Jess gasped and darted forward, but by then it was way too late. Leslie screamed as the rope suddenly snapped with a sharp crackle, the momentum of the swing being half way across causing her to not fall, but shoot straight ahead, right into the wet wall of mud that marked the other side. She gasped as she held her hands out in front of her, however, this didn't stop her from hitting her head on one of the protruding rocks, and knocking her unconscious, right into the raging river that had been stirred up by the recent bad weather. "No!" Jess yelled at her, his mind racing, the adrenaline pumping through his veins, this was a worst case scenario; he wasn't prepared for something like this despite knowing something bad would happen. He weighed the chances of help arriving any time soon, and it seemed slim. She was bleeding from her head, and would drown before anyone would hear his cries for help.

Jess suddenly came to a decision in that 3 seconds, this was up to him; he wouldn't let her die, not now, not ever, his love for her drove him on and gave him the strength and emotional power to take a step forward and throw himself off the edge after his best friend. Jess gritted his teeth as a foot left the edge, the freezing cold embrace of the muddy river enveloping him as he made the daring jump. Leslie wasn't moving, this worried him greatly, if he didn't get to her in time, she'd bleed, freeze, or drown. Jess didn't have time to think of the possibilities, Jess knew Leslie was a good swimmer, but this wasn't going to help now. He threw himself forward, breathing heavily as he hurled his arms over his head one after the other. The river seemed to be flowing in Jess's direction, this was an advantage. He managed to grab the edge of Leslie's coat, but couldn't hold on. He swore under his breath, his heart pounding. "Come on Jess… come on!" with one final burst of speed, he wrapped his arms around Leslie to keep her afloat.

Jess gasped and coughed as he swallowed some of the dirty water in his struggle, he brought Leslie closer to him, attempting to transfer his body heat to her to stop her body temperature from plummeting. He placed his mouth to her ear, and tried the most drastic measure he could think of. "Please Leslie… wake up… we can get through this! Please! I know you can hear me… I love you…" The last thing he heard and saw, was shouts and stamping of feet, what sounded like two men and a woman coming down the path, before he blacked out. Several things seemed to happen while he was unconscious: he heard the slur of speech, loud footsteps, an ambulance siren, shouting, the clashing of feet with muffled voices above him, and finally, a soft bleeping noise as he slowly sunk further and further into a deep sleep.

Leslie slowly awoke with a faint groan, her vision extremely blurry at first, but then seemed to focus in. She was staring at Jess. "Doctor, she's awake" Leslie blinked twice; there, eyes closed, facing the ceiling, was the boy she fell in love with one rainy day. His arm was extended and he was holding Leslies hand. She suddenly remembered, the rope snapping, the blinding pain as she collided with the rock, slowly slipping into unconsciousness, and a voice; a very faint and barely understandable voice that seemed to come from right next to her. A tear formed in the corner of her eye as she remembered what Jess had done for her. Leslie lowered her head and squeezed Jess's hand. He seemed to be deeply unconscious as she slipped her hand away and prepared herself for the worrying and the problems her recklessness had caused. "Mr and Mrs Aarons, I'm sorry.. Jess entered into a coma as we rushed him in, he could be asleep for a long time…"