Lost and Found:

People say earning people's trust is easy. People also say that love is easy. To hell with that. Love isn't easy and earning people's trust definitely shouldn't be. I learned that the hard way. Now, I trust few people, on Earth. And then I went through the Stargate to the Lost City of Atlantis, where I met a few more people that earned my trust, including the Athosian leader, Teyla Emmagan and the Satedan warrior, Ronon Dex. I had known love twice but each time, the bastards that I thought I had loved left. Just got up and walked out, leaving me for another girl. Ever since then, I have always closed myself off to most people around me. Even to my family. They know almost nothing about me. But then I met Todd. We didn't exactly start off on the best footing. But things happened and we got better. We opened up to each other and found out both of us were closed off, each of us for different reasons. But there is one small problem. Todd is a Wraith. And he isn't exactly the best person to open up to but I did and he came to me. And knowing Wraith, they Never. Ever. Do that. But he is different, and people on Atlantis see that a little, but not like I do. He showed me...compassion. Understanding. A sort of protectivness. We have been through a lot together and I think that changed both of us in ways that neither of us can understand.

I remember that day like it was only yesterday. This wasn't his first time arriving at the city, but this is the first time I have actually gotten to see him, seeing as I have been off-world, everytime he has come. But now I have been granted a chance to meet this Wraith ally. He was not what I expected.

A hyperspace crackled into existance over Lantea and a Wraith Hiveship careened over the planet, settling into a low orbit. Elizabeth came out of her office, right as I came out of a hallway into the control-room, when Amelia Banks, one of the Gate-Room technicians contacted us both. Teyla, Rodney and Ronon were also contacted but none of them had shown up yet. "We detected a Wraith Hiveship exiting hyperspace." Banks said, bringing the sensors up on screen. "Do we know who it is? Have they sent a transmission yet? Elizabeth said, walking up to look at the screen. "Nothing yet" Amelia said, checking the computer once again before spinning her head around to look at Elizabeth. The cities cloak had been initiated when the Hive had been detected a few weeks out.

Atlantis has the capability to have a shield, to protect against the fire of ships, and the ability to have a cloak, or turn "invisible" to the naked eye and any scanning technology of enemy ships.

There was a beepeing noise and a transmision popped up. "Bring it up on the big screen." Elizabeth said, giving a slight nod to Chuck. We all turned to the big screen hanging behind us. A face came up on the screen. I heard a sigh from Colonel Sheppard on my left and heard him say "Todd..." So this is the famous Wraith that was always showing up on our doorstep with one problem or another I thought to myself. "Ahh...Sheppard. I am glad to be welcomed so warmely back into the city. I am glad to see the rumors about the city being destroyed are not true" Todd said, his voice low and raspy. I almost melted inside. But my face stayed solid. I couldn't let my guard down. He was a Wraith. Even if his voice did sound like a god, I couldn't let my wall down for him or for anyone. A year ago, a fleet of Wraith ships lay seige on the city, and we put a Mark IX bomb over the shield and let it explode and in the clouds and dust left by the bomb, we activated the cloak and made the Wraith think the City had been destroyed. "What do you want Todd." Elizabeth said, her voice untrusting. "I only wish to bring important information to you, in hopes you will help me with this problem." he said. Elizabeth stared at the screen for what felt like minutes, when John inturrupted the silence. "You can't seriously be thinking about doing this Elizabeth."

"Let's just see what he has to say. You can come down to the city Todd. Head to Jumper Bay three." Elizabeth said, turning her back on the screen and heading to her office. The transmission clicked off and we all waited for the Wraith to come.

About an hour later, after we had been milling around, waiting, we heard the sound of boots thumping down the hallway. Elizabeth came out of her office and came to stand next to me on the top of the stairs, leading down to the gate-room. Two marines came in, leading the Wraith and two marines came up behind. Todd's hands were bound to a leather belt around his waist, his hands connected to the belt by a four inch metal chain. Colonel Sheppard came up to meet him, dismissing the marines from their posts.

The Wraith was at least six foor four and fairly muscular, but thin at the same time. He had long, wispy white hair that went down past his shoulders. He was dressed in all leather and had an intricate starburst tattoo around his left eye. In one word, he was beautiful. "What do you have to show us?" John said, demanding an answer. "I think it would be better if I showed you all what I have in the briefing room." Todd said in his god-like voice. "Very well." Elizabeth said, turning and walking to the breifing room, which was back behind the control-room. Todd turned to head up the stairs after Sheppard, when his golden, cat eyes caught mine. Something flashed through them quickly before that hungry, powerful look returned to them.