Chapter 10

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'Now presenting quality news and music, this is Echo FM.' droned the drive time radio show. Whoever had hired the presenter had done an abysmal job, as everyone had lost concentration after five seconds of listening to the monotonous droning sound.

'And now for the travel news,' continued the radio. 'On the south-east bound highway to the Alps, there seems to be a major traffic jam, definitely adding an hour onto your journey. It seems to be caused by an overturned lorry blocking the highway. We do not know anything else so far, but we will update you as it happens.'

'But isn't that the road we're on now?' asked Marie.

'Well, let's be prepared for a long wait.' replied Charlie, as the tailback came into view.

They stared out of the windscreen in boredom, as an obnoxiously cheerful song blared from the radio. Then that one ended and another obnoxiously happy song started playing. Then another. Then another. Before too long, they were so bored out of their minds that watching clouds float by became interesting.

After what felt like a year of waiting, the travel news came on again.

'The blockage on the highway is piling up fast, so alternate routes are recommended. Police are on their way to divert the traffic and- what's this?' This sudden change of tone made them snap out of whatever daydream they were imagining.

'There seems to be unidentified people walking down the highway. They seem to be holding weapons, so could be dangerous. You are advised to remain in your cars and stay calm, as the police are on their way.'

Everyone in the car looked at each other, instantly knowing who it was: Napoleon.

'Everyone out!' shouted Charlie.

Everyone piled out of the car, gaining puzzled looks from other drivers, and scrambled away as quickly as quietly as possible, keeping low to avoid being seen. Charlie had grabbed the gun from the glove box for good measure, while Clyde held a police radio.

There was a vast expanse of field by the highway, perfect to escape into. However, it was open, meaning that Napoleon could spot them from miles away if he looked in the right direction. But that was a risk they were willing to take if they were to get to the French Alps first. They started running, eager to get away in one piece. As they got further and further, their hopes rose higher and higher. Maybe they could get away without any trouble after all.

Of course, things didn't go like that.

They knew that Napoleon knew that had got away from the furious shouts from the direction of the traffic jam. They ditched stealth mode and enacted their back-up plan: running.

And so they did.

They sprinted through the grass, Clyde shouting into the radio, and Napoleon shouting anyway. Even thought they were making good progress, Napoleon was catching up and fast, and Raphael knew they wouldn't make it to the cover of the faraway woods in time.

It was time to break out his secret weapon: Fondue. It'd been a long time since Fondue had done his thing, they last time being at the Opera House. But Raphael had a use for him now.

He fell back to Fondue's side, and whispered something into his ear. Fondue barked knowingly and stopped running.

'What's Fondue doing?' asked Marie as Raphael caught up.

'He's covering for us, don't worry.' he replied. The group minus Fondue turned around to face Napoleon and his men, something close to evil glinting in his and he growled and ran towards the unsuspecting Chevaliers.

(Scene Break)

The Chevaliers stopped and eyed the dog nervously.

'What's that dog doing?' asked a Chevalier, backing away as Fondue moved towards them.

Napoleon snorted in disbelief. 'It's a dog! What can it do?' he replied. 'Dispose of it!'

The Chevaliers moved forwards, with confidence that a dog was just a dog, despite a little wariness.

To their surprise, the dog didn't back down. Instead, it seemed that it gained even more confidence. It jumped forwards, jaws open and teeth glinting. Seeing this, the Chevaliers ran away, terrified.

(Scene Break)

Surprising soon after, every single Chevalier lay on the ground, groaning. Napoleon eyed Fondue in shock. Was there nothing he could not do? He was a dog!

Fondue moved in for sweet, sweet revenge, and Napoleon's last thought was

'Oh cra-'

(Scene Break)

Marie had been bemused by the unearthly screams that had echoed from the direction of Fondue and Napoleon and his men, but had shaken them off once she saw Raphael's seemingly innocent face next to her. Still, she couldn't help but wonder…

An angelic looking Fondue padded up behind her, and she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she petted him. Cute, but dangerous, huh? She knew better that to ask what had happened. Frankly, she didn't want to know.

Charlie fell back to walk with them. 'What the heck happened back there?' she asked

Raphael smirked, just like his old self. 'Take a wild guess.'

Charlie's face paled considerably. 'I just did. It wasn't pretty.'

She walked ahead quite quickly.

Marie raised an eyebrow at Raphael.

'Don't ask.' was all he would reply.

Soon, they all arrived in a clearing in the nearby forest.

'What are we waiting for? What do you have planned?' asked Charlie to Clyde.

'We're just waiting for transport to arrive.' Replied Clyde. His face brightened as he looked to the skies. 'Ah, right on cue!'

Wind buffeted them as a black police helicopter landed on the soft grass.

Charlie stared at Clyde in disbelief. 'Why couldn't we have one of these before?!'

'They're reserved for important assignments only.' stated Clyde. 'I managed to class this as important.'

'This wasn't important before?! Napoleon could take over the whole of Paris, maybe more!' exclaimed Charlie.

'Hey, it wasn't my decision!' argued Clyde in his defence.

Marie facepalmed and got into the helicopter, soon joined by everyone else.

The pilot turned his head to face them. 'So, where to?'

Marie approached him with the rolled-up map she had rescued from the car. 'We need to get to the French Alps, and fast.'

'It's not very accurate.' Replied the pilot. 'Where exactly, because the French Alps are big.'

Marie showed him the map and location. 'Around here. You just need to fly overhead so we can find where we need to go.'

The pilot nodded and the helicopter whirred into action. Marie joined the others in the back as the helicopter rose into the sky.

'So, what's the plan?' Charlie asked everyone else as the watched the scenery go past.

'We don't know exactly where we need to go, but the spring should probably be in some cave within the mountain.' replied Marie. 'We need to find uncharted caves, because if it was charted, it would be all over the news now.'

'You're right.' Said Charlie. She turned to Clyde. 'Find a map of the French Alps. We'll need it.'

The helicopter flew away, further into an adventure and battle too big to comprehend.

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