Miss Pauling had hired a new Soldier for RED, who was just as insane as his predecessor, but slightly shyer and more proud than the man he was replacing. Re-spawn had been fixed, and was now fully functional. The replacement Soldier was ranting away in front of his new collection of severed heads about how much he liked having his application for RED being accepted, rehearsing what he was going to say to his team-mates. Unbeknown to him, Sniper was leaning against a fencepost behind Soldier.

When the Sniper saw that the Soldier had finished, he commented that the Soldier's rant was quite good, considering what his predecessor was like, which surprised Soldier to say the least, before ranting to the Australian that no-one on the team should be sneaking up on him.

Meanwhile, the Administrator had been released from the mental hospital, so she resumed her place as the most powerful woman on the planet. Knowing that this would happen, Miss Pauling had organised all of her files on the mercenaries and the war between both teams, and had prepared for her own demotion when the Administrator returned.

"Ah, Miss Pauling. I assume everything has been fine since my...departure." said the Administrator.

"Yes, but..." replied the newly demoted Miss Pauling.

"Good. I knew I count on you to keep everything running smoothly."

"Some of the RED team were captured and held by a company called Higgins Co."

"What? A tiny little company captured some of the best mercenaries in the world? What were you doing, Pauling?"

"Trying not to get killed, ma'am."

"The thing is, my good doctor, the thing is that every human being wants to, ahem, reproduce. That is very true in my case, as well." stated Officer to Medic in the latter's office.

"You vant me to turn a voman into a female centaur?" probed Medic.


"Vhich voman?"

"There is one young lady, who caught my interest back in '89..."

Heavy was waiting outside Medic's surgery for his friend. The doors were locked and bolted. Some time ago, Heavy remembered being in a similar situation, but couldn't remember the outcome. When a scream and shouts sounded through the doors, Heavy racked his mind over what he couldn't quite put his finger on. Only when a woman stormed out of the surgery after the doors were unlocked and unbolted with an elongated posterior, Heavy remembered that he remembered being outside Medic's surgery when Officer...hang on a minute...

It was definitely a historic event, but only the RED team, Miss Pauling, the Administrator, Saxton Hale and Pepsi DiCola were invited and turned up. The friends of Officer's new wife, Josephine, did not reply to the invites, nor any of her relations. After the ceremony, Officer continued to fight with RED before he handed in his resignation. Being that it was at least a hundred years since his birth and had been fighting with RED for thirty-four years, most of the other mercenaries followed his lead and left RED after him. The new Soldier never got to give them his acceptance rant.

The Administrator, realising that her RED team, apart from its Soldier, was leaving, hurriedly searched for new recruits to fill the vacant places on the team, while doing the same for BLU, the mercenaries of which were mimicking the actions of their counterparts. She was about to replace the Officer, Lumberjack, and Gangster classes, but decided against it, believing that the teams functioned perfectly well without them.

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