Hulk: No Justice 2


The Hulk has returned to earth to the place of his birth. His brings with him a rage never seen before by the heroes of earth. With Hulk comes his loyal Warbound. He is the Green King and means to have revenge. His first action is to crush the Skrull Armada his next revenge against Black Bolt the King of Inhumans. Hulk faces Black Bolt on the moon defeating him only to find out that Black Bolt is in truth a Skrull Imposter planted to sow discord among the heroes of earth. After interrogating the Skrull prisoner he learns of all the Illuminates doings and takes from the Skrull the Reality Infinity Gem. Now Hulk seeks out the other five infinity gems that the members of the Illuminate hold. This is the tale of the Hulk's Return this is a tale of No Justice.

Chapter 2: Extinction

Beast trains the younger generation of X-men in their gifts the blue fur ball isn't an easy going instructor. He makes them fight with a finesse needed when battling in real world situations unfortunately the real world is not the Hulk.

The sentinels that have surrounded the School for the Gifted leave at the orders of the president of the United States who is pooling all the military might of the country together for the upcoming battle.

The kids stop in their training taking in the fleeing robots that mutants have feared. It's a real irony that the mutant killing robots are used to protect mutants in the recent days. This irony is not lost on Beast or his charges that have gotten use to the giant killing robots thinking of them as nothing more than lawn decoration.

As a group and at the suggestion from Beast they move to the television flipping on the news where they see for the first time the broadcast delivered by the Hulk only moments before. A rumbling shakes the house causing heads to turn to the large windows that overlook the front of the Mansion.

"Oh no," Beast whispers peering out the window his eyes falling on the armor clad warrior who approaches, "This isn't good."

"Xavier. I want Xavier. Now," Hulk demands striding over the gates of the school that he's broken down with barest press of his hand.

"Dr. McCoy did you see—"the mutant known as Elixir asks.

Beast looks over his shoulder at the golden boy it amazes him that boy is truly golden not in pigment but in actuality. A fascinating genetic trait that Beast at any other time would wish to puzzle out, but for now he doesn't have the leisure to tackle the curiosity so instead he answers the boy's question. "I saw Elixir. I've already sent out a mayday call to other X-men," He says addressing his next words at another mutant a young black teenage youth, "Prodigy, round up the students and take them to the subbasement. Get them out through the old Morlock tunnels," he says placing his hands on the boys shoulder. "Tell the professor what's happening. The students safety is priority number one though do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Prodigy answers knowing that this task is given to him because he no longer has a mutant ability.

"Good then go we'll buy you as much time as we can," Beast says knowing that to face to the Hulk is to court death and Beast is no Thanos he does not worship at that lady's feet nor does he welcome her eternal embrace.

"I'm going to fight The Hulk," a mutant youth named Rockslide says in excitement not understanding the true power and might of the hero he's only seen saving the world. Rockslide though young is a powerful mutant one who cannot blend into a society that hates and fears him. Standing more than seven feet tall with an outward appearance of a big and hulking rock able to speak, his mutant ability is being able to separate and manipulate any part of his rocky body even if it is not attached. "I'm playing in the big leagues now, if you ain't fought the Hulk you're nobody in this game. Look at wolverine I heard he got his start fighting The Hulk up in Canada," Rockslide says high fiving one of his teammates.

Beast stops Rockslide enthusiasm pointing a blue fur finger at him, "Rockslide this is not a game, I've fought the Hulk before, several times in fact, and I've never seen him like this," Beast says trying to put his own fears and misgiving into each word he speaks hoping that the fear will make this young mutant think clearly. "This Hulk is not the wounded child Hulk. This is not the brawler who fought legendary battles with the thing. The Hulk you see before us today is fueled by so much rage he could destroy our world," Beast says looking at his students driving home the point. "In this house is twenty five percent of what's left of the mutant population. If we fight the Hulk today it won't be as heroes, it won't be for ego, but the very survival of our race we will be fighting against Genocide."

The seven students stand in front of Beast all nodding their collective heads in understanding even Rockslide is subdued by Beast's words.

"I will try to talk to him, but this is not the Hulk I knew so I don't know where this will lead. I wouldn't ask this of students, but since we are all that's here I will ask will you. Will you stand with me if it should come to battle?"

It is the mutant name Mercury who answers her skin a silver metallic color she has the power to change the shape of her body in any manner she chooses, "Dr. McCoy…we get it, and we're with you until the end."

Beast at that moment feels a great pride one he hadn't felt in a long time not since he had first put on the blue and yellow uniforms with his fellows original X-men, so many years had passed since then different incarnations, teams, he had changed from deep depression to happiness but this moment even with the threats the X-men had been force to face, from the likes of: Magneto, Apocalypse, Onslaught, Bastion, Sinister, The Hell Fire Club, Dark Phoenix, and countless others to universal entities such as the: Beyonder, Thanos, The Skrull Empire, Galactus. It is Hulk that scares Beast the most, but he shrugs it off as he goes to the front door looking up at the towering menace who stares down at him.

"Hello Hulk," Beast says.

"Xavier. Bring him here," Hulk commands.

"You know I can't do that."

"Then I will find him myself."

"I'm afraid I can't do that either," Beast answers stepping in Hulk's path.

Hulk backhands Beast knocking him through the entrance of the mansion with a mighty blow. The young X-men come forward led by the mutant youth name Hellion who calls out, "Hit him hard," which is exactly what Rockslide does delivering double fisted uppercut to Hulk's jaw staggering the green giant. The battle commences with each of the mutants attacking in Tandem Surge uses her electrical absorption and redistribution power to aide Rockslide, Mercury, and Dust in driving Hulk to his back. Hellion a telekinesis wielder pins Hulk to the ground even as Beast picks himself off the floor with the aid of the Elixir.

"McCoy you have two seconds to call off your children or what happens to them will be on your head," Hulk says his patient with the youths at an end.

Beast looks across the distance at Hulk knowing that even Xavier with his vaulted mind powers can't hope to face Hulk, "Josh," he says using Elixirs real name instead of his codename. "Are you ready," he asks.

"Yes, but my death touch won't kill someone like the Hulk," Elixir answers.

"I need your healing touch," Beast says grabbing the young man and throwing him on his hairy back. "It's not or never," Beast says charging towards the pinned down Hulk Elixir holding on for dear life dangling behind beast like a cape. "Your healing touch should overload the Hulk's healing factor giving us the chance to deal real damage."

"What if I kill him," Elixir asks afraid of the answer.

"They'll more than likely give you a medal kid," Beast says.

Hulk slams his fist into the concrete walkway the seismic backlash knocking the New X-men away, before the Hulk can fully recover Beast is before him. Hulk swings trying grab the blue fur man, but Beast agility allows him to evade Hulk attack giving Elixir the chance he needs to strike overloading Hulk's healing factor.

Hulk grinds his teeth together turning to face Beast who has put distance between Hulk and Elixir and himself. Hulk who stares at him, "You've just pissed me off McCoy," Hulk says. "Do you think I need my healing factor to deal with the likes of you?"

Beast charges knowing that the window of time that Hulk can be dealt damage is limited that his body will adapt closing the window on them, "Formation alpha he calls out as he and his X-men charge the Hulk.

Hulk charges forward driving his fist into Beast face. Cartilage breaks as Beast is sent barreling into two of his students. Hellion sweeps in prepared to you his telekinetic power to the test, but Hulk has already seen all their powers in action with a clap of his hand he creates a sonic boom that ruptures Hellion's eardrums causing the young man's equilibrium to overload. Hellion falls from the telekinesis flight lost he lands at an awkward angle his neck bending impossibly before the snap of his spine breaking is heard.

Dust attacks Hulk surrounding him a sandstorm, Hulk inhales breathing in the mutant before taking spitting it out on the concrete where she sluggishly tries to reforms.

Beast leaps back into fray delivering a drop kick that staggers Hulk, "Hulk they're kids," Beast shouts in outrage.

Hulk retaliates driving a straight jab into the Beast midsection his sternum breaks as he goes flying through the brick wall into the mansion. "Don't talk to me of children my child died in my wife's womb when the Illuminate blew her up along with a million others," Hulk says as he meets the next challenger the formidable Rockslide he blocks the mutants punch on his left armored arm before grabbing both Rockslide's arms and ripping them off tossing them three states away. Hulk slams his open palms together around Rockslide's head flattening his skull into dust that runs between his fingers like grains of sand on a beach. Rockslide's lifeless body falls with a thunderous crash as Hulk steps over him already forgetting the brave mutant who grew up wanting to be him.

X-23 the female mutant clone of wolverine charges forward going into a berserker rage seeing the deaths of her companions the adamantium claws on her hand pop out twin blades of death that are so similar to her father's and yet unlike for she has only to two claws on her hands compare to Wolverine's three. Hulk is not deterred he has face Wolverine and numerous occasions he knows that the deadliest part of this female version is her claws. Hulk snatches her by the arms in one massive green hand. He yanks her off her feet meeting her feral gaze, "A female wolverine, who are you his sidekick?" Hulk asks. She lashes out with her foot giving Hulk her answer as her third claw extends from her foot slashing across Hulk's eyes blinding him momentarily. He throws her away but she flips in the air landing in a crouch.

"He's hurt hit him hard," Beast says back on his feet pushing Elixir who has been administrating to him aside no longer needing the young mutants healing touch as he charges towards Hulk only to be knocked down once more even as Surge thrown down his body breaking as it crashes against the concrete wall that rings the Westchester estate. Mercury stretched beyond her limits battles the Hulk, but he drives a fist under her jaw the blow is enough to kill her. The only thing that saves Mercury from a broken neck is her ability to alter her shape and solidity which her body does instinctively as she drops to the ground.

The last one standing is X-23 who he lifts over his head one hand closing around both her arms the other around her legs. Standing there blind the Hulk laughs as the itchy feeling of his eyes growing back into his skull finishes, "Whatever the golden child did to me has worn off, and with it any chance of victory or mercy you had," He says as he throws X-23 three with all his might through the mansion sending her crashing through stone and metal to land somewhere deep in the mansions center.

Mercury rises up calling for her friend she leaps onto Hulk's back unconcern for her own safety forming her arm into a blade stabbing Hulk repeatedly, but Hulk merely grabs her by her razor edge arm slamming her into the concrete flattening her into a splattering mass of liquid metal.

Hulk turns his gaze upon Beast and the golden form of Elixir, "You gold child must die." Before Hulk can take another step he lets loose a growl of pain as green blood fills the air. "You think picking on kid make you tough Hulk, it's time for you to play with the grownups," Wolverine says the green blood of the Hulk staining his adamantium claws.

"This is the fight that I expected when I came for Xavier. Bring it on," Hulk says looking at Wolverine, Cyclops, White Queen, Colossus, and Shadowcat.

"Enough," Xavier says walking out of wrecked front entrance of the house. "You were looking for me I believe Hulk. Here I am."

Hulk looks at Xavier surprise to see the former cripple walking. He comments on it, "You're walking, but I'll fix that problem for you."

Xavier stares up at the Hulk unafraid, "You are the strongest one there is this I know Hulk, but I'm the strongest mentally that is where my power lies Hulk," Xavier says sending his mental probe forth into Hulk mind. Images rush through his head images of a weakened, enslaved hulk overcoming unimaginable odds to find happiness, friends, a kingdom, and a wife, a child. As the images flood his mind he wonders why the Hulk is here why he is angry then the last image stains the professor's mind he pulls away from the Hulk's mind away from the image of Hulk kneeling the flames of his ruin kingdom the still burning form of his wife held in his arms as he weeps and curses his very strength his inability to die the vision is so powerful that Xavier can't control his own power broadcasting to all those in the area.

Xavier stumbles forward catching himself on what is left of the doorframe, "Hulk, Bruce… Reed and the others sent you into space, but the bomb they wouldn't…I can't imagine them being capable of such a thing ever. But I don't know for sure I was not with them when they may these plans that have led to such pain and suffering for you," he says in a compassionate voice.

Hulk looks down at him, "I know you weren't there that is why you still live. But according to the information I beat off the imposter posing as Black Bolt you were supposed to be. You were one of the guys they decided was smart enough to play God," Hulk says cracking his knuckles that have balled into fist. "You were one of those meant to decide what to do with me—with me—like I was some rabid dog needing to be put down. So now I'm asking you a simple question. If you'd been there when they were debating whether to ruin my life, how would you have voted?"

Xavier looks into the green eyes of the Hulk the gamma irradiated eyes that reveals the soul of a ravage man who has lost everything he'd ever loved or cared about.

Xavier thinks of what he might have done, but the decision before him he knows will determine his fate, but recently he feels as if all his decisions have been flawed and so he decides to speak the truth, "Charles? Let me give you a hint, the answer is "NO"." White Queen says in his mind.

"I can answer for myself Emma," Xavier responds back telepathically.

"Answer me, Xavier," Hulk demands.

"Forgive me Bruce I have played god in the past, always thinking that my decisions served the greater good of both humanity and mutant-kind…of those I love, but I realize I was wrong, so I will answer you truthfully I wouldn't have agreed to exile you, not forever, but I would have voted to send you away while we search for a cure a way to help you," Xavier says not looking away from Hulk's intense regard. Cyclops steps beside his mentor his father looking concern. Xavier looks at his brightest pupil the leader of his X-men his hearts son then looks back into Hulks face, "You're right Hulk. I have played God I'm guilty. I will surrender myself willingly."

"Smart move Xavier, but I want something more than your surrender I want the object you and your cohorts possess."

Xavier stares at Hulk in horror backing away a step, "I cannot, Reed, Tony, and the others made a mistake sending you into space without your consent, but they knew not to tamper with that sort of power nobody in universe can wield it…no one Hulk not even you."

Hulk shakes his head holding out his hand, "I'm not anyone one in the universe I'm the strongest there is. I am Hulk," he declares.

Xavier shakes his head, "I will not let one bad decision lead to another Hulk," Xavier says. "I won't fight you but I will never reveal the location of that object."

"Then I will extract it from you another way Xavier, your time with me will not pleasant."

Xavier bows his head, "So be it Hulk do your worse."

Cyclops steps in front of Xavier even as Colossus grabs Hulk arm, "A moment friend, the professor may have agreed to surrender, but we have not."

White Queen glares at the professor, "Stop using your powers to try and make us stop, I will block your every attempt as will my cuckoos that are monitoring you from a safe location."

Hulk looks at the X-men, "Is this how you really want it?" sounding resign to the idea of fighting and killing the X-men.

Cyclops looks at Xavier who meets his gaze, "I've made mistakes Scott I deserve what Hulk delivers, but what he seeks is too dangerous for anyone in the universe to wield."

Cyclops nods his head looking at Hulk. "You face all of us united as one," Cyclops answers.

"Good then united you shall all fall," Hulk shouts lifting his arm to strike at Cyclops.

"What I have done," Xavier whispers as the X-Men attack in mass.

To Be Continued…

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