Hey guys this is my new story OPERATION: KICK as you read in the summary it's about everyone betting that they can get Jack and Kim together. I don't blame them Jack and Kim are so cute and would make a totally awesome couple .. Sorry my fangirl side got out again. Well without further ado here it is folks, Enjoy :D

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN KICKIN' IT .. Come on if I did Kim and Jack would've gotten together a long long time ago ;)



Eddie, Jerry and I were lounging on the benches completely worn out by our intense workouts. Only some sort of superhuman would be able to carry on sparring after that. "Hey Jack, wanna spar or are you too scared?" Kim asked Jack mockingly. I forgot that Jack and Kim are practically superhuman when it comes to physical activities. "Oh it is on Kimberley" Jack answered smugly. I could see the determination in Kim's eyes and to be honest it scared me; Good luck Jack.

Jerry, Eddie and I gathered around the mats to watch them spar; They stood directly in front of each other and bowed. Without any warning Kim leapt towards Jack while attacking him with a flying dragon kick. Jack, successfully, caught her ankle and held it tightly. Jack quickly flipped Kim but Kim skillfully back flipped out off his grip and laughed at him lightly. No wonder she's the head cheerleader and a black belt in karate if she could pull something like off. "Don't get too cocky Kim I'm going to win" Jack mocked breathlessly. "Come on then Jack" Kim answered smugly while motioning with her hands at Jack to come closer. Jack swiped his leg underneath Kim's leg; She faltered slightly but kept her stance. While the intense sparring match was commencing the chimes hanging above the entrance rang. I looked to my right to see that Julie and Grace had entered the Dojo. "What's going on?" Grace called out abruptly as she ran over to see what Jack and Kim were up to. "Hello sweetie" I called out to Julie who answered sweetly with "Hello Miltie" Julie stood on her tiptoes and gave me a quick peck on the lips. We walked closer to Jack and Kim's ongoing sparring competition.

Suddenly when Jack and Kim were about to attack each other something happened. They both just stopped and stared at each other as if they were in some trance. They was practically no space between them; They kept on staring deeply into each other's eyes until Kim lost her balance and knocked them both over. While Jack fell backwards he instinctively wrapped his arms tightly around Kim's waist preparing himself for the fall. They fell to the floor with a thud; Kim and Jack's legs were overlapping, Jack was still holding Kim's waist tightly while Kim had her arm draped across Jack's chest. Kim raised her head from the crook of Jack's neck. As in a trance, once again, Jack and Kim started leaning into each other; They were completely unaware that we were watching them with our mouths open wide in shock. Their faces were about a centimeter away from each other when suddenly a door slammed and they pulled apart.

"Guys is everything alright? I heard a loud noise" Rudy called out. Great timing Rudy; If he didn't choose that precise moment to enter the room Kick would have finally prevailed. What's Kick you ask? Well it's a combination of both Jack and Kim's name; Everyone that knows them wants them to be together. It seems like they're the only people that don't see how much they like each other. Darn it Rudy! Jack and Kim must of realised what they were so close to doing as they quickly stood up and fumbled around looking for their things. They quickly rushed out excuses to why they had to leave so quickly while shoving things in their gym bags halfway out of the exit.

"Yo Rudy you ruined everything" Jerry groaned. "What did I ruin?" Rudy asked confusedly. I explained to Rudy how Jack and Kim were having a moment then nearly kissed before Rudy ran into the room. "Damn it" Rudy groaned. Yep that's right, Rudy's a Kick supporter also. "I have had enough of waiting for the day they'll get together by themselves, they obviously like each other so why can't we just push them in the right direction. Anyways if I had been involved in them getting them together they would have started dating a long time ago" I informed the group. They all looked at me with disbelief and slight annoyance. "No I would have gotten them together first" Grace argued; Soon everybody was shouting about how they would have gotten Jack and Kim together first. "Wanna bet?" Rudy shouted moodily at Jerry. Suddenly everyone stopped fighting; I've got a genius idea, well like always. "Rudy that's a great idea, Whoever gets Jack and Kim together first will win and all the losers have to give the winner $10 each, deal?" I declared to the group. They all shouted out yes enthusiastically. That settles it we are getting Jack and Kim together.

And may the best man win.

Okay guys that was the first chapter i hope you liked it. Sorry if it was short it's just because it's the first chapter so i'm just introducing what's happening.

So here are the list of people involved in the bet: Milton, Eddie, Jerry, Rudy, Julie and Grace. If you have any other characters you would like me to include in the bet just PM me or write in a review who you would like involved.

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