Title: My husband

Summary: Pepper can't sleep, so she muses.

Pairings: Tony/Pepper

Characters: Pepper, Jarvis, Tony

A/N: Song – Mu husband by Marion Cotillard from Nine

Disclaimer: I am in possession of nothing in this story. Just the plot is mine.

Pepper sighed and turned on another side. Tony was working late again. She missed him. Last week was a chaos and she was unable to even visit him. She had to trust Bruce to take care of Tony in her place.

She sighed again. She knew what she was getting into from the beginning. But she still would like for Tony to spend less time in lab and more with her. It was human.

"Jarvis?" Pepper spoke softly.

"Yes, Ms. Potts?" the A.I. replied immediately.

"Put some music on, please"

"Of course, madam. Anything particular?" the electronic British voice spoke with no hesitation.

"I trust your taste" Pepper smiled lightly against the pillow.

As a respond, the room was filled by a soft melody and Pepper closed her eyes, listening.

My husband makes movies

To make them he lives a kind of dream

In which his actions aren't always what they seem

When she heard the first lyrics, she wanted to laugh. Oh, Jarvis knew them so well.

Some men run banks, some rule the world

Some earn their living baking bread

My husband, he goes a little crazy

Making movies instead

Maybe it wasn't movies but robots and complicated devices that made Tony crazy but the words suited him. And even if Tony was to go completely and utterly crazy, Pepper knew she would still follow him.

My husband spins fantasies

He lives them then gives them to you all

Like Michelangelo he paints his private dome

But can't distinguish what's his work and what's his home

Tony was a dream-maker. He brought to life big and smaller wishes, creating future. How many times was he called Da Vinci of their century? And yes. There was no bigger enemy for Pepper than Tony's mind. The man could spend hours and even days in the sanctuary of his thoughts. And Pepper had to bring him back to life, to her.

Guido Contini, Luisa Contini

Number one genius and number one fan

Guido Contini, Luisa Contini

Passionate woman in love with this man

Pepper sighed. She was Tony's fan. She never told him because his ego was big enough without her input. But she watched his creations with awe. And oh, she did love him. Enormously and stupidly so but she loved him.

How he needs me so

And he'll be the last to know it

Tony was self-obsessed and narcissist but he valued her. Pepper heard him repeat time and time again how empty and unworthy was he without her. It did stroke her ego and make her smile.

My husband makes movies

To make them he makes himself obsessed

He works for weeks on end without a bit of rest

Without rest, without food or sleep or simple human contact. And it was Pepper's job to make sure he wouldn't keen over and collapse on his newest 'toy'. They'd been doing it for years – it was a never ending circle and as tiring it was, Pepper got used to it.

My husband only rarely comes to bed

She was slowly slipping in the sweet sleep, when she felt the mattress dipped and a warm, strong arm wounded around her waist.

"Tony?" she mumbled, too tired to turn.

"Sleep, Pep" Tony kissed her on the cheek and she smiled involuntary.

"You're working?"

"Jarvis said you couldn't sleep" he pulled her closer into his chest. "And I missed you" he admitted in a whisper.

"Love you" she sighed happily, snuggling into him. "Goodnight"


My husband makes movies instead…