Chapter 9

Yi Jung followed the pack of guards that were rushing to the court room that wasn't situated far from where he was, he saw the room full of ministers, royal family members and Queen JaeKyung was standing next to King WooBin with worry written all over her face. Yi Jung was in horror when he saw Ga Eul lying on the ground in front of the court room, there were chains around her hands and legs, and sadness was overflowing from her eyes and tears.

Yi Jung couldn't hear clearly what was going on in the courtroom but it wasn't long after that that the guards were dragging Ga Eul out mercilessly as she cried out for General Yi Jung in tears, and Queen JaeKyung was in tears too as she followed the guards and Ga Eul shortly behind with her maid servants.


Ga Eul was accused of having an affair with the palace officials, thereby getting herself pregnant and committed a serious crime for attempting to escape from the palace, she was ordered to be placed in the dungeons awaiting further trials.

In the dungeons, Princess MinHwa was having a good time torturing the young lady although she had full awareness of Ga Eul being pregnant. "Tell me now, you rascal! Who is the father? It's the king right?!" Ga Eul panted and bite her lips, her stand was firm no matter how much MinHwa would torture her, she wasn't going to reveal anything.

"You are refusing to talk aren't you? Alright!" Princess MinHwa's eyes were opened wide and round, very agitated because she isn't getting the kind of response she wanted, "Ming, put it!" Ga Eul froze a little and in the next few seconds, another needle was pierced into her back that gave her excruciating pain, she tried to refrain from screaming but the pain was unbearable.

Princess MinHwa was watching Ga Eul without any mercy, she laughed, "Are you going tell me it's the king now?" Ga Eul cried, she closed her eyes, hoping that the pain would slowly fade away, "'s not….the king…" Ga Eul know that MinHwa had been eyeing the king and queen JaeKyung unnie ever since she entered the palace, constantly trying to bring trouble to both of them.

Princess MinHwa stared at Ga Eul fiercely, "I don't care! You will say that it's the king's baby that you're carrying in the next trial!" She bended down and held Ga Eul's badly scared face to look at hers, "Otherwise, I will make you live to watch how I inflict more harm on your dear sister." She laughed evilly and left the dungeon along with her men, leaving Ga Eul lying on the dungeon grounds with fresh wounds at her back.

Ga Eul wiped away her tears as she attempted to sit up but the wounds were burning in pain, she took out a jade pendent that she had hid inside her sleeves. Ga Eul smiled weakly as she held the jade pendent close to her heart….

"Miss Ga Eul, this is from General Yi Jung." Ga Eul looked at General Yi Jung's men with big round eyes, very confused. "Mwo..?" Ga Eul recognize the jade pendent, it was given by the late king to both of his sons each, it was a very important piece of personal treasure and now he is giving it to her?

"General said that whenever he summons you, you will be able to enter into his quarters by flashing this pendent to his guards." Ga Eul nodded as she accepted the jade pendent, she couldn't hid the slight disappointment that she felt after hearing those words, she was hoping that it was a genuine gift from General Yi Jung, but it's okay, at least she's gotten something from him. Ga Eul smiled and kept the jade pendent dearly in her arms.

Ga Eul smiled as she flashbacked reminiscences of the past, she slowly fall into sleep as she reminded herself to be strong for her loved ones and filled her heart with sweet, warm memories that she held dearly to her heart.


In Princess MinHwa's quarters.

So Yeon, Princess MinHwa's personal maid was serving her master, getting MinHwa ready for bed. She frowned as she dress MinHwa with her sleeping outfit, "My Lady..isn't it a bit too cruel to leave Ga Eul noona like this?" So Yeon asked timidly, she got to know Ga Eul briefly during her training as a palace maid and knew outright that Ga Eul was a genuinely kind and nice girl, her conscience was pricking her so much seeing Ga Eul noona like this.

Princess MinHwa laughed, "So Yeon, how many times have I told you that in order to survive in this palace, you've got to stop being so soft-hearted?" So Yeon quickly bowed her head, "Mianhe, My Lady…"

"As long as Ga Eul corporate with me and give me what I want, I will spare her life." MinHwa smiled evilly as she contemplated how her plan to sabotage the kingdom would work, "For all the things that your father had done to my kingdom, I will avenge you. I will make you suffer like how my father did, and I will take away your only love.." MinHwa fisted her hands as she stared into the dark night.

"Open the door."

General Yi Jung's heart sank when he saw Ga Eul in the dungeons. Her face had fresh scares, and he couldn't hide his worry when he saw the blood stains on her clothes. "Call the Royal Physician here, now!" He ordered his men.

General Yi Jung entered the dungeons, he couldn't surpress his urge to visit Ga Eul, he sent his men to check on her secretly but all of them reported back that Ga Eul wasn't doing well. He kneeled down and held Ga Eul into his arms, hoping to wake her up, "Ga Eul…" He held Ga Eul's bruised hands in his and wiped away the traces of tears on her cheeks.

He shed a tear as he hugged Ga Eul's cold and bruised body into his arms.

"Your Highness, you asked to see me?" General Yi Jung bowed as he stepped into Queen JaeKyung's quarters.

Queen JaeKyung nodded curtly as she dismissed all of her servants and invited General Yi Jung to sit down. She couldn't hid the worry, she couldn't even sleep well these few nights, knowing that her sister is suffering in the dungeon and could be executed anytime.

"General, where is the jade pendent? It hasn't been on your sword since ages." Queen JaeKyung asked as she took another glance at Yi Jung's sword, "It's with Ga Eul right? I saw her holding it yesterday when I visited her in the dungeons."

General Yi Jung didn't answer at all. Behind his icy cold eyes, he was burning with worry, anger and anxious because of all the recent incidents that happened in the palace. Images of Ga Eul lying in the dungeon with wounds were flooding his mind ever since he visited her.

Queen JaeKyung sighed, "General, I need you to take Ga Eul from the guards tomorrow during the trials, and escape the palace. Take Ga Eul and live near the mountains where it is safe. With your sword skills, I'm sure you can handle the guards."

General Yi Jung was unmoved after hearing Queen JaeKyung's words, so many things were running through his mind right now.

Queen JaeKyung was agitated, "General! You and I both know that my sister has liked you ever since we all were young! She was willing to do anything for you, and now she is going to sacrifice her life to protect you!" Queen JaeKyung was so frustrated and scared, "General, Ga Eul still refuses to tell me who the father of her baby is, but I'm guessing it's you, right?"

General Yi Jung was still silent. He wanted to laugh at himself for being so weak, not even having the courage to confess his love and trust the woman who did so much for him.

"It's up to you, General," Queen JaeKyung said, "My sister's fate is in your hands."


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