As dawn broke over Voya Nui, Brutaka contemplated leaving the Piraka and heading for Mount Valmai, then grinned evilly, "It'll be more fun watching them destroy themselves."
Raking through what was left of the stolen rations, Brutaka nudged Avak awake, while he ate, as the other Piraka began to stir.
Reidak stayed as far from Zaktan as he could, ignoring Vezok and Hakann as they sniggered, nudging each other.
When they'd finished eating, everyone grabbed what rations remained and raced towards Mount Valmai's slopes, as they did, the Piraka began to hinder the others with various tricks.
Thok had managed to get several small landslips going and laughed wickedly, as the rocks chased the other Piraka, then he snarled as Reidak activated his drill and half buried him.


"Enough!" Zaktan roared, hauling Thok out the quicksand, "We don't know what or who has the mask." Hakann overheard Brutaka mutter, "Axonn will be nearby too, time to settle an old score."
Avak stared up the volcano's' side, "We could interrogate that Turaga." he murmured, "Oh sure. You gonna go get her then?" Vezok snapped, glaring at Avak, while Reidak watched the last of the rocks thunder out of sight.
"She might know what we're up against." Thok commented, everyone looked at Zaktan, as he stared in the direction of the Stronghold and factory.
"Don't bother, it'll be more satisfying watching the look on her mask when we return with whoever has the mask, enslaved." he said chuckling wickedly, as he started up the slope again, the others followed, each with his own ideas on how to defeat his so called friends.


Waking up Anuenue stared at the ceiling, listening to Rinia's and Lari's breathing as they snuggled tightly up to her sides, as she lay there Anuenue realized that the dawn light was brighter than yesterday.
"Wake up slaves." A thunderous voice suddenly echoed through her mind, causing her and everyone else to sit up clutching their heads. As the others woke and prepared to leave the shed, Anuenue heard the voice of Zaktan tell her that she was to work with the rest.
"No slacking off today, slave." was his parting shot, with a shudder Anuenue followed Rinia over to get their breakfast, and while they ate she told her what Zaktan had said.
"Stick close to me, so I can at least show you what we have to do." Rinia murmured, after choking on her ration and swearing for several moments, when they'd finished and had stacked the bowls, Anuenue followed Rinia and Lari outside towards the nearest work area.

On entering it Anuenue copied Rinia as she began lifting materials and carrying the stuff over to where Toma, Velika and several other matoran were sorting out the material they'd taken over, while others were starting to build Zamor Spheres and launchers.
Though no-one was aloud to speak outside the shed, Anuenue got the impression that the matoran were outraged that a Turaga was being forced to work like this, glancing at Rinia as she placed the load she carried down for Velika to sort, Anuenue nodded as she gestured for her to follow her.
They then joined more matoran who were examining partially finished Zamor Spheres, checking them for damage and placing the sound ones into a large container, while the flawed ones were put into another one that was on rails leading back to the smelting area.


While Aikane ate, Kokua sketched the lay-out of the factory, while nibbling on some fruit, as Axonn let Makeo out for a while.
He came back a while later, hissing agitatedly, so Pohatu switched to his Rau, "He's caught a trace of the evil ones." he translated, then glanced at Malie as he paled and shot behind Kokua's wings.
"The Piraka have sensed the Mask of Life's appearance and possibly its' activation." Axonn explained, while Kokua hugged Malie tightly gently reassuring him, Shenu joining her to help.
"This won't be easy, once they find out our location, they won't rest until we are captured." Tahu growled softly, "But we no longer have the mask, it's beyond their reach again." Aikane murmured, glancing at Kazi as he whispered, "And will stay that way." as the Toa and Axonn gathered close to begin their planning.

"Brutaka will be with them. Leave him to me, what ever happens. It's my duty to deal with him." Axonn insisted firmly, as they discussed the few weaknesses of the Piraka.
Kokua having coaxed Malie into letting go of her for a while, went over to Axonn and her brothers and sisters, "What do you want me to do?" she asked, as they paused in their planning, Aikane smiled as she hugged Kokua.
"Didn't you tell us that Father said that you and Anuenue were to guide Shenu and his friends to their destinies?" She asked, while the others accepted the drinks Matoro, Hewkii and Hahli had brought over to them.
Kokua nodded blushing, "Yes, but I'm really worried about Anuenue and our friends." she admitted, then smiled at Lewa as he also hugged her, "We'll help-save our friends and colour-bright sister." He replied, as Kokua felt someone take her hand.

Glancing down, Kokua wasn't surprised to see Malie gazing up at her, "Besides, I don't think Malie would let you go." Kopaka commented a brief smile crossing his mask, as Malie nodded emphatically.
Then Axonn stood up and asked Kokua to follow him, while the Toa continued planning, Jaller glanced up as they walked past, Malie keeping a firm grip on Kokua's hand.
Axonn led Kokua and Malie into a second tunnel carved into the second cavern, as they headed down this tunnel, Malie glanced around curiously, entering a smaller cavern Axonn sat on the bench there and asked them to join him.
"I know you wish to fight beside us, but Aikane is right, you must wait with your friends." he said to Kokua, before turning his attention to Malie who looked up at him, Axonn didn't say anything, just smiled as Malie carefully took out the green light sphere and showed it to them.

While Kokua watched amazed, Axonn closely examined the sphere, his mask glowing briefly, then he nodded slightly.
"You'd better put that away. It's not yet time to use it." Axonn murmured softly, Malie blinked surprised that he knew something about the sphere, then put it away, while Axonn stood up and showed Kokua how a hidden catch opened part of the wall to show the rest of the tunnel.
"This leads to the Nui caves, it is a maze that the Piraka and Brutaka have never entered. If the Toa get enslaved bring the matoran and Makeo down here."
Kokua nodded, "If we are to remain in your home, how will I know what is happening?" she asked, as they began to make their way back up the tunnel, Axonn paused and brushed his hand over part of the wall, a portion slid to one side and he removed a small orb, "This will help." he said.


Working beside Rinia and a Le-matoran, Anuenue found she had too much time to contemplate what had awoken her and what the Great Spirit had said.
Trying to tear her thoughts from chasing in circles, Anuenue gripped the damaged partially built Zamor Sphere so hard it sliced deep into her hand. Swiftly Rinia caught Anuenue's left hand and stemmed the bleeding, while the Le-matoran chucked the damaged Zamor Sphere into the reject container.
When the bleeding eased, Rinia kept a close watch over Anuenue, sensing something was troubling the Turaga, as she tried to concentrate on checking the spheres.
Between then Rinia and the Le-matoran managed to keep an eye on Anuenue as she examined the spheres that stopped in front of her.

Seeing that the Turaga was struggling to sort the partially built spheres, one of the matoran who were sorting nearby, managed to work his way up to Rinia's side and took over her place as she nodded and began to help Anuenue.
Swiftly Rinia reduced the backlog and worked closely with her until the spheres were finished, glancing at Anuenue, Rinia was worried by how pale she was looking, as they went to shift more raw materials.
While we lifted up the materials used in the making of picks and shovels, Anuenue wished she hadn't cut her hand, silently swearing as she jagged the wound on one of the pieces.
Following Rinia, Anuenue began feeling strangely light-headed, placing the materials down for a Onu-matoran to sort, she found she was swaying slightly and would have fallen if Rinia and a Ko-matoran hadn't caught her.

While Anuenue tried to clear her head, they led her out of the work area and back into the shed, as she watched them, Anuenue realized they were in the 'kitchen' and while the Ko-matoran put the 'wallpaper paste' on to warm through, Rinia passed her a long handled spoon to help them stir the stuff.
Rinia glanced at Anuenue as she stirred the 'food' they were forced to eat, both she and Nalav were concerned at how pale Turaga Anuenue had turned as she silently worked beside them, her eyes fixed on the movement of the paste.
At an unheard signal, the other matoran began to file in to get their rations and take the only break they were allowed until night fell, everyone softly asked Rinia and Nalav how the Turaga was, Rinia had just passed a bowl to Balta, when they heard a thud behind her.

Whirling around, Nalav and Rinia saw Turaga Anuenue laying unconscious on the floor, as they hurried to her side, the other matoran put down their bowls and came to see how they could help.
"Get more bandages quickly!" Nalav murmured to Rinia, noticing that the makeshift one on Anuenue's hand was soaked with blood, while she did, he carefully removed the bandage and closely examined the wound.
Finding a missed piece of sphere in there, he was carefully removing the shard, as Rinia and several others returned and helped him to rebind the Turaga's wound.
They then gently lifting her up and taking her over to the pallet she shared with Rinia and Lari, after Rinia had covered Turaga Anuenue, everyone returned to the work areas, whispering amongst themselves until they left the building.


Turaga Lhikan watched as the Great Spirit sat resting, knowing that he was regaining his strength, while he was sitting nearby, Lhikan's thoughts turned back to what Mata Nui had said to Anuenue.
Several moments Lhikan heard a soft noise behind him, glancing over his shoulder, he saw Atinu beckoning to him, bowing to Mata Nui as he stood up, Turaga Lhikan walked over to where Atinu waited.

"We were checking on Aikane and the others, when Anuenue's spirit appeared. So Nahele shifted the image and we saw the enslaved matoran helping to bind her hand before placing her on a pallet." Atinu explained, as they glanced at the Great Spirit, he roused slightly and nodded.
"Go to her." Mata Nui murmured as he closed his eyes, smiling gently as he listened to Turaga Lhikan and Atinu walking into the mist.

When they reached the clearing where Phira, Nahele and Alani watched over their fellow Toa, Lhikan noticed the image had been dismissed and Nahele was hugging Anuenue, while Phira and Alani checked her hand.
Turaga Lhikan sat beside Anuenue, as Alani, Phira and Atinu shifted to one side, Nahele glanced up as Lhikan looked at Anuenue, her eyes were half open, but she seemed unaware of her surroundings or companions, after gently patting Anuenue's hand, Turaga Lhikan joined Phira and Alani while Atinu waited with Nahele.
"I'm not sure as to whether Turaga Anuenue is in shock." Phira murmured, as she glanced over to where their brothers watched over Anuenue.
"Turaga Anuenue was told something neither of us expected to hear. I think she is coming to terms with what it could mean." Lhikan replied quietly.

Nahele and Atinu looked over to where Turaga Lhikan was talking with Phira and Alani, then glanced down at Turaga Anuenue.
When Turaga Lhikan, Alani and Phira came back over and sat with them, Nahele and Atinu listened intently as Lhikan told them what he thought was happening with Anuenue.
Phira took a turn hugging Anuenue, then glanced in the direction where the Great Spirit rested, then while Alani joined the conversation with the others, Phira stood up and carried Anuenue into the mist.
As she headed towards the clearing where Mata Nui rested, Phira felt Anuenue's hand brush against her armour, pausing she watched as Anuenue blinked slowly then focused on her, sighing Anuenue lent her head back against Phira's shoulder and closed her eyes.

On entering the clearing, Phira knelt at the edge of it and gazed quietly at the Great Spirit, while still cradling Anuenue, several minutes passed, then Mata Nui stirred, awoke then smiled at her.
Standing up, Phira managed to bow to him, then carried Anuenue over to Mata Nui while he sat up, Anuenue opened her eyes and looked silently up at the Great Spirit.
"Return to your brothers and watch over the others." Mata Nui murmured, as he gently took Turaga Anuenue from Phira's arms, she nodded, bowing again, before turning to go back and pass on what the Great Spirit said, Phira glanced anxiously at Anuenue.
"She will be alright." he whispered softly, as Anuenue gazed at him, Phira smiled, bowed again, then left the clearing.


"When we reach the others, ask your sisters and brothers to hold it for a few moments." Axonn said as they walked back through the tunnel, Kokua nodded and listened as he explained what would happen. "If the worst happens and they get enslaved, the orb will glow brightly then cease shining."
Suddenly Kokua stopped, Malie glanced up at her surprise, as Axonn looked around then came back to them, "What about you?" she murmured, glancing up at him, concerned, Axonn smiled, placing his hand gently on her shoulder.

"It is time for me to sort out an old problem." he murmured.
As they began walking again, Malie patted Kokua's wing and when she glanced at him curiously, he took out the feather she'd given him and mimed giving it to Axonn.

Lifting him up onto her shoulder, Kokua whispered, "You keep that one, I'll pluck another." Malie grinned, hugging her, as they left the tunnel, Axonn chuckled seeing double, as the others and their shadow twins glanced up from their plans.
"I thought our shadow twins could help, especially yours, Kokua." Aikane explained, as she and Malie joined her, "It'll certainly puzzle the Piraka." Tahu commented, as Kokua's shadow twin awoke and hugged Malie, before joining the rest of the shadow twins.
Lewa's shadow twin had just passed Kopaka a note, having read it, he passed the note to Amaya and Gali, who after reading it glanced at Aikane, she nodded and they sat together silently talking about what Lewa's shadow twin had written.
Pohatu picked up the note and read it, with Lewa, Tahu, Takanuva and Onua looking curiously over his shoulders.

Several minutes later, Aikane glanced around while the matoran quietly sorted out supplies, and the Toa checked their weapons, Pohatu was looking at the orb Kokua had asked him to hold.
Shifting over to let Aikane, Gali and Amaya sit beside them, Pohatu passed the orb to Amaya, while Aikane glanced at the shadow twins, who waited with Shenu, Jaller and the others, Makeo was peering curiously at Kokua's shadow twin, then rubbed his head against her wing.
"Half the shadow twin Toa want to see if they can do anything to help the enslaved matoran and Anuenue, while the others will stay with Kokua and our friends, here." Aikane explained, as she accepted the orb from Gali.
Everyone softly talked for a few moments, then agreed, "That's a good idea." Axonn said, as he walked over to the chest that Matoro, Tane and Kongu were sat on.

Shifting off the chest, they watched as Axonn lifted out his great axe, the Toa stood up, stunned by its size, then lifted up their weapons and tapped them against it.
"Take care sister, please." Kokua said hugging Aikane, as she handed her the orb back, the others also hugged Kokua, then she turned to Axonn, blushing as she glanced up at him, Kokua plucked a wing feather.
"This is for you." Kokua whispered, handing it to him, gently Axonn took the feather, then smiled at her, before placing it away.
Silently the shadow twins, matoran, Kokua and Makeo then watched Axonn, Kokua'' shadow twin and the Toa depart, as Axonn opened the door again.
When they'd left, the shadow twins hugged everyone, then Gali's Kopaka's, Onua's, Amaya's and Lewa's went to see what they could do to help Anuenue and the matoran.


The Great Spirit watched Phira until the mist hid her from sight, then turned his attention back to Turaga Anuenue's spirit.
She was still gazing at him, her eyes bright with unshed tears, gently Mata Nui brushed them away, then carefully turned her clenched left hand over.
When Mata Nui did that, Anuenue glanced down at her hand, seeing for the first time the damage inflicted by the cracked Zamor Sphere, her hand was tightly closed, but she could see the ends of the wound on her palm.
Slowly as he watched, Anuenue managed to open her hand, murmuring shocked at how deep the slash was, she realized that it had gone down to the bone.
"No wonder I felt light-headed." Anuenue whispered shocked, as the Great Spirit gently placed his hand over hers, a soft glow emanating from his palm.

As the glow covered her hand, Anuenue glanced up at the Great Spirit again, watching as the Mask of Life slowly shifted colour and shape.
"If I asked, would you be able to say why my destiny's changed?" Turaga Anuenue whispered softly, then blushed when he glanced at her, a few moments later he nodded, a touch of sorrow in his eyes.
Turning his attention back to her hand, Mata Nui then brushed a finger over the wound, which closed up leaving a rainbow coloured scar.
Looking at her hand amazed, rubbing a finger over the scar, Anuenue then glanced thankfully up at the Great Spirit.
He smiled briefly, then brushed his hand over part of the mist, it glowed and turned transparent, showing a image that made the Turaga of Colour shiver for some reason.
Glancing at Turaga Anuenue, as she looked anxiously at the frozen scene, Mata Nui brushed his hand over the image.
"This is what happened, Turaga." he murmured softly, as it began moving.

The scene showed Anuenue's other form sound asleep in the bus shelter, then it widened to show a lorry making its way out the scheme, while the bus signalled as it turned off the main road to come down towards the bus stop.
The lorry was moving around the island when it suddenly lurched as a tyre blew, the driver fought to regain control as the lorry swerved, tipping over.
The driver had just enough time to scramble out the cabin and jump from the still moving lorry, by the look of things he was shouting at her to wake up and get out of there.
Then the lorry smashed into the bus shelter, crushing it, as the bus screeched to a halt and the driver rushed over from it, with the fire extinguisher, while several passengers phoned for help.
Nothing could be seen of her human form and as the image faded away, Anuenue buried her mask in her hands and cried.

Gently the Great Spirit lifted Turaga Anuenue up again, as she wept and waited until her sobs eased.
"Now I know why I felt torn in two at dawn." she whispered, her voice hoarse from crying, Mata Nui hugged Anuenue tightly, then as she looked up at him, gently brushed the remaining tears from her mask as her eyes closed and she fell asleep exhausted from crying.
"Great Spirit, will Turaga Anuenue be alright?" Alani quietly asked, having watched silently from the edge of the clearing, while Mata Nui gently placed her onto the mist.
The Great Spirit nodded, as he returned Anuenue's spirit to her body, then stood up and walked over to Alani,
"Given time, she will be." he murmured, "Let Turaga Lhikan know." Mata Nui added as a glow surrounded him and he disappeared from sight.


As the midday sunlight shone on Mount Valmai, Tahu, Onua and Pohatu were having a quiet discussion about something with Aikane.
When she nodded, they merged into Akamai and she awoke his shadow twin, as everyone watched intrigued while taking turns glancing down the volcano's side at the specks of light that showed where the Piraka and Brutaka were.
When Akamai separated back to Tahu, Onua and Pohatu, his shadow twin watched interested then smiled as he remained, while everyone grinned up at him.
Gali, Kopaka and Lewa merged next, while Takanuva, Amaya and Tahu kept watch, then when Gali and Kopaka rejoined them while Wairuha's shadow twin joined Akamai's, Takanuva and Amaya went over to Aikane.
"Just relax, sister." Gali murmured glancing over from where she kept watch, Amaya nodded, looking slightly nervous as she called on the Kanohi Niji.