Sooooooo, I'm back with a brand new Avatar story, replacing 'Love will find away'. I apologize to whoever was waiting for an upload to that story, but I didn't feel like continuing it, not because I had no ideas... on the contrary, I had so many ideas that I had no idea (no pun intended) how to put them together and create a decent story.

So, I'm gonna try with this new one. Basically, it is a sort of rewriting of the movie, with a few... okay, maybe a lot of twists and a few new characters. Also, there's a little surprise awaiting you, if you'll read carefully this first chapter a.k.a. the Prologue.

Hope you'll like it!

Prologue – From Earth To Pandora

Melissa's P.O.V.

'I've heard that you don't dream at all in cryo.

Some says it feels like being in a deep coma: you could sleep for years –which is what is going to happen to me in a few hours– and then you wake up without feeling the time skip.

Someone else, less romantic, says it feels like being beaten up after a few shots of tequila. I hope this last statement is not true: I've already experimented what it feels like to be dead drunk –only once in my lifetime, but it still counts– and I'm certainly not eager to experiment it again.'

"I really gotta do it now? Seriously, can't it wait? I mean, I haven't slept in, like, twenty-six hours, and I really need to take a nap before shipping." I shouted, rather annoyed.

"You'll have six years to sleep properly, and your first video log needs to be recorded before the departure!" a nearby tech shouted me back "Get it done, I'll be back in a hour!" he said then, going away without giving me any chance to reply.

I snorted, annoyed, but did what I was told and looked at the small camera recording in my hands, without even making an effort to smile.

'Okay, better get this done as soon as possible. Location, RDA building near New York. Time, July 23rd,years 2148.

As soon as that moron of a tech get back, I'll be hoisted inside a special cryo-bed inside a massive ship, destination Pandora, a planet in the Alpha Centaury Galaxy, 4,4 light-years far away from Earth. From what I've heard, once inside the cryo-bed, I'll be drug-induced in a six-year-long sleep, which is the time it takes to go to Pandora. So, doing a few calculations, since now I'm 19, I'll be 25 once on Pandora. And the interesting fact is, it won't look as if six years had passed. Good thing, I guess. Not that I really care.

I've always wished to go to Pandora, since when I was little. That's why I spent hour after hour, day after day, week after week studying the native language, reading as many books as I could, trying to learn as much as my brain could take about the culture, the flora, the fauna... anything that could have booked me a one-way ticket to Pandora. As soon as I graduated high school,at age 16 –earning the highest rank on my Foreign Languages class, may I add–, I immediately signed up for a three-year-long course about the Avatar Project. It was an elite project, so the students allowed to attend it were very few. Amongst them, I was the only girl.

Now, don't get any strange idea. I didn't fuck anyone. I can guarantee you, and so can my personal medic, eheh. No doubt I was picked for my brain. I'm what people call 'child prodigy' or 'girl genius'. My brain works like a super computer. Mental calculations? No problem. Quoting something by heart? Of course. Doing something after having seen it only once? You betcha. Although my strong point is learning languages: in 19 years, I was able to learn quite a few different languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, English of course, Latin (essential for taxonomies), Japanese, and of course Na'vi (the native language of Pandora).

At the end of my third year of course, when I was starting to lose the hope of finally leaving the Earth, they came –with 'them' I mean the RDA Men In Black– and told me and two of my fellow 'colleagues', Norm Spellman and Tom Sully, to get ready to pack our bags ASAP. Jake, Tom's twin brother, a wheel-chaired ex-marine, will be joining us as well. I'm still wondering how in the world Tommy was able to convince the 'corporate bigwigs' to let his brother join us. I actually tried to ask him, but whenever I did, he merely shrugged and smirked his signature confident smile, a perfect carbon copy of Jake's. It takes all of my willpower not to punch them square in the face whenever they flash that smile of their, and I'm not a violent person.

I gotta go now. I can hear footsteps approaching me. No doubt it is that nasty tech who is supposed to lead me to the ship. About time.

Well, I guess my first video log ends now. And I guess I'll record my next one from Pandora.

I'm ready. Ready to leave this rubbish dump they still insist on calling Earth. Ready to start a fresh new life in a brand new world.

Goodbye Rubbish 'Earth' Dump.

This is Melissa Scott, signing off.'

Done with the Prologue. What do you think? Like it? Don't like? What do you think about Mel? Did you enjoy my little surprise –I'm asking the ones who actually read the Prologue... I'm kidding–?

Why do I keep asking foolish questions?

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