"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff." – The Doctor.

Blink, Doctor Who

Sara stumbled forward, her breath somehow escaping her lungs. There was a sudden tightening in her chest as bile tickled the back of her throat. Clutching the kitchen sink she wretched, spitting into the soapy dishwater she wiped the spittle roughly from her mouth. Something had shifted; it was as if her world had fallen away from her.

Taking a few shaky steps backwards she breathed in slowly, like a truck had railroaded her Sara was unsteady; falling backwards she landed hard on the tiled floor. Her emotions were everywhere and nowhere at once. But what was most apparent was her overwhelming sense of loss.

"Sid..." Her voice was quiet, hoarse, as if she was unused to using it. "Sid!" She called out again, her voice stronger, her frantic sense of urgency apparent.

"Sara?" He sounded only slightly annoyed, toy car in hand he looked at her with round, brown eyes and she let loose a sigh of relief.

"Are you ok honey?"

"Fine." The boy nodded, "I'm playing with my cars."

"Can I play too?"

"Yeah," Sid nodded, his free hand drifting up to his cheek.

"You hurt yourself?" Sara crawled forward, her soapy hand gently touching his cheek.

"No," Sid shook his head. "I just feel funny is all..."

Sara hid her confusion as she pulled her son to her chest, it didn't matter for now, and nothing did so long as she had Sid. Sara could feel his warm body against his chest and for a moment she was soothed and she hoped he was too.

"Do you wanna see what I made?" Sid suddenly asked, pulling himself free of his mother's suffocating grip.

"Sure," Sara nodded before pushing herself to her feet and taking Sid's small hand in her own.

Making their way into the living room and the sprawl of toys that lay across the coffee table Sid immediately went to a pair of toy frogs.

"Press it!" He demanded of Sara as he placed the small toy into her outstretched palm. His hands were warm and sweaty, his skin soft and smooth.

Doing as was commanded of her Sara smiled as the corresponding frog soon started ribiting in response.

"That is amazing! How did you do that?" Sara bent down and placed a wet kiss on the top of Sid's head, realising his smell as it washed over her.

"It was pretty easy, we can both have one. Just in case."

"Just in case of what?" Sara replied, frowning. Not for the first time she was uneasy in her son's presence. It wasn't for fear of him exploding, but she was convinced he had felt it too; something colliding with the force of planets, whole worlds collapsing in half a heartbeat, something lost in the corner of eye. Sara sighed, suddenly itching for a cigarette.

In a field Joe fired the blunderbuss.

Rolling over the still warm body his silver glinted in the sunlight.

Wrapping the corpse up into the old tarp he dragged the weight back to his truck. For a second he lost his balance.

Feeling the sudden urge to throw up he bent over double, he assumed it was just a come down from last night's activities. It was hardly the body. The killing barely bothered him now. It was part of his routine, his life.

Heading towards Beatrix and the diner he muttered some French under his breath. For whatever reason he wanted to walk down the Champs Elysees and drink coffee in a non-descript café. Charm countless women and somehow live a better life than the one he was living now. He didn't know how it might differ from what he was doing now, aside from the killing. Maybe he'd adopt clean living. Maybe...

He felt it again, the queasiness. A sudden feeling set in, it was like he had lost his keys despite having only just put them down. Something was missing, checking his pocket watch Joe knew he would find the ticking reassuring. Strangely the second hand refused to move. It was stuck, seconds continually rebuffed as it tried to move past the hour hand.

A/N: Ok so not entirely sure on how paradoxes would come into play here, I just figure that that entire timeline would have been removed with Young Joe killing himself, thus taking him back to the start. Or maybe I'm just bending logic to fit with my - everyone lives policy. Anyway, please let me know what you think!