Author Notes: Resident Evil and NCIS Los Angeles crossover it takes place after RE5.

Deeks arrived at the office with a cup of coffe in his hand and looked around to find some one.

'' we are waiting for you in the Ops room.''Hety said appearing behind him

''Yes, I was just...''Deeks didn't say anything else and went to meet the team


''Look who finally happeared. So Eriv what do we have today?''Callen said

''Victor Kruger, a 70 year old European weapons smuggler who has upgraded to bio weapons.'' Eric said showing a photo of the man on his screen ( . /_ ) he was having a meeting with some other people

''Look at that I think he could kick Deeks ass.'' Kensi said looking at Deeks with a smirk

''I agree.'' Sam said

''Alright Deeks and Kensi will find out what they can about his operation while me and Sam go find him.'' Callen said

Streets (night)

A truck was driving around when it stoped in the middle of the street. The driver got off the truck and opended the container from their hisses came out and in a second a group of five Likers that slaughtered the driver and started to attack the people on the streets.

Author Notes: Yes it was short but I will make more and please review.