I wondered whether or not to submit this story... Knowing that I have problems with finishing my stories. I hate endings.

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It's finally autumn…

The chilly wind rushes through the trees with a soft swooshing sound, slowly coloring the once green leaves. The fallen leaves fly into the air, reliving its beauty one last time. It's finally autumn in Washington D.C….

"I love him… I still do." She whispers into the autumn wind… Her only response is the rustling leaves… the sweet melody that signifies the end of their lives.

Her beautiful blond hair flies messily against the wind. She tries to brush it off of her face, but fails. Tears begin to flow from the pair of glossy eyes. She tries to look into the sky, to look at the beauty of Capital Hill, the white array of architecture that are surrounded by the colors of autumn. No, the tears cannot fall. If they do, they won't stop. "No. No. NO!" She tells herself over and over again. However, she loses the battle. The tears rush out of her like a mountain flood. She lost.

It's been two years. Two years since she rejected Seeley Booth. Two years since she lost the best thing that has ever happened to her. She tried to tell herself that she needs no man; that she needs freedom. She needs to soar; she needs to fly. But she was wrong. She needs him.

It is Hannah's second month back in the U.S., more importantly, DC. Every single minute, every single second of these two months have been spent working up the courage to find Seeley Booth—the only man she has ever truly loved.

She walks down the sidewalks in front of his apartment building. The sidewalks that has walked hundreds of times before. "Breathe… Just breathe" She tells herself, "It will be okay." She waits in front of his building until someone entering the building opens the door for her. A man of his late 60s. Wearing an argyle patterned sweater with pleated pants that are obviously pulled up too high.

"Haven't I seen you before?" The man tries to make kind small talk.

"Umm, yeah… I lived here for a few months couple of years back." Hannah awkwardly responds.

"Wait, wait. Yeah! You dated that FBI guy!" The old man's eyes widen as he makes the connection. "You know that he doesn't live here anymore right?"

Hannah's head jerks up to look at the man, "What do you mean? When did he move?!"

The old man is slightly taken aback by Hannah's sudden outburst. "Well, I think he's got a house in Maryland. With that girl of his. They've got a baby now you know…. adorable little thing… met her once when Seels came back to close out his apartment…"

The color slowly drains out of Hannah's face… she feels her hands going cold, face going numb. It can't be… No, no, no… She takes a deep breath, "…wait… hold on… a baby?" Hannah cuts the man off from his rambling.

"Yeah! You didn't know? Him and that smart partner of his. They got a little girl now. What's her name?... Wait… Christa… no… Chris…chris…Christine! That's it! Christine!"

Hannah has long stopped listening. Taking deep breaths as she tries to process the newly received information. Her eyes span the length of the hallway… the hallway she never really paid any attention to. She beings quivering, shaking… Oh my god…Temperance… she silently chuckles to herself…How did I not see that coming? How can I be so stupid…