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These are 100 word drabbles from various prompts on LiveJournal.

1. Dangers

Tales are told, cautionary words intended to protect and instruct. Sometimes they're heeded needlessly; more frequently, those who ignore suffer the consequences.

As the village boy, uttering a lupine call too often, Sarah's final summons of the Goblin King tipped the scales. Instead of his accustomed appearance, in a cloud of glitter and lighting, she was shocked to find herself in a tight-fitting dark and sparkly dress, in his embrace before a throng assembled in his throne room. They were kneeling in homage of their king's bride.

Speaking softly into her ear, he said, "You have dangerous hobbies, little girl."

2. Spoiled

"Jareth, would you join me, please?" Sarah's question was deceptively calm. Jareth hadn't yet learned to recognize that tone of voice with complete accuracy. He was up to 85%. Too bad this was in the 15%.

"I really appreciate your willingness to spend a month at my parents' house to help me know you, but you really have to learn to put the milk away when you're done, or it will go bad!"

3. Chance

Music? Check.

Supplies? Check. (vacuum, trash bags, cleaning & dusting rags)

Messy Room? Yup, got that, too.

At least Sarah had everything she needed to clean her room. She smiled wryly when she considered that a messy room was necessary to have in order to clean said messy room. Karen would disagree, and urge more frequent ablutions.

She made rapid progress, dusting her knick-knacks as she sang along to an ABBA compilation. Suddenly, the glittery Goblin King was there, making a mess on her floor, fortunately not yet vacuumed.

"Agreed. I'll take a chance on you, Sarah."