laylas pov

"dark eco cylcle enjection complete bio reading normal and unchanged" a compute voice droned
"this is useless" errol growled
"your the one that put me here" i smirked
"shut up eco freak
"awwww i love the pet name heres one for you ummmm lets see ohh lapdog that sutes you"
"hahaha so funny" he said sarcasticly
"awww did hit a nerve"
"im about to hit you" i shut up not wanting to be hit by him" lets get you back in your cell" he walked me to my cell "how gentelmen of you" he smacked me and closed the door "hey jak"
"how`d you anger him this time"
"i called him a lapdog" jak laughed
"what he is" i said trying not to laugh. we herd the guards coming"come on boy" jak walked out with them.i heard him yell. him and always were there for each other scince we came here. we loved making errol mad. hes cries stopped

jaks pov

"ump nothing i was informed these two would be different"
"there sprizingly resistent to your experiments baron" praxis got in my face " you should be dead with the all the dark eco i pumped in to you"
"what now metal heads are pressing there attacks without a new wepon my me cant hold them of forever"
"I WOUNT REMBERED AS THE MAN THAT LOST THIS CITY TO THOSE VILE CREATURES" he bellowed"move forward with the final plan and finish of those 'things' tonight"
"as you wish ill be back later"they walked off "ding ding 3 foor body chains roach food tourcher devices. hey body seen any heros around here" daxter looked at me "WHOA what they do to you jak it me your old pal daxter remember" i looked at him and fell back "thats a fin hello ive been crawling aroun this place risking my tail" he stomped on my stomage eranimg a small "uff" out of me "literaly to save you ive been looking for you for to years say something just this once"

layas pov

i heard jak yell in anger then a sqeak then mumbling. herad footsteps coming towards me "jak the exits this way"
"first im saving a friend"
"jak" i sqeaked
"theres a code"
"0612 a guard said it out loud stupid" jak snickered and opened it. he was whering a blue tunic and tan pants. "lucky i still have prison clothes"
" well get you clothes when we get out" i laughed
"jak whos your friend" the ottsle said wiggling his eye brows
"jak dose the ottsle have a death wish" i asked
"daxter laya. laya daxter lets move" he said we ran towards the open space they climed the boxes and ran into the opening they herd guard talking " hold on ive got this" isaid and jumped up the guard saw me and started shooting "you have really bad aim you know that" and doged the bullets i ran and kick one in the somache and spun him hitting the other guard. i hit there heads together "to easy" i saw a box i looked in side clothes where in it "yes"i grabbed them there shirt was white v-cut and the pants where simple jeans and combat boots "ok get up here" i yelled they jumped up ok lets get out of here. a coulpe knocked out guard later we were free "finally" i yelled we walked and ran into someone "my name is kor may i help y-" he was cut of by jak daxter apogized to the kid "well we are a guest of his 'magesty' baron praxis"
"we were just geusts in the barons prison" i said anrily
"inside a cell or insinde the city we are all his prisoners" a couple of guards walked up"by orders of the baron everyone in this section is here by under arrest for suspition of harboing underground fugives surrender and die"
"excuce me dont you mean surrender AND DIE!" daxter yelled
"not in this city help us and ill introduce you to someone who can help you"me and jak ran towards them punching then i doubled over in pain then i transformed plae skin black horns long claws and enlarged canines. ill i remembered was pain kor looked at us "impresive what you did was very brave this clids important"
"this kid he looks kinda scruffy"
"i have to get this child to safty"
"what about us" after he directed us to the under ground i looked at jak "this is gonna take awhile to get used to"