Blue Camellia, Aloe, Absinth

Blue Camellia, deep throated pink,

Edged by purple-blue,

The fire in my heart,

The light in my shadow.

Aloe, bright vibrant green,

But not to touch,

Hurt, wounds deep within me,

Grief too deep to fade.

Absinth, pale yellow and round,

Teardrops of a wintry stem,

Gone from you I wither,

My tormented love never away.

Campion Rose, hot blushing cerise,

Spots of kisses, pallid writhing limb,

You who scaled the walls of my heart,

Forever worthy of my love.

Caraway, bright shocking white,

Tiny flowers, little clusters,

Pain in my soul,

Why did you betray me?

Carolina Jasmine, vivid gold,

Deep-throats, star shaped,

Always apart,

Agonised outcast.

Centifolia Rose, pale pink,

Squashed, round, plump,

You're burning me alive,

Sending my heart to hell.

China Pink, rosy coral,

Bloody red fading out,

I'm broken,

Aching deep inside.

Cudweed, messy weed,

Dashes of white,

Constantly in my thoughts,

How could I ever forget you?

Daisy, pure virgin white, blushing,

Round orange heart,

So youthful, so innocent,

Precious child to me.

Dwarf Sumac, hot fire crimson,

Blood against ground,

My everlasting love for you,

Mystic adoration.

Fennel, thin and straight,

Bright yellow clusters,

Standing defiant in the rain,

Strong and courageous.

Forget-Me-Not, gentle purple,

Easy to miss,

Forever faithful to you,

Never forget, eternal affection.

Gladiola, sweet and beautiful,

Our life story,

Stubborn, wilful,

Ardour of first sight.

Guelder Rose, fresh white,

Smaller in the middle,

Cold without your summer,

Ancient without your youth.

Heather, deep fuchsia pink,

Tough and hardy,

Anything for you,

Wishes will all come true.

Hibiscus, enchanting,

Delicate beauty,

Rosy-cheeked, red-lipped, dark-haired,

My precious thing.

Imperial Crown, bold and fierce,

Hidden beauty, only for sight,

You always had the power over me,

My Majesty, my queen.

Jacqueminot Rose, ruby red,

Vermillion exquisiteness,

I would never lie to you,

Deceit blown away.

Laburnam, dangling gold,

Splash against dark green,

Forsaken, cast aside, defeated,

Eternally unforgiven.

Marechel Niel Rose, washed-out yellow,

Paper-folded, pale,

I can never resist you,

Completely yours.

Mezereon, dark lilac,

Tall cluster, long branch,

Rise to any expectation,

Anything to please you.

Palm, vivid green,

Many-fingered leaves arcing proudly out,

The cry of conquest,

You are victorious.

Peach blossom, lovely pink-purple,

From that same furry fruit,

My bride, my queen, my love,

How was I never generous with you?

Queen Anne's Lace, perfect white,

Wealthy white in olive green,

So unreal to you,

Your forever fantasy addiction.

Viscaria, round and purple,

Waving lightly in the breeze,

Like weaving ballroom figures,

Why won't you dance with me?

White Rosebud, your sweet symbol,

Precious, not yet unfurled,

Girlhood, unready for love,

I'll always wait for you.

Inspired by the messages conveyed by flowers.