~° Unsettled Fate..°~

Chapter 1

Joseon Period, 1350. King WooBin was ruling the Joseon Dynasty of Korea alongside with his queen consort JaeKyung. King WooBin was excellent in literature and various studies ever since he was young, since he ascended the throne, he brought great advancement to the nation's developments, but none of his efforts in settling the chaos in the court was paying off. Queen consort JaeKyung is a kind and smart woman, coming from lowly backgrounds. She entered the palace as a servant girl along with her younger sister, GaEul after their parents died in the war. Both of them exhibited their individual talents, elder sister being an excellent cook and the younger sister being so detail and excellent in sewing. Elder sister was soon noticed by the late king and betrothed her to his eldest son, which is the current king, King WooBin. The younger sister remained as a average ranked seamstress in the palace, not having any desires of rankings, powers or status.

In the quarters of Queen JaeKyung, GaEul was showing her elder sister the new hanbok she just completed for the king and queen to wear for the coming mid-autumn festival. JaeKyung gasped as she admired her sister's handwork, "Ah! My sister is still so good in this, really. You must make the first outfit for the royal prince when he is born, I insist." JaeKyung smiled as she placed a hand on her abdomen. Ga Eul smiled too, JaeKyung has been all smiles ever since she found herself pregnant with King WooBin's child. Her sister hasn't been really happy lately ever since King WooBin was forced to accept Princess MinHwa from the neighbouring country as his concubine because of pressures from the Dowager Empress. JaeKyung knew that she and King WooBin has been friends and lovers since they were both young, and the king wasn't interested in Princess MinHwa at all, but this foreign princess has been provoking a lot of problems in the palace but still getting a lot of favor from the Dowager Empress.

Ga Eul bid Queen JaeKyung goodnight and proceeded back to her quarters but on her way back she encountered two of General YiJung's righthand men, she bit her lips and knew what was coming ahead tonight. She went to his quarters, slide the doors opened and saw a drunken YiJung. "Yah come here! What took you so long?!" He screamed and threw the bowls on the floor, smashing it into pieces and this scared Ga Eul a bit. Ga Eul tried to take a few steps back but YiJung came forwards and pulled Ga Eul, and slammed her body on the bed. He started ripping off her clothes ruthlessly and tasting every inch of her skin, hands roaming every curve of her body, it was as if YiJung is a beast taking away every inch of Ga Eul's pureness. Ga Eul shed a tear and closed her eyes. This is not the first time anyway, YiJung would always call her into his quarters whenever he needed someone to release all the anger, stress and loneliness he is experiencing. She has no one to blame but herself, for falling in love with this man the very first time she saw him when she was only eight years old. She bite her lips as she felt YiJung entering into her body, felt the sensations that YiJung was giving her as their bodies combined and trying to remember these short moments that YiJung was showing his desires for her, because whenever they walk pass each other in the palace, he would walk pass her as if she didn't exist and it pained Ga Eul's heart so much that she would cry for nights and secretly hoping for YiJung to call her to his quarters again so that she could felt wanted by him again.


One morning, Ga Eul was sitting in the gardens sewing the baby outfit for the crown prince as Queen JaeKyung's due date is nearing. It was a lovely spring and Ga Eul can't help but to smile, she put her work aside, went to the gardens and admired the flowers. From far, General YiJung was observing Ga Eul, YiJung bite his lips and wrenched his fist as he watched the innocent GaEul dancing and laughing in the gardens as she danced with the birds and butterflies. There was this pureness and innocence of GaEul that YiJung desired but he could never get hold of it. He desired for GaEul, he loved her, but he was a broken man, a boy who was forever loved lesser by his father compared to his brother and a man who would be forever under the command of his brother, he never knew how to love.


GaEul was making herself busy in the royal kitchen, helping out to prepare the Queen's meals when she suddenly felt a wave of nausea. She covered her mouth and ran to the backyard of the kitchen to vomit, not wanting to get any attention from her fellow colleagues. GaEul panted as she patted her chest, she frowned, could it be that she is pregnant? Aniyo, no..but then... she started to cry, not knowing what to do and what would happen to her if she was found out by the others. But deep down inside her heart she was happy, because although she couldn't be with YiJung, at least God granted a child of his. She secretly planned to escape the palace and raise her child.

It was a few days after that incident when GaEul was very sure that she is pregnant. She went to visit her sister that night after dinner, she handed the completed baby outfit to Queen JaeKyung, giving all her blessings to the crown prince. It pained GaEul's heart so much to leave her sister but if her condition was found out by the court, her sister's position would be in danger too, the last thing she wanted was to separate her sister from her lover. She cried as she quietly packed her things and attempted to leave the palace from the back doors when she was ambushed by Princess MinHwa and a group of palace guards. GaEul was brought to King WooBin, having been accused of having an affair with the palace guards, getting herself pregnant and now wanting to run away.

King WooBin wouldn't believe that his sister-in-law would do such a thing, but GaEul felt her impending doom when she found herself framed by Princess MinHwa as she took out all the evidence. GaEul cried as she observe how cold General YiJung's expressions was, as if none of these concerned him, and how Queen JaeKyung broke down in tears when King WooBin was forced to sentence GaEul to death. Before GaEul was dragged out of the court, she screamed against YiJung, "General! This is not true! Please...! There has never been a someone else!" But YiJung didn't even looked at GaEul, deep inside his heart he was hurting like mad, finding it so hard to accept that innocent GaEul would do such a thing but all the evidence was laid in front of him. GaEul cried even more, "General! I...white flowers will bloom if i'm innocent!" GaEul felt her heart breaking into millions of pieces, so this is how her love would end..


GaEul was sentenced to drink poison as a form of suicide, her sentence was to carried out in a secluded and deserted former quarters of the palace maids. GaEul sat in front of the table with a small bowl of black substance, the presence of the palace guards and prosecutors didn't seem to be bothered by her at all. She cried as she placed a hand on her abdomen, asking for forgiveness for not being able to protect her own child, moaning the fate of her love, and drank every drop of the substance that was in the bowl.

YiJung was watching from far, frowning and wrenching his fist, unsure of what to do. He watched GaEul crying and holding her abdomen, the agony and sadness that was overflowing from her pained YiJung's heart so much. He finally made the decision to trust GaEul but she was about to drink the poison, he rushed towards her, hoping to stop her but before she could see him coming towards her, he saw her body falling motionlessly towards the ground and her pace was as pale as the white flowers that strangely started blooming all around the gardens.

YiJung carried GaEul in his arms, he was crying like a baby, kept on calling GaEul, professing his love and trust for her but she never responded, the only response he got was the sound of the wind blowing unto the white flowers, seemingly mocking him for his foolishness of not acknowledging his love for her when he had an opportunity to do so.

The sad story didn't end here, General YiJung was overwhelmed with sadness and agony. He decided that he couldn't continue having to live the rest of his life not seeing GaEul anymore, he stabbed himself with his sword and died in the field of white flowers, holding GaEul in his arms.

Queen JaeKyung was equally drowned in sorrow as well, the blooming white flowers in spring reminded her of the death of her innocent sister. She couldn't contain the agony in her heart and drowned herself a week later in the pond. King WooBin was already moaning his brother's death and the death of his beloved wife devastated everything. He continued his reign as king without a queen by his side and his only desire while living was to serve his responsibilities and die to meet his beloved wife and son once again.


2012..The unsettled fate of this four individuals continued as their lives get intertwined with one another's...


to be continued..

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