"Did he just say..." started Engineer.

"He did. I don't know why, but we're teachers." stated Sniper.

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