Something in Common

by The Unseen Watcher

Chapter 10

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Alucard slammed into the cavern wall with enough force to snap a human's spine. Light exploded in front of his eyes, and his wounded side was a blaze of agony that ripped at control as he slid bonelessly to the floor.

He got to his feet unsteadily. Now was not the time to be lying down. He blinked, struggling to clear his vision. D needed his help. He could hear the fight in front of him and a bit off to the side, but he was useless if he couldn't see it. Slowly, his vision started to clear.

The light in the cavern abruptly winked out as a black form loomed right in front of him. He tried to raise his sword in time, but his reactions were slowed with prolonged fighting and his injuries. The shadow demon enveloped him in its chilly embrace, and his mind darkened as the world whirled away.

D dodged another saw blade, rebounding off a huge stalagmite and slicing at the construct's arm joint. The thing showed no sign of slowing, and by this time D was panting from his exertions. He had heard Alucard hit the wall, but hadn't been able to hear if he'd gotten up over the din of their opponent's metal plates scraping together. Rolling behind the stomping feet, he took a moment to glance his partner's way.

D's eyes widened as he saw the minor demon wrap around the pale dhamphir. The main fight was pushed down a rung of importance in his mind, and he sped toward his imperiled teammate.

From seemingly nowhere, a new swarm of the shadow creatures appeared, flapping and swirling in front of him. He impatiently started to cut through them, intent on his goal. However, he hadn't survived this long without at least a part of his mind being aware of All opponents. A sudden sense of danger, along with Lefthand's warning screech, had him rolling hastily to the side just before an enormous gauntleted fist smashed into the floor where he'd just been standing.

Rolling to a halt, he cleared his cloak from his sword arm and took in the scene before him. He was surrounded on one side by the shadow demons, and on the other by the construct. A quick glance showed that the wall space that had previously contained Alucard and his captor was empty. Neither of the two were anywhere to be seen.

Cursing silently, truly angry for the first time in years, D turned toward the animated armor. His eyes glittered under the rim of his hat. He had been delayed, blocked from helping one he considered a true ally, even a comrade, and it was these things fault!

The corner of his mouth curled up in a snarl, and he charged forward before the Armor could. The faster he got this fight out of the way, the sooner he would find Alucard.


Consciousness gradually returned to Alucard, bringing with it a splitting headache to add to his slightly older discomforts. He also seemed to be unable to move his arms and legs.

His eyes shot open, and he winced as even the slight light of the single candle in the dim room made his head throb. Experimentally flexing his limbs and found that he could feel them, but they were held firmly in place by something. Carefully, he took stock of his situation.

He found that he was shackled against a long board of wood that was in turn part of a wall. He was held in place like a pinned insect, unable to do more than move his head and torso. His feet hovered only a few inches above the floor. The candle near his head made it hard to use his night vision on the room beyond him, blinding his sensitive eyes when he tried.

Then there was the sound of cloth shifting over cloth in the darkness. A voice broke the stillness, the timbre like liquid velvet might sound if it could. A slight purr underscored each word.

"Now here is an interesting puzzle." It mused, the speaker obviously male by his speech. Alucard could feel unseen eyes studying him, and he pushed aside the urge to shiver against the crawling sensation it created along his skin. His unsolicited host continued "I have neither seen, nor heard of you. Your dark-haired companion is . . . well known in certain circles, but you yourself are a mystery."

The figure, unmistakably the quarry they sought, stepped into the meager light, though still out of normal reach. He looked like the typical self-important vampire; dressed in an aristocratic fashion, his black suit smooth and no doubt made of the finest silk. Armored cape of the same material, inlaid with red like Alucard's own, swept down from his shoulders. He appeared to have stepped temporarily away from a formal ball. Lean, hungry features were framed by pale white hair. A green gemstone earring with a matching ring on one long, clawed finger seemed to be the only concession to individual taste. Red, glowing eyes formed the centerpiece. The force of will and power behind them would draw the eyes of all he met.

He looked like he was freshly dead, and with good reason. The vampire, or rather the 'Noble' as D would call him, reached up and took Alucard's chin between thumb and forefinger, turning his head back and forth like he was a doll. "Pretty thing, aren't you?" The Noble chucked, his eyes glittering mockingly.

Alucard said nothing, giving the creature neither the satisfaction of responding to the taunt or jerking away. He met those bloody eyes with his own a flat, indifferent gold, as if waking up in such an awkward position was normal. He took special care to focus not to focus his gaze on anything in particular.

He wanted to avoid a battle of wills if possible. He could almost smell the noble's age, this near to him. If he fought mentally, he might well lose against this one. He simply kept his dignity, and didn't reply. The vampire didn't seem to expect him to.

Eventually, his cold fingers left his chin, one finger tracing a welt on his cheek that he had gotten in one of the fights. The talon-like fingernail easily pierced the skin, reopening the healing cut. Alucard didn't even flinch, his jaw set. Bringing the bloodied digit near his sharp nose, he sniffed delicately, as if at a fine wine. Languidly, he licked the red substance off with his tongue. One well-shaped eyebrow rose. "Strong blood, and a will to match it." he commented, chuckling in amusement at Alucard's continued closed expression. The Noble picked up the candle, and glided calmly away.

The feeble light now revealed the rest of the room. He was in what appeared to be a study of some sort. Bookshelves and tapestries lined the walls. In the cozy center of it all was an armchair, with a small table to the side of it. A small space, clearly for viewing, was the most clutter free part of the room. Almost everything was done up in a rather tasteless, in Alucard's point of view, shade of red.

His captor dropped indolently into the well-cushioned chair. Waving one hand idly, a fog formed up in front of him, then parted to reveal a picture of a scene not of the room. Alucard was at an angle that enabled him to just barely glimpse what was going on in that scene. He craned his head to get a better look, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The picture solidified, showing flitting shadows, then sharpened into a view of D in a desperate fight with their current opponent. Alucard felt a stab if concern, mingled with frustration as all he could do was watch. It was obvious that tall hunter was not having an easy time of it. The construct had started throwing huge stalagtites as well as its saws, followed quickly by its' fists and weapons.

The vampire just sat there, one finger idly caressing his pale lips, a spark of interest lighting his dark eyes. "This is more entertainment than I've had in the last millennia." He mused, glancing briefly in Alucard's direction. He did not hide his amusement at the young dhamphir's current position. On sight of his partner, the smaller man had unconsciously leaned closer, his head and torso stretched out as far as his bonds allowed. It was not the most dignified of positions.


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