Hello everyone! RichardIII1955 here! Thank you to all those who have read " Anne of York: The Plantagenet's Rose" and "The Hopes and Regrets of Anne Neville"! This is a completely new thing. Different characters from different stories; plays etc.… have been put together in high school. How will they get on? Please read, enjoy and review! Thank you! ;-)

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Onwards and upwards my friends!

From across the fields, and grounds of Middleham, a school stood proudly: Middleham High: an old school that has stood there for centuries. The year is 2012, and the dramas and conflicts that have gone on there will now again been told to those who wish to know the tale…

The bell rang for another school week, and the children lazily and sluggishly dragged their surprisingly already weary bodies into the building. A car pulled up into the car park in front of the majestic school and slid confidently to a halt. The springtime sun shone happily off the silver Mercedes and a car door opened. A boy climbed out and stood proudly, holding his blue backpack confidently over his shoulder. He frowned when he felt someone poke him impatiently in the back. "Come on Richard, move out of the way!" another boy grumbled, struggling to get out of his car seat. Richard stepped to the side and watched as the other boy leapt out, landing gracefully onto his feet. He looked around with a dazzling smile. Richard rolled his eyes. "Come on, George!" he moaned. "We'll get in trouble if we don't get a move on!" With that, he grabbed his brother by the arm and tried to pull him away from the car. George stood where he was, not moving. He was still smiling. "George, quit admiring yourself and let's go!" Richard grabbed George's arm again, and literally tried to heave the heavier boy up the school steps. George's fixated stare suddenly snapped and he looked around to see where he was before his gaze fell on his brother pulling him up the steps. He frowned, and yanked his arm away. "Richard, what the bloody hell are you doing? Let go of me!" He leapt up the steps in one quick movement of grace, before he turned and looked down, and held out his arms wide. "I am the champion!" he announced, grinning. "I am the winner!" Richard rolled his eyes again, and he plodded up the stairs to catch up with his quick, agile brother. "Winner of what, George? The day's not even started and already you're a 'winner' of something. He reached the top and stretched his muscles. George raised an eyebrow at him. "I-" he stated vainly, "am the winner of everything!", and he dashed into the school building before Richard could shout, "You're the best at throwing tantrums, then!", which was a phrase he often used against George when he expressed his 'greatness' at everything.

He started to follow George in when he felt an arm being thrown around his shoulders. He looked up into the goofy face of Mercutio Mannichini, a close, yet annoying friend of his. "Hey, Din-Dins!" he greeted loudly. "How's my BFF?"

Richard chuckled and shocked his head. "Mercutio…" he started. "You are the most loud mouthed person ever, and-" he raised an eyebrow, "are you wearing make-up?!"

Mercutio grinned. "Yep!" he said proudly. "It's the latest style!"

"The latest style?"


"I think the phrase, 'Florescent mad-man' comes to mind…"

"There's nothing wrong with being different, Din- Dins!"

Richard shook his head. "Only if you're you," he muttered.

Mercutio pouted and his lip wobbled. "Meanie…" he sulked.

Richard rolled his eyes again. "Whatever…"

A cold breeze swept through the air, and wrapped itself sinisterly around the two boys, causing them to shiver.

"Come on." Mercutio said, suddenly serious for once, "Let's go inside. God knows it's probably warmer in there than here. That is, if Headmaster Warwick has the heating on, which he won't."

The taller boy turned and skipped quickly up the rest of the steps, and stopped at the door. "Come ON, Din-Dins!" he moaned. "If I'm out here any longer, my hair's gonna go curly!"

"Your hair's already curly, genius!"

"What a great guess, Sherlock!" Mercutio marvelled sarcastically, clapping his hands.

"Whatever, Mercutio…"

Richard joined his eccentric friend at the door after climbing the rest of the steps, and rested his hand on the wooden frame. He turned to him. "Let's go inside… I need to find George."

"What has he run off again?!"

"Yeah. Probably to get into the teachers lounge and steal all the answer books for the Chemistry Exam on Wednesday. And their donuts and coffee."

"The teachers eat donuts?!"

"Well duh! How else do you think some of them are so fat?!"

"Weeell sorry, 'Mr I Know Everything And Like To Rub It In Everyone's Faces All The Time'!"

"Everybody's a critic…"

"Well it's true! You do like to rub your smartness in everyone's faces all the time!"

"Look!" Richard snapped. "Can we just go inside? God knows what George is doing!"

Mercutio gave a cheerful, optimistic smile. "Sure, why didn't you say so earlier? I could have had a full English breakfast by now!"

Richard responded by punching him on the arm, lightly though.

Mercutio pouted, but then grinned instead and rubbed his arm. "That's gonna leave a bruise, Din-Dins! Naughty Din-Dins, bad Din-Dins, you're an idiot, Din-Dins, I like to rub my big fat nose in all the time, Din-Dins-"

He was cut off as Richard sighed, grabbed him and pushed him through the school door. The door slammed behind them. "My word…" Richard thought. "The day hasn't even started yet, and already I'm feeling shattered. Bloody hell!"