Saving Leslie

Jesse Oliver Aarons sat on his bed doodling in his sketch book idly; it was a normal Saturday morning for him, he looked forward to meeting with his best friend Leslie Burke, like every Saturday. He smiled at the thought of her, he had recently become close friends with the new girl who had moved to the town, and they had a lot in common, especially now that they had started regularly visiting 'Terabithia', their special place.

Jess was startled as his little sister May Belle entered the room with a bounce. She held a telephone in her hand, grinning at Jess with a playful smirk. "Jess! I called you three times! It's your girlfriend!" Jess sighed and snatched the phone from his sister with a roll of his eyes. "She's not my girlfriend!" Jess held the phone to his ear with a smile and spoke into the receiver. "Hey", "Hello, Jess", Jess raised an eyebrow and held the phone closer to his ear. "Wait, who is this?" He was met with the same voice again, but it wasn't Leslie's, like he had expected. "It's Saturday, but it's your teacher, Ms. Edmunds. I was planning on taking my nephews into the city, to the museum, and my sister changed her plans last minute so I had a thought" Jess raised an eyebrow in thought. He had promised Leslie that he would meet her today; Jess always kept his promises, and the fact that he had recently become aware of his ever growing love for his friend had compelled him ever further.

"I'm sorry Miss... I already made plans today…" Jess sighed, not wanting to seem impolite to his favourite teacher. "Ah, I see. Well then, have a good day Jess" with that, Ms. Edmunds hung up on him. Jess scratched the back of his head and shuffled the drawings scattered around his bed into a neat pile. He slid himself off his bed and carried the telephone downstairs to where his sisters, Ellie, Brenda, and Joyce were having breakfast. Jess placed the telephone on the table and grabbed the pair of hand-me-down sneakers he had scribbled on. He pulled them on his feet and grabbed a piece of toast from Ellie's plate, receiving an ill-mannered shout and a slap on the hand. He chuckled and turned to May Belle who was currently standing in the doorway. "Tell mom and dad I'll be back for dinner!", with that, Jess opened the front door into the cool, brisk, morning air.

Jess rubbed his hands together and jumped from foot to foot in an attempt to warm up in the chilly outdoors. He walked down the path from his house at a brisk pace, coming out into the muddy lane where Leslie's house stood opposite his. Jess began to stroll towards her house, his face lighting up with a grin as he spotted the blonde tomboy stepping out of her house, his heart did jumping-jacks, beating within his body with a wave of warmth rushing over him like he couldn't describe. He waved to his female friend with excitement, watching her as she ran over to him grinning, being her usual bright self. "Hey there, Jess! Leslie giggled and patted her friend lightly on the shoulder. "H-Hey!" Jess chuckled and cleared his throat, shaking his nervousness away, but blushing slightly at his friends touch. Leslie smiled warmly at the other as she put a backpack over her shoulders, having prepared lunch for them beforehand. "You ready Jess? The people of Terabithia are depending on us to save them from the Dark Master!"