Chapter 8

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They had driven for a few hours at ridiculous speeds before even considering stopping for breakfast. They found a nice, quiet spot on the side of the motorway to do this and broke out the stash of breakfast food Charlie had taken from the hotel. This consisted of sandwiches and bread rolls (Charlie didn't take any butter, or knives for that fact). A silence followed where everyone was eating and an even more awkward one when everyone had finished. Finally, the police officer broke the silence.

'So, do you want to take a break, before we go, maybe a toilet break?'

There was a stunned silence following this sentence where everybody registered the fact that the police officer had actually said something.

Finally, Charlie answered in place of everyone else. 'Err, yeah, sure.' She was silent for a second while something registered in her mind. 'Wait, did you say toilet break? There are no toilets!'

There was another awkward silence.

'Wait… you're kidding.' she said, shocked.

Another awkward silence.

Well, FINE!' she shouted. 'But I'll take a loo bread first! If anyone even comes close, I'll kill them!' she stormed out of the car, leaving another awkward silence behind.

Marie, who was still registering the fact that the police officer had talked, was surprisingly the first to break the silence.

'…What's your name?' she asked the police officer. He looked mildly surprised at her question.

'I mean, I was just wondering,' continued Marie. 'You never told us so I wanted to know.'

He gave a faint smile. 'It's Clyde.'

Marie raised her eyebrows. People actually called their sons Clyde? She didn't dare voice her thoughts, though.

A small awkward silence followed.

'Well, I'm going for a walk.' said Clyde finally. 'Are you staying here or coming?'

'I think we'll stay her.' replied Marie.

Clyde left and Marie, Raphael and Fondue were left in silence in the car.

Raphael struck up a conversation first. 'Well, I never thought he would have a name like Clyde.'

'I agree.' added Marie. 'Clyde's kind of a weird name, though.'

'Yeah, well, some people are funny like that.' replied Raphael.

There was another silence. Eventually, Raphael broke it. 'Should we go out then?'

'What about the car?' asked Marie. 'What if something happens to it? We don't have the key.'

'It'll be fine.' Replied Raphael. 'People have better things to do with their time than to hijack cars. They'll think it's locked, anyway.'

He made a good point.

They got out of the car and shut the door behind them. The dull expanse of grass and trees lay before them, which they headed to. The thick canopy of leaves blocked most of the sun, making their journey dark and mysterious. It was only then did they realise that they had no idea where in France they were.

They came across a glade of sorts, where they sat down to take in the scenery.

Neither of them said anything for a while, preferring to enjoy the landscape in a rare moment of relaxation. After a while, though, Raphael spoke.

'I think I'll go and take a good look around before we go.' he said. 'Are you coming?'

'I think I'll stay here.' replied Marie. She watched Raphael fly off into the trees, remaining on the grass. After a while, though, the thought of exploration became appealing to her. She got up and walked in a random direction.

It was only then she really marvelled they beauty of the wildlife around her. The trees looked so old, yet were still growing and living perfectly. The leaves on the trees were a vivid bright green, a colour that could only be so extraordinary in person. The sounds of the wildlife were so mysterious and strange, yet Marie felt as it she could listen to them all day. She was a Parisian girl, having not seen so many wildlife spots like this before, but even though this was just by a roadside, it felt as if she was in a totally different place.

She was still wandering around marvelling at the beauty of the miniature forest when she spotted Clyde. He was looking at a large, old tree, his hand on the trunk feeling the knarled bark. She walked over to him.

At first, he didn't notice her, but her footsteps on the leaves alerted him of her presence. He turned around to see her.

'What are you doing here?' he asked.

'I don't know.' she replied. 'I guess I just want to talk to someone.'

'So what do you want to talk about?'

There was a short silence. Finally, Marie said, 'Why did you join the police?'

He thought about this for a moment. 'I guess I just wanted to do something to help. I must have felt the urge to protect Paris, and I haven't regretted my choice.'

'You do know the police are pretty much useless.' replied Marie. 'If you're on the police force, can you make them better at their job?'

'I guess I could try.' answered Clyde. 'I agree, they're not very good.'

There was another short silence.

'Well, I guess I'll be going back.' said Clyde finally. 'If you're staying here, I'll meet you back there.' Marie nodded, and Clyde the police officer walked off. She turned back to the tree and its natural beauty. Leaves a luscious green, the pattern of the bark under her fingertips, yes, although people may not agree with her, this tree was certainly beautiful. And wasn't love the same?

She left the ancient tree and headed back towards the car, her thoughts wandering.

She didn't know when Raphael came to join her, he was just there. She was quite glad, actually, she didn't know where she'd be without him. There was no doubt she loved him.

Raphael saw the thoughtful expression on her face. 'What are you thinking about?'

Marie turned, surprised. 'Oh? Nothing.'

'Oh. OK.' he replied.

There was another silence. After a while, Marie spoke. 'When you said you loved me, did you mean it?'

It was Raphael's turn to be surprised. 'What makes you doubt it?' He flew on ahead, leaving Marie thinking.

'Only he would say that.' she thought as she continued on. 'He really must love me.' The car appeared in front of her. She registered this and got in.

As they drove off, she was glad that the engine noise obscured her laughter over Charlie's fuming face.

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