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Leonardo sighed as he continued up the street, he was a little lost at trying to locate Verrocchio's workshop. Glancing down at the directions he had been given by his father, stopping in the middle of the street he looked left and then right before continue up. The murmur of men arguing was becoming louder as Leonardo came to a halt by a tavern; two men who were having a disagreement of some kind were grabbing at each other's clothes and throwing punches.

They were coming towards Leonardo as he side stepped to miss them but his foot caught on a box as he went flying backwards and landed harshly on his backside. Grunting with pain he pushed himself up and noticed his notebook had fallen from his bag, grabbing for it his hand stopped dead but someone pressed their black boot tip to one of the corners of the notebook.

He gulped as his eyes trailer up to the dark figure. He was dressed in all black with a black eye mask over his face and a black cloak which framed his face.

"Ciao" his voice rang, Leonardo detected the man's voice to be a little high pitched but thought nothing more of it.

"Uh, Ciao" Leonardo stuttered back as the figure bent down and picked up the notebook. "Please could I have my book back" a smile appeared on the man's face as Leonardo stood up slowly.

"Of course" the man held the book out as Leonardo took it and shoved it back into his bag. "Be more careful next time" Leonardo nodded.

Shouting came from behind the man, "Thief stop, he stole from me" the well dressed man shouted as the man dressed in black smile.

"See you around" he winked and took off, using the box Leonardo had tripped over to hoist himself up onto the roof and disappeared from sight. Leonardo stood frozen, confused at what had just happened before he turned around and walked back the way he had come.

Crystal sighed as she brushed her dress down, she could hear voices downstairs. Leaving her room she walked to the steps, her hands went to the side of her dress and lifted it ever so slightly to avoid an accident.

"Ah, Cristiana" her father's voice rang from the other side of the room as she saw a man with his back to her. "Come here my dear, this is Leonardo" he gestured to the man who turned his head as his eyes met hers. Stopping dead she studied the man but he didn't seem to recognize her as she curtsied/

"Pleasure to meet you, Leonardo" she said as he smiled.

"It's nice to meet you, Cristiana Verrocchio" her father stepped forward.

"Leonardo will be staying here, he is my new apprentice" Crystal nodded. It wasn't unusual for her father to take on new apprentices, he had a high reputation within Florence, people came from all around to have him paint them. "Would you mind showing him where he will be sleeping and where everything is, I had to go to the market" she nodded.

"Sì, Papà" he walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead before turning and leaving the workshop. The room was silent for a few seconds before Crystal turned and walked to the steps. "This way, Leonardo" he nodded and grabbed his bags before following her.

Once they reached the top she stepped over the other made up beds on the floor, "We have one spare, my father had it made up the other day so I'm guessing you were expected?" she asked.

"Si" he answered back. Coming to a stop she looked down at the bed.

"This is yours" she pointed as he placed his bags down onto the blankets.

"Grazie, Cristiana" he said.

"Crystal" he looked at her confused. "My birth name is Cristiana but my father is the only one who calls me it, I prefer Crystal" he nodded.

"Well, Grazie Crystal" she smiled and walked to the steps.

"I'll show you where everything in the workshop is" he followed her. "You're a painter then?" she asked.

"Yes and an Inventor" she stopped dead and turned to look at him, he had to grab onto the wall to stop himself from falling onto her.

"An Inventor?" she asked with a smile. "What kind of things?"She asked.

"All kinds, my dream is to one day fly" he said as she smiled.

"Eccellente" she smiled and continued to walk down the steps. "I think you'll fit in just fine here, Leonardo" he smiled.

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