Chapter 1

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Alarms blared as police officers ran through the halls of the art gallery. Just moments before, the alarm had sounded to dignify that a very important painting, the pride of the gallery, had been stolen. They should have expected it; after all, it was only the day before the Paris Constabulary received a letter warning them of the theft to come. But even with security doubled, the Mona Lisa had still been taken from under their very noses.

While the police officers ran around like headless chickens inside the art gallery, the thief and his dog were already safely outside the building. The thief stood taller, adjusted his grip on the Mona Lisa, and tipped his blue hat with the red stripe further up his red hair, revealing more of his chestnut eyes. He looked back at the gallery; raising an eyebrow at the fact no one had noticed he was gone.

'Sometimes I wonder how these people got their jobs, Fondue.' he said thoughtfully to his white, red neckerchief wearing dog. The dog barked in agreement, also looking back at the panicking police officers in the building curiously.

The thief looked back to the streets ahead. 'Oh well, their loss. Come on, Fondue.' he said, walking on ahead. Fondue the dog padded along behind him. The two walked away unnoticed.

Just as the pair rounded a corner into a side street, a figure appeared from the shadows. The two made to run until they recognised who had just emerged from the darkness.

'Hello, Phantom R.' greeted the figure.

'Marie?!' exclaimed Phantom R, 'What are you doing here? You could get into trouble!'

Marie giggled, gripping her violin case harder. 'Well, you could too, yet you still run around replacing counterfeit artwork. I heard on the news that you had tipped off the Constabulary that you were coming for the Mona Lisa, so I came. I was just wondering if there was anyway I could help as I know how important this is to you, but I see you already handled everything.' She replied, eyeing the painting under the boys' arm.

'You would be surprised at the quality of the police,' said Phantom R, looking back in the direction of the gallery. He turned back to Marie, who was looking at him hopefully. 'You can come with me, if you like. I'll appreciate the company.'

'Oh, thank you!' exclaimed Marie, beaming. Phantom R could feel the heat rising under his collar and was glad it was night as he was sure he was blushing.

'Well then, let's go! The police learn by the second!' said Marie. Phantom R nodded and the three ran down the street and into the cover of darkness.

Unfortunately for them, the sound of footsteps and raised voices signalled the arrival of the police, having figured out Phantom R's disappearance. This only spurred on their flight further. To Phantom R's surprise, Marie was smiling.

'It's weird, but I miss the adventure,' she sighed, 'Sure, it's dangerous, but it's exciting too!'

By this time, they had run into an empty square, the inhabitants asleep in their houses bordering the square. They were halfway across when a deep, sinister laugh froze them in their tracks.

'At last, I've found you, Phantom R,' said the voice's owner, emerging from the shadows, 'You can be very elusive.'

By now, the man had completely emerged from the shadows of the night, revealing and equally sinister face, the face of a man in a famous white hat, the face of a man who should be long dead.

The face of Napoleon.

'Napoleon?!' exclaimed Marie, 'But you should be dead!'

'This must be the real Napoleon then,' said Phantom R to himself. He raised his head to face Napoleon. 'But what do you want?'

Napoleon laughed his evil, sinister laugh, making Fondue whimper and hide behind his owners' legs. 'It's simple. You have a book I want. Get it for me.'

Phantom R glared at him, 'Why should I?'

Napoleon took something out of his pocket and Phantom R soon found himself staring down the barrel of a pistol.

'Because,' answered Napoleon, smirking evilly, 'If you don't, I'll shoot your lady friend here.' He pointed the gun at Marie, who gasped.

'No!' shouted Phantom R, 'Fine, you can have the book, just don't shoot her! She never did anything to you!'

By this time, the police had arrived, but had decided not to interfere, even though the painting was in their sights.

Phantom R and Marie glanced at each other before continuing to cross the square. Phantom R continued to glare over his shoulder at Napoleon, making sure he didn't try anything.

So he saw Napoleon raise the pistol and point it at Marie.

The following gunshot stirred the police out of their stupor, raising shouts and calls of alarm as they rushed to see what happened.

Marie gasped as she saw Napoleon with his smoking pistol, but more so when she saw who was in front of her.

Phantom R was once again staring down the barrel of the pistol, this time smoking. The Mona Lisa was on the floor, abandoned in the important moment. The police could have that back. He could hear Marie screaming, the police shouting and Napoleon laughing as he looked down and saw the blood blossoming on his shirt. Then the sky came into view as he collapsed back onto the ground behind him.

Marie gasped and knelt beside him, determined not to let him slip away. The police looked around in wonder, trying to find Napoleon, but it seemed that he had fled while everyone was distracted.

Marie was holding Phantom R's hand so hard her knuckles were white, in a failing effort to keep him alive. He tried to keep his eyes trained on the angel in front of him; he couldn't think of a better person to look at before he died.

'Marie,' he started, 'I wish I had said this before… I guess I was too nervous…' he trailed off, trying to keep his mind off the pain, the burning pain.

'I love you Marie,' he said, 'From the moment I first saw you I knew, and I know that I will forever.'

Marie couldn't stop the tears from coming. 'Please don't go,' she cried, hoping her words and tears would come to life, 'Don't leave me alone, I love you too much.'

Phantom R looked to the night sky, looking at the millions upon millions of twinkling stars. 'Maybe I could be a bluebird,' he continued, 'I could fly around in the sky and do what I wanted. But I know that if I did, I would come and visit you, just to see you one more time…' he trailed off, thinking about those words. His thoughts started to blur, his eyes closing. But before he drifted away completely, he thought he saw a flash of bright blue in the midnight blue and the twinkling of stars.

'Is that… a bluebird?' he thought as his world faded to black.

Although Marie called Raphael's name countless times, she knew she was holding on to false hope.

He was already gone.

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