Two young men...

Both of which trust Pokemon more than people...

Both on different sides...

The legendaries of old are arising... along with a new one...

Ideals cannot exist without truth, for without truth ideals become corrupt...

Truth cannot exist without ideals, for without ideals the truth is meaningless...

A new evil is arising in the region of Unova...

And Tony Miller, bug catcher, is the one who must stop it...

It was a rainy day on Unova Route 11.

The sky was dark and gray, overshadowing the grassy lands below. The wind howled and screamed like a lost soul, tearing autumn leaves from their branches and scattering them across the ground. Thunder boomed in the distance, and lightning answered with bright flashes of spectacular brightness. Rain heavily pelted the earth below, soaking every inch of the ground and leaving nothing dry.

Most people were safe in their warm, snug houses. Most Pokemon were hiding in burrows or nests, nice and warm.

However, a lone Pokemon slowly crawled through the muddy road of the route, the rain splashing and pelting her. The creature moaned as she crawled down the path, feeling weak and close to death. She could barely see anything through the impenetrable mist of the rain, so she could not see any sign of shelter ahead.

Every step she took felt like she had a hundred pounds laying on her back. Every fiber of her being was either soaked or hurting her. The rain felt like it was made of daggers, and burned her skin with each freezing stab that pelted her skin.

She moaned in pain, a small, chittering sound. "H-help..." she said in Pokemon speak.

No one could hear her over the din of the rain and the roar of the thunder. She crawled on, and on, not really sure why. She knew she was going to die if she continued on like this - deep down, she knew. She was terrified, naturally. She had only been on this earth for a few days, and already her time seemed to be coming.

Her aquamarine eyes widened.

Was that a light?

It was!

Two lights were heading towards her. She crawled forward: her kind were naturally attracted to bright lights. They looked like... like...


The Pokemon's eyes widened. With a horrified shriek, she ducked just in time for the truck to zoom over her without smashing her into a pulp. Mud and water sprayed all over her. Screaming in pain and misery, she shook the horrible, frigid filthy from her skin. Oh, it burned; it was so cold that is actually burned her.

Slowly, she stood and continued to crawl, not knowing why she even bothered. She crawled through Route 1. She crawled through the tall grass. She crawled past the now bare trees. She crawled until finally, she could take it no more.

Sobbing and whimpering, almost welcoming death, she collapsed. She looked forward and caught sight of a sign, sticking out from the earth. Naturally, being a Pokemon, she couldn't read. If she could, she would see that it read "Welcome to Nuvema Town!"

Her eyes slowly closed, and she lay there, alone and cold in the rain, on the very verge of death. She knew it, deep down.

What she didn't know is that death would not claim her that night, or the next day.

A saviour was coming for her. A saviour for all Pokemon.

Author's Note:

Hello, everyone! Coli Chibi here with a new Pokemon fanfic starring my Pokemon OC Tony! Some of you may recognize him from Pokemon Red: Tony's Journey. Some of you may not, so let me say this now:

This is not a sequel to Tony's Journey, this is an AU. Pokemon Red takes place in Kanto, while this does take place in Unova. He still has the same back story, and the same family, so don't worry you'll be getting to see them if you did like them in the other one. Secondly, Tony still will have Lucky, his Butterfree from the first story, as his starter. However, he will not have any of his other Pokemon from that story. Thirdly, this is not going to be a Submit-your-own-OC story, because frankly those are very difficult to do., I am NOT giving up on the other story. I'm going to be doing both.

So, why am I doing this?


Seriously, as bad as some of the designs of Unova Pokemon can be (sorry, but it is my opinion) I absolutely LOVE every Bug Pokemon they put out in Gen 5. So, I wanted to make a story with them, and Tony is a bug catcher, so who better to send off into Unova. Besides, I submitted Tony to a fanfic a while back by Pokerus, and Tony became one of the main characters, and Hilda's (White's) sort of love interest... which is why I was so bummed out when Pokerus cancelled it and erased it. So, I wanted to get back to Unova, with a fresh start and a new setting.

So, if you liked this, please fave it and review it! Tune in next time, where you meet (or re-meet) Tony, and all of his happy family, including everyone's favorite kick-arse great uncle Pappy!