I'm so sorry that the chapters have been getting shorter - that would normally be the legnth of every chapter, but the first one was longer because it was originally four different chapters but I put them together. This is sort of a filler chapter, so don't expect anything exciting… well… apart from ONE THING. :D

'The Sideburns Song' was blasting in the background of the dining room as Charlie, Sophie and Jessica sat at the table shovelling breakfast into their mouths. The letterbox rattled as the postman pushed a few letters through the door. Jessica stood.

"I'd better go see what that's about," she grinned, still laughing at a previous joke that had been told a minute before.

She strode over to the front door, spying two letters. She opened the door and looked out. There was a small brown package lying there beside the doormat. She shrugged and picked it up, and took the mail inside the house.

She slit open the letters. She looked at the unfamiliar handwriting of the first one, and sighed as she threw it over to the table. "It's from the school, I'm failing PE again."

"Who needs PE, anyway," Sophie grumbled as she opened the second letter while Charlie looked over her shoulder.

"Hey, it's from Tay!" Charlie cried, beaming. Her cousin, Tay Zonday, or 'Chocolate Rain Guy', as he was more often called, was getting quite big on YouTube. They hadn't seen him in years, but they made sure to keep in occasional contact.

"OH MY GOD! He's going to VIDCON!" Sophie screamed, and showed Jessica the letter.

Charlie, Sophie and Jessica,

Hey, it's Tay. You've probably guessed that already! So I haven't heard from you in a while. I decided to get in touch with you - I have some great news. I'm going to attend VidCon this year! All the big YouTubers are gonna be there - and I received an invitation! I think you should check the package that I sent with this letter. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

~ Tay Zonday

Jessica scrambled over, stumbling over her own feet, as she recovered the package. She ripped it open, fingers struggling, as the paper fell away leaving three small slips of paper in her palm.

"What are they?" Charlie asked, climbing over the chair to get a look.

"The - they're… they're tickets to VidCon," Jessica whispered in awe. "We - we're going to VidCon."