Jess nodded and grinned slightly, gazing down the long muddy path that led to their destination. "I'll race you to the end of the road!" Leslie chuckled and grinned back, accepting the challenge of a good race, being the fastest girl in her grade. "Alright then! On your marks, get set, go!" Leslie shot off before Jess had time to register what was happening, but surely enough he caught up. The pair sprinted down the track neck and neck, passing through a rickety old fence that separated the field from the road, and carrying on along the short-cut grass, and down the slope that led to the woods. They stopped sharply and grinned at each other, breathing heavily as Jess wiped the sweat from his brow. Leslie sighed and frowned slightly until Jess looked at her. "What's the matter?" Jess raised an eyebrow and turned to face his friend. "We forgot PT!" Leslie frowned again and slowly walked forward, giving herself time to recover from their run. Jess had given the dog to Leslie as a gift in return for the art set she had bought him for his birthday. 'Prince Terrian, Troll Hunter Extraordinaire', PT for short.

Jess and Leslie finally reached the creek, the gap between their world, and the Terabithians. The only thing they could use to get across, was the ancient old rope swing that hung from an overlooking branch. Jess never trusted the rope, it seemed to get more worn down every time they visited, but he just shrugged it off due to Leslie's protests that it is perfectly safe. He sat down on the large, moss-covered log that they used to swing to the other side, Leslie following him with an excited look in her eye. It was an adventure every time they went to Terabithia; that's what made it special between them. The female grabbed a large stick from the side of the tree and made a grab for the rope, Jess watching her carefully as she did so. Jess had an uneasy feeling in his gut, he still thought back to earlier when he had rejected his teachers offer, knowing it would be wrong of him to stand Leslie up, even if Ms. Edmunds was his old crush.

His daydream was cut short when Leslie climbed up onto the log next to him, the rope in her hands with the usual excited glint in her eye which made Leslie, Leslie. Jess looked up at her just in time to catch her eye, a smile coming across his face as he met the gaze of his love. Even though Jess was only 11 years old, he felt butterfly's in his stomach every time he saw Leslie. It was strange though, he only really realised his feelings for her the last time he had seen her, waving to him in the pouring rain, PT in her arms as he stood there, just watching her. Since then he couldn't stop thinking about her, no wonder May Belle always teased him about it. He also admired Leslie's family, wishing he was close to his Mother and Father as she was with hers. Meeting Leslie was a blessing, he just never allowed himself time to think about it that way.

Leslie suddenly broke the gaze, preparing herself for the swing. "See you on the other side, Jess!" with that, Jess had a horrible, foreboding feeling rise inside him as his one true love, and the best friend he had always wanted, took off from the log, like any normal Saturday where they would visit Terabithia. He caught sight of Leslie's expression, joyful, enjoying the brilliant feeling of flying through the air. But that's when the rope caught his attention. The material started to fray and snap, getting shorter and shorter until Leslie herself realised what was happening. By then, it was too late.