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These are 100 word drabbles from various prompts on LiveJournal.

24. Memory

"It's really very sweet of you, Didymus."

"Not at all, my lady! I should very much enjoy it. Have no concern for young master Tobias."

"He really likes to play games, you know. He's actually pretty good at hide and seek now."

"So I've heard. His Highness did mention something about that: he was very proud of the boy!"

"Ye-es. There's another game Toby likes – a board game."


"I'm afraid not. He's not much for any long-word spelling yet."

"What other board game is there?!"

"It's a picture matching game."

"I see… so what's it called?"

"It's called 'Memory'."

My apologies and gratitude to Billy Joel and producer Michael Stewart

24. Memory

Thirteen o'clock on a Saturday,

The Muppetry crowd dances in

There's a fab gal sittin' next to me

Not touching her fizzy peach gin.

She said "Son, can you play me a memory?

I'm not really sure how it goes.

But it's strange and it's sweet,

Full of… UST,

And I wore a clueless girl's clothes"

Jare is a sparkling kickster

Who hasn't quite finished his job

He's talkin' with Hoggle who still hates to jog…

And just wants to avoid the bog

Write us a song, sir, you're Trevor Jones…

Play us a song tonight

We're all in the mood for some glitter

Cuz man are those pants tight!

Didymus practices fencing

As the rock-caller calls out the stones

And they're sharing a dream they call Labyrinth

Cuz it's better than dreaming alone.

25. Change

In his constant quest to understand mortals, but especially Sarah, better, Jareth once again ventured Aboveground. This trip was special: an outing that he arranged for himself and Sarah, after a smooth practice run.

The goal, to demonstrate his willingness to adapt to her world, and so open the discussion for her fitting into his.

A walking tour of Historic Downtown, an intimate meal by a top-ranked chef, nighttime rooftop dancing, an exclusive ride back on a touring bus.

All went as planned, til the end. There was only a regular bus.

"Sarah, what does that mean, 'Exact change only'?"

A/N: There's a quote in 25. Change that I have borrowed, which originally belongs to Roddenberry, Nimoy, etc. It is dedicated to startraveller776.

Yup, two of 24, because I wrote two responses to that prompt.