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This has been in the back of my mind(and oftentimes forcing itself to the front of my mind at the most inappropriate moments)for awhile now, and since I've got a good outline going I decided to start with the actual chapter writing. So here be Chapter 1 of Kouhai Jiki.

According to a translation website Kouhai Jiki means: Mating Season in Japanese. Please correct me if I'm incorrect, so that I may make it right if it's wrong. :P


Chapter 1: Heat

Heat [heet]


1. The state of a body perceived as having or generating a relatively high degree of warmth.

2. The condition of quality of being hot

3. The degree of hotness; temperature

4. The sensation of warmth or hotness

5. A bodily temperature higher than normal.


1. To make hot or warm

2. To excite emotionally; inflame or rouse with passion.

The day was bright, the sun beautiful as it cast shades of orange, and yellow across the slowly awakening city of the True Cross Academy. The sky itself was a beautiful shade of pale pinks and blues. A perfect day, for adults to work, children to play, and students to learn.

Rin Okumura awoke to the sun shining obnoxiously on his face. Peeling his eyes open, he groaned. He felt like his whole body was on fire, not the kind of "on fire" that he experiences when he uses his flames either, but an uncomfortable and unbearable heat. His whole body was covered with sweat, making his sleepwear and bedsheets stick to him uncomfortably. Today was not a good day for one Rin Okumura.

Yukio Okumura, the younger twin of Rin Okumura, glared at his Aniki as he rolled over, obviously intent on going back to sleep. Yukio wasn't about to allow that. Pulling out a light, hard-cover book, Yukio waltzed right up to Rin's bed in their shared dorm room.

"Rin. Get up. Now." He stated, book raised fully prepared to smack his older-by-a-few-hours brother in the head.

Rin groaned and rolled over to glare at his twin. Face flushed from the heat he can feel generating throughout his body. Yukio lowered the book as he took in the flushed and sweaty form of his brother. Placing the book upon the desk, he then placed his hand on Rin's forehead.

"Rin, you're burning up."

Rin groaned, "Tell me something I don't know, four-eyes."

Yukio's eyebrow twitched, and if his brother wasn't so obviously unwell he'd have picked that book back up, smacked him in the face and told him to read it. Full of "things that Rin didn't know." However instead he pulled off the soaked sheets and helped his brother get into a cool bath, a change of clothing, and quickly got him back into bed, and under fresh clean sheets.

"You're clearly not faking, and clearly not well enough to go to school today. I want you to rest, drink plenty of water, and I'll be back after school to check on you before Cram class. Got it?"

Rin only groaned in response. Sighing, Yukio placed a glass of water on a table beside Rin's bed, and, after casting a worried glance at his brother, left the dorm. As he walked out of the dorm and down to the True Cross Academy, Yukio removed his cell phone from his pocket, and dialed the number of one Mephisto Pheles, headmaster of the True Cross Academy.

"Hellooo~" The outrageously dressed headmaster answered, "Yuki-chan, what can I do you for?"

Pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation, Yukio answers, "Headmaster, I'm calling to inform you that my brother, Rin Okumura, is ill in bed today and will not be attending classes."

"Very well Okumura-kun. Absence noted." Mephisto answered. "Oh and ~no need to be so serious all the time Yuki-chan~"

After hanging up with a sigh, Yukio entered the school, prepared for yet another day of dealing with annoying fan-girls, both his own, and Rin's little fan club; they'll be all over him wondering where the bad-boy is. Just great.

Rin groaned and rolled over. He was soooo hot. Glancing at the clock he saw he still had a few hours before Yukio would be home. Rin rolled over again, after taking a sip of water, and curled up into a ball. For about an hour now, the heat in his body has gotten no better, and is now accompanied by a slight pain in his abdomen.

Realizing that pain is probably a bad thing, Rin forces himself up and out of bed. Using the walls for support he groaned again as he forces his legs to carry him down the halls and out of the dorm building. Deliriously, he wanders down the street, not even aware that the nearest hospital is in the exact opposite direction.

Poor Okumura-kun. Unaware of the meaning behind such heat in his body. Throwing those submissive male pheromones all over the place, calling just about every dominant male demon. A shadowed man watched as Rin stumbled down the sidewalk, a large white toothed grin adorning his shadowed face. Why don't I help you, you poor poor thing. Protect you from all those other big, bad, demons out there, and naturally keep you for myself. Surely such a rare thing as the son of Satan, being a submissive, is a gift from God, just for me. Heheheh.

The shadowed man's grin widened impossibly farther, as he swooped down, and landed just in front of the, barely conscious, Rin.

Rn glanced up, as a pair of shoes appeared in his line of sight. Before he could focus on his face, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he fell forward. A strong pair of arms caught him before he could hit the pavement. A gift from God indeed.

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