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Okay, so we all know Toby Turner and Jessica Egan, or Tobuscus and Jebuscus. But if you're a bigger fan of the Buscus', you'll notice that Sophie and Charlie appear in a few of Jessica's vlogs. This story includes them all, because I'm a huge fan of all four of them!

"Why are you throwing a fireball at Roger's head?" Sophie chuckled, staring curiously at Charlie. They were playing Fable III on the X-Box, and Charlie had discovered she found delight in killing civilians.
"It's fun!" Charlie exclaimed, impaling a woman on an icicle. "Much more fun than killing mercenaries and werewolves."
"Speaking of which," Sophie warned, as a bunch of mercenaries charged into the town and she pulled out her pistol, "mercenaries!"
The sound of video game animated battle filled the room, as Jessica face-palmed and looked at them. "Really, guys? Can't you play properly?"
"If you want to play properly, here you go," Sophie grumbled jokily, throwing the controller at her, which promptly whacked Jessica in the forehead.
"Ahh!" Jessica laughed, rubbing her head. "Bully!" She picked up the controller from it's landing place on the chair and loaded her character, which just happened to be a purely good female.
"Purely good is BORING!" Charlie mumbled, making her evil male character turn to look at Jessica's avatar. "Why kill for greater good when you can kill for EVIL!" She said the last part in a deep, gruff voice, imitating a voice they knew all too well - Toby Turner, or Tobuscus as he was more commonly known. Jessica had always been a huge fan of Toby's YouTube videos and obsessively watched them every day, and talked about him way too much.
Sophie and Jessica fell about laughing, dropping their controllers fatally and watching helplessly as their characters' bodies tumbled over the side of a bridge into the river below.
"GOD DANGIT!" Jessica screamed.
They were hanging out at Jessica's after school, and they were staying the night. Sophie had asked to play Slender, and terrified the wits out of herself, so now they were playing Fable III to take her mind off of it. It wasn't working much, as Sophie kept giving involuntary little twitches or a little scream now and again.
"Why do you keep DOING that?" Jessica muttered, trying to hide her laughter at her friend's obvious terror.
"Slender's scary, how can you be so calm?!" Sophie trembled.
"Aww, it's okay," Jessica laughed, pulling Charlie and Sophie into a group hug and putting on a lisp. "We'll always be dere to pwotect you!"

"You guys flatter me," Toby winked at a small group of his fans, as they shrieked loudly and called out compliments. "Seriously!"
This made the fans scream louder than ever, and some passers-by gave Toby a few dirty looks and made a point of covering their ears.
"I'd better go," Toby said, shaking his head, before beginning to Heely in the direction of a nearby cab. "Come on, guys, time's up! I need to go and vlog, talk to mom, do stuff… whatever!" He gave a final wave and began to glide along the floor. He Heelied for a further three blocks before the fans finally stopped trying to give chase and went home.
He was nearing a small block of apartments. He shrugged, figuring this was as good a spot as any, and stumbled to a stop, leaning against a white brick wall. He pulled out his iPhone and started to record.
"Audience? Wha - what are you doing messing up this nice brick wall, audience? That's appalling!" He put his finger over the lens. "Intro of darkness then redness then whiteness!"
"So I just got away from a mob of fans…"

Jessica yawned and stretched. "I'm tired, seriously, guys. It's nine o'clock, I think we should at least get something to eat."
"Aw, come on, we've only been playing for three hours! We can finish the game if we play until two!"
"No way are we playing until two," Charlie interrupted, giving Sophie a warning glare.
"But I want to see Reaver!"
Reaver was a sexual deviant character in the video game. Sophie had become unhealthily obsessed with him, and was clearly in love with him.
"No," Jessica said firmly. "Dinner."
Charlie trudged downstairs, and Sophie grudgingly followed her.
Jessica was about to close the door, when a familiar voice drifted toward her through the open window. It was faint, and she wasn't sure where she recognised it from. She stepped over to the window and looked out, hands resting on the shutters. A single streetlight shone onto the black tarmac road, and it looked like there was a figure standing against the white brick wall. She tried to make it out in the darkness, but she blinked and the figure turned to leave.
She looked for a moment longer until he was out of sight, then turned to head downstairs. She knew that walk, but she didn't know where from. The way the man strode forward, but then seemed to glide along the floor, occasionally tripping now and again. She KNEW she'd seen someone walk like that before. She tried to recall everyone she knew, but none of them matched the description of the man on the street. Of course, she hadn't been able to see the features very well…
"I'm overreacting," Jessica mumbled, laughing at herself. "It's just a guy on a street looking to get home to his family."
She went downstairs to find Sophie and Charlie.
Outside, Toby Turner was Heelying down the street away from her block of apartments.

"I saw a guy," Jessica mumbled through her mouthful of salad.
"A guy?!" Sophie said, dropping her hotdog in mock-surprise. "Well, THAT'S something you don't see every day!"
Charlie giggled timidly, not quite sure what was going on. That usually happened. "Do you like him?"
"I didn't mean I saw a hot guy! Just a guy. He was hanging around on the street. He seemed familiar so I watched him for a bit, but he just walked off."
"Pervert," Sophie laughed. "You've probably just seen him walking around before."
"I don't think he would have seemed that familiar, though. I mean, I see people walking around all the time-"
"REALLY?!" Sophie clutched her heart in pretend shock again.
"-and I don't remember any of them," Jessica continued, ignoring Sophie's comment.
Charlie shrugged as she finished the remnants of her sandwich. "Doesn't matter. What do you want to do?"
"I don't know. Sophie?"
Charlie shot Jessica 'a look'. "It's a bad idea to ask Sophie. You know what her answer's going to be."
"Valid point," Jessica admitted. "Okay, well… we could read? Or… listen to music? Or… I don't even know."
"Can we play Slender?" Charlie piped up.
"HELL NO!" Sophie shrieked, throwing the idea out of the window - figuratively, of course. "No way! Never again!"
"All right, I get it," Charlie laughed, holding her hands up in surrender. "White flag, have mercy! Let's just play Truths."
"Truths?" Sophie asked, curiously.
"Yeah! It's like Truth or Dare, but without the dares."
"But dares are what make the game interesting!" Jessica moaned.
"Truths kind of sounds fun," Sophie said, looking interested.
"Fine, fine. Truths it is. Seems like a safe enough idea," Jessica acknowledged cautiously.
They dragged themselves back upstairs again, and Sophie and Charlie pulled chairs up to the side of the bed, which Jessica had leaped on as soon as she entered the room, claiming that 'she needed comfort' when playing a 'tedious game.'
"I'll go first," Sophie said, cracking her knuckles and looking at her friends over the top of her glasses. Jessica copied the gesture, staring back at Sophie over the top of her own glasses, her brown hair a contrast to Sophie and Charlie's bright purple hair.
"Charlie, who do you like?" Sophie asked, waggling her eyebrows.
"Nobody!" Charlie said, honestly. She honestly didn't have time for boys. "What about you, Sophie?"
"I don't like anyone, either," Sophie replied vaguely. "I'm too busy trying to get FAMOUS! What can I do to be like Tobuscus, Jessica? How does he do it?"
"Well, let's see… he's cute, he's funny, he's down-to-earth, and he's unique… hmmm… well, I guess you just need to be Toby," Jessica grinned.
"Oh, well, it's unfortunate that I'm Sophie, then," Sophie said, raising an eyebrow at her friend.
"Anyway. My turn again," Sophie said, flicking her hair with one hand and tossing it over her shoulder with the other. "Let's see… Jessica, is there a special guy in your life right now?"
An image of Toby Turner flashed through Jessica's mind, and she flushed slightly, thankful for the slight darkness of the room so her friends couldn't see her red cheeks. "No… no, course not," she said, trying not to falter in her well-practiced speech. "I'm much too fixed on my studies, I mean, after all, if I don't get good grades, I won't be able to graduate, and then I won't be able to get into college, and then I won't be able to get a job!"
"All right, all right, we understand," Charlie grinned. "What do you want to be, again? A soldier, wasn't it? You don't need to go to college to be a soldier, do you?"
"I don't know," Jessica confessed. "But it's always a bonus if not, right?"
"I guess," Charlie shrugged.
And so they continued until the wee hours of the morning, teasing secrets out of the others, until their heads hit the pillows and they fell asleep.