What face lurks within the shadows

Hiding from the world and me?

Is it just another stranger

Or are we too blind to see?

How is it he sings so sweetly

Calling out for me to hear?

Did my father send an angel?

Suddenly it seems so clear.

He has come to teach me music

Guide and guard me in this place,

Yet while he sings like an angel

I shall never see his face.

A red rose placed on the table

Is the gift I shall recieve.

All I hope for with my angel;

Let him stay and never leave.

Suddenly my heart is yearning

For the love I left behind.

Oh my sweet angel of music

You are always on my mind.

But how could he love me alone?

He's an angel, I am not.

Maybe one day he shall see me

And the love that I have brought.

Oh my angel, can you love me?

I am yours to hold and guide.

Still you shelter to the shadows

There continuing to hide.

Please my angel, come and see me

I'm the mask you wear so well.

They can't hear your angelic voice

I guess only time will tell.

Author's Note: Dang it's been a while. I've been in college for over a month and things are finally starting to settle down. I've met a guy that I really like and since it's my birthday, tonight we're having a movie night/"date." I promise I'll get back to working on that sequel & I'll post up some new poetry every now and then to keep you guys around. Thanks for being so patient with me :)