A/N I know in season 3 Jamie has a new partner, but please for this story just pretend he is still partnered up with Renzulli. I just want to watch a few episodes to see what Jamie's partner is really like before I write any stories with him in them.

The day started out like any other Monday, but by the end of it Danny never wanted to live it, or anything like it again. It ranked high up on the days that would haunt Danny for the rest of his life. And no this was not the day Joe died, but a day when something happened to Jamie. Danny had to go through a whole day of uncertainty, and not understanding or knowing what happened, how could this happen? How could Jamie just seem to disappear of the face of the earth?


24 hours earlier (Sunday dinner)

"Hey kid pass the potatoes" said Danny,

"Don't you think you've got enough? There won't be much left for the rest of us!" protested Jamie who was sat across from Danny.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"What I said was pretty self-explanatory"

"Uncle Jamie is right dad, you've got way too much potatoes!" added Jack,

Danny just gaped at his eldest son who was to his right and then turned to Jamie, "great, thanks for that Jamie now my kid thinks I eat too many potatoes"

"Well it's true!" exclaimed Jack,

"That it is Jack, that it is" said Jamie, then simultaneously Jamie and Jack leaned across the table and high-fived each other. Much to the amusement of the family, well except for Danny, he just huffed in annoyance and continued eating in silence.


After dinner Jamie and the boys were playing basketball when Danny came out to join them.

"What you guys doing?" asked Danny,

Jamie stopped for a moment and said confused as wasn't it obvious what they were doing? "Uh… playing basketball"

Danny took the opportunity of Jamie pause and yanked the ball off him and scored "works every time!"


"Dad that's not good sportsmanship!" complained Sean,

"Take every opportunity you can get Sean"

"Danny you don't need to go after the ball like it's a potato!" joked Jamie,

Danny narrowed his eyes at Jamie and lunged knocking Jamie onto his back on the nearby grass, Danny then began tickling Jamie without mercy,

"Danny! ... Get off!" laughed Jamie,

"Consider this revenge kid!"

Jack and Sean then came up behind Danny and managed to push him off Jamie and began tickling him saying "you don't need to attack Uncle Jamie because it's not like he ate all the potatoes!"

Jamie just stood laughing,

"Jamie a little help here!"

"Nah I'm good" shrugged Jamie,

Eventually the boys got off their dad and resumed their basketball match and Jamie helped Danny up.

"So what tour you working tomorrow?" asked Danny as he and Jamie made their way onto the back porch,

"I'm working the graveyard shift tonight and have the next two days off" replied Jamie,

"Well if you want we could meet up later tomorrow about one?"

"Yeah that sounds good"

Danny patted Jamie's shoulder and called his boys to go home. What neither brother knew was that Jamie would not be meeting up with Danny at one o'clock the next day.