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Ex.tri.cate [ek-stri-keyt]


1. To free or release from entanglement; disengage: to extricate someone from a dangerous situation.

Rin awoke once more, still tied down, and still unable to free himself. As he struggled with the ropes, his body began to feel unbearably hot again. As the heat quickly overtook his entire being, all his strength left him, and he was unable to do more than pull weakly at the ropes holding him to the ground.

Todo, grin stuck onto his face, waltzed forward. He took a few moments to merely admire the picture his new toy made, then bent down, and tightened the ropes holding Rin down. He wasn't about to take any chances and let his newest toy get away before he was ready for him. After all, if he wanted Rin to become his little slave toy, he had to be patient, wait until just the right moment; wait until Rin was at the peak of his heat, then take him.

Todo froze for a moment after standing again, as a bullet whizzed by his face, just grazing him, and leaving a small cut along his cheek. Wiping the blood off his face, the wound quickly healed, and he plastered that grin onto his face again, turned, and found Yukio, and the others all behind him, ready for a fight.

Yukio's eyes never left Todo as he began firing. Bullets rained down on Todo, as he dodged, and ducked, grin never leaving his face; he was enjoying himself tremendously. After all the main reason he's doing this is to mess with the young exorcist, gaining a slave toy is just a bonus to him. The others immediately ran to Rin, and attempted to free him of his restraints. Rin, himself, was barely aware of what was going on around him. He was just so hot.

"It's no good, the ropes are infused with demonic energy, there's no way we're going to get them off him." Shura sighed, and brushed the hair away from Rin's face. She felt just how hot he was, and grew worried for him. This whole situation, just wasn't good.

Todo was growing bored. Dodging bullets only remained fun for so long after all. Therefore, during a pause as Yukio quickly reloaded, he made his move. He rushed forward and attacked with his flames and claws. Yukio's reflexes were the only things that saved him as the ground where he'd just been standing was reduced to a smoldering circle of ash.

Yukio continued to fire at Todo, each bullet loaded with holy water, and burned away Todo's skin wherever a bullet managed to hit it's mark. Todo allowed himself to be hit in the chest, the holy water burning a hole in his flesh. However he pushed forward, he swiftly appeared in front of Yukio, and slashed his clawed hang through the soft flesh of Yukio's muscled chest. Blood sprayed through the air, as Yukio landed hard on his knees, gasping for breath, Todo stood over him, laughing maniacally.

Rin opened his eyes, just in time to see Yukio wounded. The blood seemed to fly through the air in slow motion before him, as time slowed down. With a sudden burst of adrenaline and rage, Rin's bright blue flames engulfed him, burning the ropes to nothing in seconds. He leapt to his feet, and was on Todo in seconds, burning him with his flames, and slicing his flesh with his sharpened claws.

Todo attempted to dodge, the blue flames hotter than anything he's felt before, even his own, in vain. He was quickly cornered, beautiful blue flames surrounding him and closing in quickly. Just as he was engulfed, his body quickly vaporized before him, his flames useless against the bright blue, his last thoughts were, "When the same magical elements are being used, the weaker one will get absorbed by the stronger". Todo screamed, his voice unnatural and beast-like, before he was silenced for good.

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Todo's last thoughts were taken straight from Chapter 31 page 13 of the Blue Exorcist manga :)