The suns shone down while the Turaga and Toa watched as the matoran prepared to reopen the first of the blocked seaways.
Dume glanced up at Amaya, whom looked distracted and tapped her arm, startled Amaya looked at him, then followed Dume over to one side. "Tell me again what happened." he quietly asked.
"Kokua and I were looking to see where the butterfly flock kept going, as it seemed like they wanted us to follow them. When we reached here, the flock were basking just over there, so we paused to watch them. Several minutes passed, then Kokua walked over to them, she didn't hear me when I called to her. As she reached the flock, they fluttered up around her, hiding her from sight and when they settled again, Kokua had disappeared."

Amaya sighed, as she glanced over to where the other Toa were now assisting the matoran who'd offered their help, "When I started calling to Kokua, the green flecked, yellow butterfly came and perched on my hand then turned brilliant white with blue sparks, before it rejoined the flock. It was then I flew back to alert the rest of the Toa and you, Turaga."

As she finished explaining, Amaya and Dume glanced at the basking butterflies, then she went to help the others while Dume rejoined the rest of the Turaga.
"It is as you saw it, brother," he murmured to Vakama, "Though it's curious that Kokua's disappearance happens as we decide to re-establish the seaway links." Vakama nodded, "I think there is a connection between the two events."


Sitting waiting for the bus, Sherrie was watching some birds moving around in the bushes then she started to doze off. As her eyes closed she felt a gentle tugging sensation, and feeling secure, relaxed completely.

When she became aware of her surroundings again, she could hear quiet voices chatting anxiously.
"First the odd-strange one, now someone who look-seems like a Turaga. What in Mata Nui's name is going on?"
"Maybe the prophecy is going to come true at last." came a quiet reply, Anuenue cautiously opened her eyes, curious about what the second speaker had said,
"Ha! If you think that stupid prophecy's real, then your head is full of clouds." a third speaker snapped. Anuenue saw three dull hued matoran standing facing each other, they looked a little shorter than the matoran she knew, then she glanced around at where she was, the room seemed vaguely similar to the main chamber in the Great Temple and lying on a bench near to her was Kokua.

"Where are we?" Anuenue quietly asked as the third matoran was drawing breath to reply to something the first had said. The trio jumped and turned to watch her, "You are in the old hall. Pardon me for asking, but are you a Turaga?" the Ga-matoran shyly asked, as the others looked stunned.
Anuenue smiled reassuringly "Yes, I'm Turaga Anuenue and my sister Kokua lays over there." the Ko-matoran glanced at where Kokua was. "That's your sister?!" he exclaimed stunned, as the rainbow hued Turaga stood up and made her way to where she lay. Looking at the Torahka closely she realized that Kokua was in a trance. Nodding, she then glanced at the matoran as they joined her, "What are your names?"
"I'm Shenu, and these are my mate-friends Resha and Tane, Turaga." The Le-matoran replied as he glanced warily around. "We'll have to go-leave before we're missed. You'd better wait-stay here"
"We will try and come back later." Tane added as they cautiously headed for the exit.

"Alright, stay safe." Anuenue replied, then when they'd departed, she glanced around at the old hall. There was a fair bit of dust piled up in the corners and an air of not being used as much as it should.
Seeing some carving on a near by wall, and she was just about to go and study it, when Kokua murmured softly as a glow surrounded her, it faded as the curious Turaga watched, then she heard a noise close to the exit Shenu and his friends had used.
Quickly she clasped Kokua's hand and concentrated on them blending in with the hall, just in time as two strange looking figures came in and looked around. "Empty, that matoran must have been dreaming when he said that he overheard four voices in here." The red one growled angrily,
"Yeah, the only ones who come in here are the caretaker and his helpers." The white one replied, as they left the hall he said something else that the watching Turaga was unable to catch as they moved out the building.

When the Turaga of Colour was sure they were out of earshot, she shivered uneasily. "Mata Nui, what are they!" she thought, relieved that Kokua hadn't moved or murmured when they'd been here. Anuenue waited a while longer, keeping Kokua and herself camouflaged, listening intently but couldn't hear anything.
While she held Kokua's hand, wondering just where they were, Anuenue felt her stir, bending close she whispered. "Keep quiet, sister." When Kokua squeezed her hand she squeezed back, then looked up as she heard Shenu's voice as he, Resha and Tane cautiously re-entered the hall.

"Turaga, where are you?" He softly called, then blinked as she stopped making Kokua and herself blend in and as they faded came back into view, the matoran hurried over to them. Kokua sat up, glancing around curiously before smiling tentatively at them, "We were just about to return here, when Resha spotted Hakann and Thok poking around and we had to wait-hide until we were certain they had gone-left." Shenu hurriedly explained.

"Who are Hakann and Thok, and where are we, sister?" Kokua murmured, still glancing around, "I don't know, I was about to ask Shenu." Anuenue replied, Shenu looked at them in surprise.
"You don't know?" he asked incredulous, when they shook our heads, Tane and Resha murmured worriedly.
"I thought Turaga were meant to be very wise-knowledgeable." Shenu cautiously commented, as he pulled some cloaks from a bag and handed them to Kokua and Anuenue.
The rainbow hued Turaga softly chuckled, "Maybe so, but I've not been Turaga long and I know I still have a lot to learn." she held the cloak up she'd been given. "Is this to hide my colour or shape?" she asked intrigued, as Kokua put her one on.
"Your colours are bright. There's safety in being dull coloured, we learnt that the hard way when the Piraka came." Resha explained sadly, as she held Anuenue's staff, while she put the cloak on.

"We'll need to take you somewhere safer, they will most likely check here again." Tane said as they looked at Kokua and Anuenue, "You're still too colour-bright" Shenu said after a moment, as they stood there.
"I can sort that." Anuenue said, activating her mask, a few moments later, she and Kokua glanced at Shenu, Resha and Tane, who closed his mouth with a snap.
"Wow!" he murmured as Kokua stifled a giggle, they then followed Shenu towards the exit; cautiously he glanced out the doorway, then motioned for them to follow him.
Hurriedly they followed Shenu with Tane and Resha keeping watch, the drizzle helped to hide them and they reached their home as darkness fell. "It's not much, but it's home." Shenu chuckled as Anuenue pushed her hood back and they glanced around as Tane and Resha helped their guests take the cloaks off.


Night had fallen by the time the Toa and matoran had finished clearing the blockage, rejoining the Turaga, they looked at the tunnel. "How can we be sure that we'll find Kokua, when we reach the other end of the seaway?"
"You will find out when you get there, Pohatu." Nokama quietly replied as they moved back to the tents and sat down to eat. Aikane glanced back to the seaway entrance, then when she'd finished eating went back over to look down the tunnel, several minutes later she returned and went into one of the tents.
"You'd better see if Aikane's alright." Whenua commented to Gali and Amaya, as everyone murmured curiously, they nodded and went into the tent Aikane had entered.

When Gali and Amaya entered the tent, they found Aikane sitting cross-legged on some blankets, eyes closed and a slight violet glow surrounded her, as they drew closer, Aikane held out her hands to them, sitting with her Gali and Amaya took Aikane's hands, then each others.
When the glow spread to include them, they sensed that Aikane was calling to Anuenue, so they also began to concentrate on calling to her. After a while they sensed that Anuenue had heard them and that she was with Kokua, then Aikane, Gali and Amaya relaxed, opened their eyes and glanced at each other.
"I wonder when Turaga Anuenue returned?" Gali murmured quietly, as Turaga Nuju glanced around the tent flap to see how they were. "We'll be out in a minute, Turaga." Aikane said quietly, he nodded and left, as they stood up then also left the tent.

Rejoining their brothers, Turaga and the matoran, Aikane, Gali and Amaya told everyone what they had sensed. "Was Anuenue able to tell you anything about where she and Kokua are?" Nokama asked, while Aikane watched the fire flickering.
"No, it was like we could sense each other. But couldn't hear each other." Amaya replied quietly, then looked confused. "Did that make any sense?"
Whenua chuckled "Yes it did, don't worry." He assured her, while their brothers discussed who'd take first watch, when Gali offered, Tahu smiled, "Anuenue may call to you, Aikane and Amaya." He said, as Kopaka and Takanuva agreed to take the first, while Onua and Pohatu went for the middle watch.
"Right, Lewa and I will take the last watch, I think everyone else should rest and we'll get an early start tomorrow."

The other Toa agreed, then Dume smiled at Aikane, Gali and Amaya, as Jaller, Hahli, Macku, Hewkii, Matoro, Kongu and Ahonui headed to their tent. "Rest in our tent tonight." He said while the rest of the Turaga nodded, before walking to their tent and Kopaka and Takanuva went to watch the tunnel.
"Thank you, Turaga." Aikane smiled, bowing to him, then she, Gali and Amaya followed Dume into the Turagas' tent, settling down on the blankets they quietly talked for a while, then got comfortable and settled down to sleep.
After a while, thinking all were asleep, Aikane sat up and glanced at her right palm, then slipped from the tent and silently headed away from the tents and tunnel, curious as to where she was going, Nuju switched to his Huna and followed quietly.


Sitting between Resha and Tane, while Kokua and Shenu sat close by, they'd been quietly eating and Anuenue was about to ask Shenu to explain where Kokua and she were, when her attention was caught by a small image of the Bionicle symbol. Looking at it, the rainbow hued Turaga sensed that she should call out to her sisters.
As Anuenue lent back and closed her eyes, Resha glanced at her curiously, then looked at Kokua. "Is Turaga Anuenue alright?" She asked, while Tane watched Anuenue puzzled.
Kokua glanced at her, then smiled. "Yes, I think she's trying to reach her sisters, there's a telepathic link between them." Kokua explained as she moved closer to Anuenue and clasped her hand. "Sounds useful." Tane commented as he shifted to let Kokua sit beside Anuenue.

A few moments later, Anuenue stirred and opened her eyes, then glanced at Kokua.
"It's strange, we could sense each other, but couldn't hear each other. They know you are with me though." Anuenue murmured as she stifled a yawn, seeing that the Turaga was weary, Resha nudged Shenu who then insisted that Anuenue used his bedroom.
"Thank you, but where will you sleep?" Anuenue murmured drowsily from where she'd lent against Kokua. "I do sometimes sleep-rest right here." he grinned as they left the main room and entered Shenu's room, Tane looked up from where he'd just finished heaping some blankets.
"Thought you might like to rest with Turaga Anuenue." he explained as they entered Shenu's room, Kokua smiled, "Thank you." she replied, then hugged him, Resha giggled when Tane turned a little pink, then they bid Anuenue and Kokua good night.

"Come on Shenu, you can share my room." Tane said as they quietly closed the door, then he glanced at Resha. "Looks like I'm wrong about the prophecy that you've kept going on about." he murmured as she smiled at him, "That's alright," Resha said, "I did once or twice doubt it myself." she whispered, blushing as they stood outside Tane's room. "And now?" Shenu asked, as she blushed, eyes downcast, shuffling her feet.
"My faith is restored." Resha whispered softly as he and Tane hugged her. "Sleep well." They said, as she went to her room, settling on her bed, Resha thought about how the air had glowed around Turaga Anuenue while she had called to her sisters. Falling asleep, Resha silently drifted into a dream of colours that swirled and danced around her, Tane, Shenu and their guests.
In another part of the area, the two who'd been alerted by a matoran, were deep in discussion with the others.


"Where are we?" Shenu wondered, as he, Tane, Resha looked around amazed, Kokua grinned as Anuenue chuckled, "It's part of Mata Nui's dream," she said, then blinked, puzzled as to how she knew that, while part of the mist turned white with blue sparks.
"I haven't seen anything like this for so long, I'd forgotten how beautiful colours could be." Resha murmured softly as she, Tane and Shenu joined hands and gazed at the white area.
"Mata Nui." Anuenue murmured as she and Kokua bowed towards it, then the light glowed brightly before dimming slightly to reveal Mata Nui's spirit form, as they straightened up, he smiled at Kokua and Anuenue, before turning his attention to the matoran, who stood there awed.
They watched as the Great Spirit gently brushed his hand over the matorans' amazed masks, then smiling, he lowered their sleeping spirits down. Turning back to those watching Mata Nui smiled, "You are to guide them to their destiny."

Kokua and Anuenue glanced at each other startled, then back at the Great Spirit, whom smiled enigmatically, "You'll see." They heard him murmur as their eyes closed. When Kokua's and Anuenue's spirits had settled onto the mist, Mata Nui nodded and returned all to their sleeping forms.


In one of the houses near Shenu's, an Onu-matoran watched sleepily as a glow slowly disappeared from Shenu's window, turning over he thought about informing the Piraka later, as his eyes closed, then sat up shocked. "Better go now, I've already given them one false alarm today."
Glancing around as he left his home, the matoran hurried towards the area that the Piraka used as their stronghold, reaching there, he looked around to make sure he hadn't been seen or followed, then plucked up what courage he had, tapped on the door and waited.

A few minutes later, the door opened, just wide enough for him to slip inside then closed behind the matoran with a thud.
Not long after the door was flung open and the Piraka raced out, heading for Shenu's home, staggering behind them came the matoran, rubbing his head, seeing double, as the warning he'd been given rang through his mind.
"If this is another wild rahi chase..."

Arriving at Shenu's they scouted the area, then with Avak and Reidak keeping watch, the others burst into the matoran's home.
Ploughing through the doors of Shenu, Resha and Tane's rooms, they found the matoran, Anuenue and Kokua still asleep. "So, he wasn't exaggerating about the glow he saw." Thok said, lifting the Turaga up and watching Zaktan as he hauled Kokua up and over his shoulder.

Hakann nodded, looking at the light blue glow that surrounded their captives, as they left Shenu's room and glanced at the sleeping matoran "Don't know what this is, but it'll be interesting to find out." Vezok growled examining Kokua, lifting her head up for a better look.
"Looks kinda cute." Avak rumbled as they rejoined him and Reidak. "If you like, you can take care of her when Vezok's finished." Zaktan chuckled darkly, while they started back to their stronghold.
Seeing the matoran who'd told them, sitting near by still stunned, Zaktan nodded at Avak. "Bring him."

Avak sniggered, "You can keep your friends and this Turaga company." he smirked as they entered their place, unaware of the two matoran who'd been hidden close by watching.

When the door closed behind the Piraka and their captives, the Ta-matoran glanced at his companion, "Come on, we need to get to the blocked seaway tunnel."
The Po-matoran nodded as they crept away, "It's just as well Shenu warned us and did you see that glow around them?" he replied when they were far enough away from the Piraka's stronghold to start running.

Dawn was starting to break, as they reached the area that surrounded the seaway tunnel, and were met by a group of matoran, the nearest looked at them.
"Are you sure we should do this, Haki?" she asked, he shook his head, replying, "Not really Lari, but it seems right." the others glanced at each other, then grinned, nodding quietly they began to unblock the seaway tunnel entrance as silently as they could.