Emma's POV

"I can't believe she's emm you know and with him, eww!" I thought as Luke left.

" I need to ask her. I'll do it tomorrow, before breakfast" I thought before drifting back off into a deep sleep.

Bertram's POV

" I need to talk to Emma about what I found. " I muttered shaking my head. Then it came to me "WHAT if, WHAT IF ITS NOT EMMA'S, oh no, it couldn't be. She's smarter than that."

I heard Jessie shouting at the kids upstairs. I walked up to see her cuddling Zuri, "weird." I muttered.

"EMMA! Can I come in?" I screamed."YEAH!" she replied. I walked in and saw her lying on her bed texting.

"Ehh, well how do I say this? Emmm..." I said.

"WHAT IS IT BERTRAM?" she moaned.

" I found something personal in the bathroom, in the bin and I was wondering if it was your's..." I said nervously.

"What kind of thing? BERTRAM I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!" Emma snapped.

"Are you sure, 'cause you and that boy got pretty close..."

"NO! Eww, I'm clean BERT" she said patting my plump stomach, "BUT I know who it belongs to... I think it's Jessie's. With the mood swings for two or three weeks, I was suspecting something along these lines. But I would never sleep with anyone until I was sure."

"Thanks."I said sheepishly. I had never thought of Emma as so smart. Jessie was downstairs. "JESSIE!" I called and she came running up the stairs. She looked so sad and had a tear rolling down her cheek. "Are you okay Jessie" she shook her head.