Luke's POV

Why did Jessie always have to treat me like a child? Had she not noticed the way I watch her, smile at her or laugh at her jokes? I felt jealous every time Jessie had a date, I felt a knife was going through my back each time and every crush was a bullet in my knee-cap. I had only really crushed on one girl and that was her. I sighed. I was in Math class and as usual I could not focus on my work. I tried as always but she always sneaks in like a burglar and steals my thoughts.

The bell rang, home time. I sighed an even greater sigh than before. 'Its Jessie's date tonight" I thought on the way home, "He better be good to her or else!" I thought punching my hand.

When I got home I saw her, my angel, my Jessie and my nanny all in one. She was brushing her hair, I didn't think she needed to but I always thought she was perfect so who was I to judge her. I headed up to my room and turned on my video games but paused it a few seconds in. I needed to think. Jessie had been sad lately, I needed to figure out what was wrong. "It couldn't be Tony could it?" I thought, "NO, he wouldn't, HE couldn't hurt her!" I thought aloud. WOOPS well done Luke, the genius as always.

Just then Jessie walked in and I was sure my heart stopped for a minute.

Zuri's POV

"I know Luke crushes on loads of girls but with her he's different, eh Chubs" I said, " I think he really really likes her Chubs but she's with Tony and besides he's only 12. Ah to be in love!" I said sighing and hugging my best companion chubby the bear. Milly nodded in agreement.

"Jessie has been weird lately and I am worried for her and Luke, he's been going crazy. He doesn't know I hear him crying or punching the walls even saying rude things about TONY. What's not to like about Tony, he's one of my best friends Chubs" I said. I told Chubby everything. "Well that's the thing with these walls they're paper thin" I sighed shaking my head.

Luke's POV

She was running towards me to hug me tight. My eyes opened to reality and pain. She was with Tony. They had been dating for 7 months and I wanted to know what was wrong with Jessie. Earlier she had been away in her thoughts.

I went out onto the landing and from there I could hear Jessie talking to Tony in her room "I'm keeping it Tony!" I heard.

Luke's POV

I went out onto the landing and from there I could hear Jessie talking to Tony in her room "I'm keeping it Tony!" I heard. "What an odd conversation" I muttered. I felt hurt though, she spent so much time with him. A tear rolled down my cheek.

I walked into Emma's room. She was sleeping. "Emma, Emma? Wake up!" I said shaking her to wake her up."What Luke?" She snapped.

"Emma I'm worried about Jessie." I said. "How?" She said covering her eyes."She seems really distant and then she's moody then happy within a minute!" I admitted.

She looked at me her mouth wide open .

Emma's POV

"Luke have you been crying?" I said changing the subject. "Yes, I've got a headache" he moaned. "Luke, don't worry about Jessie. She'll be fine I promise." I reassured him. "Okay Emma thanks. And ehh sorry for waking you up!"

"I can't believe she's emm you know and with him, eww!" I thought as Luke left.

" I need to ask her. I'll do it tomorrow, before breakfast" I thought before drifting back off into a deep sleep.