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Chapter 2

It has been a year since they met and 365 days have been enough for them to create one of the strongest bonds people have seen. It was the most talked about friendship around campus and the less understandable one. For everyone Sam and Mercedes had nothing in common and yes, they were sort of right on that but Sam and Mercedes were the epitome of the saying that says; opposites attract.

Every morning, Sam drove to Mercedes' apartment to spend some quality and peaceful time with her, since she now lived on her own. Ever since Monica moved out after Sam forgot all about her after their fourth date, they decided to create the tradition. Sam had this particular effect on girls; they will flee out of campus after he cast them aside for his new conquest. Sam Evans was a devious womanizer that only Mercedes could handle.

"So, what's the plan for today, Mercedes?" Sam asked while beating the pancake mix. Every Saturday religiously, Sam will cook breakfast and take Mercedes out for lunch or dinner, depending on their respective agendas.

"Well, I need to go to the mall. I need to get a dress and new shoes. So, today we are doing lunch!" She said too happy for his liking. She was sitting in one of her kitchen stools looking at a magazine.

"Why do I get the impression that this trip to the mall has to do with something else?" He said looking at her suspiciously. She had that smile again, the one that tells him that there is some dude roaming around his best friend. "Who is it this time? Do I know him?" He spat, pouring some pancake mix on the skillet.

She gave Sam the 'are you shitting me' look. "Who is it this time? Shit Sam! I can't deal with you sometimes. You are making me feel like I am some successful heartbreaker and that is definitely your department, not mine." She replied. "But to kill your curiosity, I will tell you who he is. His name is Mike Chang."

Sam's reaction to the guy's name was worth a million dollars. He was chugging some orange juice and when he heard Mike's name it ended all over Mercedes' cabinets. Sam knew Mike very well; they were members of the same fraternity. That meant trouble. "You are going out with Magic Mike?" He said wiping down all the cabinets. He earned that nickname when he unsuccessfully tried to put on a show at strip club back in freshmen year.

"Magic Mike?" Mercedes asked mortified. Every time she had a date or something that involved a guy, Sam would always try to make her back-out by talking garbage about them. This time she was not going to put up with it. Mercedes thought Mike was a great guy and she was going to give him a shot.

"It's a stupid story from freshmen year. Don't worry about it." Sam said while placing some pancakes on Mercedes' plate.

"Just my luck; you know Mike." She said looking at her Mickey Mouse looking pancakes. Sam had a tough, manly appearance but Mercedes knew he was a kid at heart.

"Yes, I know him. We are members of the same fraternity but we are not that close. He's ok, I guess." He said getting his plate and sitting on the stool across from Mercedes.

"You are joking with me right now?" She said laughing.

He just looked at her highly confused. "What?"

"You just said he is ok. Sam, you have this tendency to bash all my dates." She said while getting two glasses of milk to accompany their pancakes.

"Like I said I don't know him very well, so, I don't have a complete opinion about him. Remember what I told you? Frat boys don't play nicely; just promise me you'll be careful." He said sincerely. Mercedes meant the world to Sam, she was the only girl that could keep up with all his craziness and cared honestly about him.

"I'm always careful, Sam." She answered. They finished their breakfasts and hit the mall in no time.

At the mall, Sam and Mercedes stole people's glances. They acted as if they were a couple most of the time. They held hands and were very affectionate with their PDA without crossing the obvious lines, they knew all about the 'friend zone' rules. These two were definitely relaxed around each other, and that was something girls would find intriguing due to Sam's history.

Mercedes was inside a fitting room cubicle, trying on some options for her date. When a girl, who was on a phone call on the cubicle next to her, caught her attention,

"They are so screwing!" The girl said. "Girl, you had to be here. It's like they can't keep their hands off each other. I don't buy the 'they are best friends' story. Honestly, I envy that bitch. She gets to be around Sam Evans all the time, while girls like us stand on the sidelines waiting for him to at least look our way once." She continued. "I bet that's the reason she doesn't have girl friends, she probably just want to keep Sam all for herself. Selfish bitch!"

Mercedes was in shock but could not hold back her laughter; she could not believe she was the topic on some random girl's conversation. She needed to share this with Sam; she knew they were going to have a blast making fun of all this drama.

After she left the store with the clothing selection for her date, they decided it was time for lunch. One thing Sam loved about Mercedes was that she never hid who she was and what she liked; she was always herself and going to eat with her was one of his favorite things to do with her. She would happily eat a burger in his presence and not feel any remorse; not like the other girls that would try to impress him by choosing less than appetizing salads. Today it was time for some Italian. After the nauseatingly flirty hostess guided them to the table, they got into their comfort zone.

"That girl was disgusting. She was attractive, yes… well, I don't discriminate; but I hated that she was all over me and I've never seen her in my life." He said, quickly glancing at the hostess and faked a heave.

"Sam, let her be. I bet that she will go to the restroom sometime in the next 5 minutes and finger herself until passing out thinking about you." Mercedes said, remembering all the times she had heard girls talking about stuff like that, thinking that it would win them brownie points in Sam's book.

He laughed hysterically. "It's not my fault I have this effect on girls."

"Whatever, McSteamy." She said. "Sam, we need to talk." She said with an unreadable expression.

"Oh shit…What did I do now?" He looked like he just shitted on his pants.

Mercedes tried to hold in her laughter but it was impossible. "Sorry Sammy, but your face… Oh god!"

"Very funny, Mercy!" He said aggravated and rolled his eyes at her.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me, young man." She said in a comically authoritative tone. "Anyways, I needed to tell you about something I heard while I was trying on the dresses." She whispered.

"Why are you whispering? Is it gossip?" He said in normal tone.

"Dude, people are gossiping about us!" She said faking her surprise.

He laughed at her cuteness. "What is it this time? Because last time, the gossip around campus was that I was gay and you were my beard." He added, remembering how he got with a different girl on a daily basis to dissipate the rumors, more for Mercedes' sake. He could not handle people thinking wrongly about his best friend, the only girl he had not been able to fool into anything more than friendship.

"Nah, we got an upgrade; to the outside world we are fucking now." She bluntly said.

"Really? Well… There's nothing more that I want to do than to fuck you senseless right now." He boldly said. He had thought about how it would be to have sex with Mercedes since the day they met. She was a beautiful, extraordinary one of a kind girl that could make any man happy, so, as soon as those words left his mouth he regretted them.

"I know right." Mercedes said sensing some sarcasm on Sam's statement. This time she was wrong, behind Sam's statement laid a little truth.

His palpitations went back to normal when she answered so naturally unoffended to his comment. Mercedes was too special for him; he would never just fuck her. Their friendship meant everything to him. "People are just stupid, Mercedes."

"Absofukinlutely. That girl was saying all that because she said our displays of affections are too heated for people that are just friends." She said before their waiter interrupted her.

After the waiter took their orders, they continued their conversation. "Look Mercedes, I am not going to change the way I treat you because of what people say. You are my best friend and like it or not, people need to deal with it. I care about you a lot and we have drawn a line of respect that has work pretty good so far. So, don't ask me to change that." He said figuring out Mercedes' line of thought.

"Sam, I don't care what people think or say about us. That girl is just some jealous needy girl. She said I was a selfish bitch for not sharing you and I was like Sam Evans is as shareable as a post on Tumblr, if you want him come and get him." She said, while answering a text from Mike.

"Mercedes, she can't come up and just take me. She needs to get a number and wait in line." He said with his mischievous smile.

"Here comes the annoyingly cocky Sam." She said rolling her eyes.

"Whatever! You still love me." He said, playfully grabbing her hand.

"Unfortunately, that's true." She replied.

"Mercy, what are you doing next Saturday?" Sam casually remembered he had to attend one of those dreadful family events next weekend.

"So far, the only thing in my agenda is spending my morning with you. Why?"

The waiter came back with their food and more drinks. They barely paid any attention to him.

"I have to go to Stevie's out of the blue wedding." He repugnantly said.

"Stevie's getting married? What the hell?" She said extremely shocked.

"My stupid brother got his stupidly annoying girlfriend pregnant, so that explains the wedding." He said. "Wanna go with me?"

"Sure. I wouldn't miss that for the world." She laughed. She knew that the only reason Sam hated Stevie's girlfriend was because Sam slept with her two weeks before she hooked with his brother and he knew that she hooked up with Stevie trying desperately to get Sam's attention back. "And above everything, I want to see Stacy and I need you to survive the day." She said happily. That wedding was going to be one giant hot mess.

"Awesome! Thank you so much!" He said.

After their lovely lunch, Sam and Mercedes walked around the mall looking for the perfect shoes for Mercedes. After what felt like endless hours, she got some amazing Louis Vuitton pumps on sale. The drive back to Mercedes' place was full of music and laughter. They always sang their favorite songs so loudly, people in other cars stared. They really did not give a flying fuck about keeping up appearances; everything between them flowed naturally.

After Sam dropped Mercedes off, he decided to have a little chat with Mike. He called him and Mike answered on the second ring.

"Dude, what's up?" Mike said.

"Look, I don't have a lot of time to talk so; I am going to keep this short and sweet." Sam said. "If you make a swift and out of line move on Mercy, if you play with her emotions or if she gets hurt, I swear I will hunt you down, cut off you balls and feed them to stray dogs." He finalized.

"Is this a threat?" Mike asked.

"Yes." Sam coldly answered. "You know Mercy is the best thing I have and I will protect her from whoever and whatever. So, I will keep my eyes on you." He added and hung up, he was confident that Mike understood what he meant and that he was going to play fair with Mercy. Nobody was going to mess with her if he could avoid it. After taking a shower and playing some videogames, he decided it was time to look on his contacts for tonight's prey; Sam needed to have some fun on his own and getting his dick wet was a must on a Saturday night.

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