Authors Notes: I am soooo almost finished with the first part of this story :D If You wanna read more just say so.

Into the Fire

Chapter 3

So this is Hell?

Five Days Later

Eves fingers wound around the piece of string that used to be Percy's boot lace that broke off. She looked at the knot she had made and then followed Percy's instructions as he showed her how to tie a bow.

"Over the hill...under the hill through the hill...and pull it tight." He said and looked at her as she giggled.

"I did it...sort of. Not as pretty as yours though." She said looking at the lovely bow Percy made. Percy reached over and fixed her bow.

"Even a bow...can be made right with a little help."

"Do you think...I'm that kind of bow?" she asked running her fingers over the little bows on her feet.

"Eve...your the most beautiful bow I have ever who could use a bath." He said flicking water at her. She gasped and giggled. A water fight started only to end when Eve was snatched up by the door. She was pulled through and the door shut before Percy even knew what had happened.

"Eve...EVE!" He beat on the solid doors until his knuckles bled.

Night Fall

The door clicked open and Eve was pushed back into the room. Before Eve could comprehend in her tired state that she was back inside the room and almost immidiately back in the arms of the man who usually watched over her. Her tired head rested against his shoulder. She was dizzy from being slapped around, bruises were all over her body, legs, arms, face. Her nose, and lip had dried blood on it.

"Eve...look at me." She tried to gain control of her motor functions and looked up at Percy. She was to tired to keep her eyes opened for much longer. Her body slumped against his. Neither of them had enough sleep. Neither of them had had sleep in over a week. They were both tired, and now tortured. To his horror even her hair had been cut. Cut just like those who were going to the guillotine.

The noise next door grew louder again. Eves eyes slowly opened and looked at Percy's a few tears fell down her cheek. In all his time with this young lady. He had never seen her cry, not once.

"You know what I wish?" She whispered as he sat down on the bed pulling the blanket up and around her to keep her warm. Specially when these bruises start to set in. He wouldn't put her down till she asked him to.

"Whats that?" He asked and pulled her into a more secure position with her head in the crook of his arm.

"To have a dad. Just like you." She whispered hearing his heart beat.

"Oy! No going to sleep in there!" Percy picked up the small cup of water from the table and helped her drink from it. She took two swallowed before she began to sleep.

The Morning After

Percy's eyes were blood shot and he was zoning in and out of the tender face laying in his arms. The noise at some points in the night were almost unfathomably loud to just be a fight. Sometimes they started to root for the guy...sometimes it was something about who was cheating, who owed whom money or even worse...who got the whore first. Percy sighed and looked around at the window, it had stopped snowing a few hours ago. Eve was going to wake up grumpy now that her favorite source of entertainment was gone.

He looked down when Eve began to stir. She looked up at the man who held her.

"Did they hurt you too?" Eve asked her voice was still very raw, probably from all the screaming and crying.

"Not physically no...but they hurt you, and that hurts me." He said pulling her closer.

"You didn't sleep last night then?" She asked. Percy shook his head and kissed her forehead.

"You should. I'll hold you and you can sleep huh?" She asked and giggled. "Although I don't think I can hold you as warmly. Much less fit into my arms as well." She said. Percy smiled at her and her kind words even though she was clearly in pain.

"I'll be alright child. Go grab some bread, we'll eat it here."

"But it'll get crumbs in the bed and that draws the bugs." She said and pointed to the bugs walking along the walls.

"That it does." He said and walked her over to the table. When he sat her down she gasped in pain as she was made to move into another position.

"Its'll go away in time." He said looking at her bruised arms and then when she went to grab some bread her fingers were bloody from where she had attempted to shield herself. Percy took her fingers and tore the bottom part of his shirt.

"If we keep this up I may not have anymore cloths, and you might look like a mummy." He said chuckling. She looked down at herself and then up at him.

"Do I look...that bad?" She asked suddenly very conscious of her own looks.

"No...your still the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen." he said breaking a piece of the frozen bread and dipped it into the water. He held it up for her to take a bite. She looked at him oddly and then down at her hands.

"Well you can't do this yourself with your fingers the way they" He said. She opened her mouth and tasted the over salted, and four day old bread.

"At least we'll be getting new bread tomorrow...I hope." She said chewing the hard bread. The water helped soften it up, but it didn't help when your jaws were hurting from the beating.

Two gaurds stepped into the room and glared at Percy who scooped the child up in his arms.

" did we like our little...present yesterday?" Chauvelin asked Percy who glared at him. His eyes bore holes into the mans face.

"How could you do this to an eight year old girl? She can barily chew this bread." Percy was panting and trying to hold himself up while holding the girl close to his body to keep her warm, and out of harms way.

"This could have all been avoided Sir Percy if you would just give us the location to the boy." He said. Percy stood up straight and all at once he fainted straight away. Eve gasped as Percy insitictively pulled her closer to him and landed on his side.

"He's fainted...grab some brandy we don't need to loose him now!" He said grabbing Eve by the hair and pulled her up.

"Let him rest for about thirty minutes then wake him up." He said pulling the girl out the doors.

"Percy!" She screamed trying to get him to wake up. She knew he was tired, she knew he should get some sleep while he could.