Chapter Two: The Dreams

July 6, 1967

The dreams I've been having have become longer and longer. There is no doubt that soon it will become a dream that lasts forever. Every dream begins the same; the same woods, trees, and few scattered buildings. The only belongings I have are my own clothes and a flashlight. There are no sounds surrounding me, only and eerie silence. As I wander in the woods, I see papers, seemingly random on the buildings and trees. Once I pick up one, rustling begins in the trees. It seems as if the world around me is in a stasis that is only stopped by the gathering of these papers. I rush through the buildings and trees, but never manage to collect enough to allow time to flow into morning before it comes and I awake.

July 10, 1967

This has been the longest dream yet. They all feel the same length in the dream, but when I awake, I find the newspaper has a different date then I expect. Along with that, this time, it came and nearly killed me. Then I awoke, screaming in bed. Dreams are supposed to end when you are about to die, not while you are dying. Even more disturbing, once I had awoken, I found very small scars where it had stabbed me.

December 30, 1967

No, it is real! It hasn't been just in my dreams, it was in my room, creating the dreams and cutting me in my sleep! I have to escape, and place this where someone will find it to warn others!

January 1, 1977

Quickly I must jot this down for I heard the screams of my servant when I told her to go downstairs to fetch me a glass of water. It is coming for me. I will bury this in the flowerbed of my backyard in hopes that someone will discover it in the future. The deathless, murderous beast is coming.

*No further record remains of this individual. The diary was barely salvageable when I had discovered it buried in a box underground. Some entries proved truly irrelevant, while a few seemingly important passages were totaled over time.*

-Rogue IV