Inspired by the song "Evil" By Rebellion. You may like to listen to it while reading. It's stunning.

Loki fell on his knees holding with shaking hands the lifeless body of a woman that had done nothing to deserve such a fate. All her chest, once dangerous and sharp rather than graceful but still beautiful was filled with deep cuts that had stopped bleeding long ago, tortured till death. And now Loki lied in a sea of her blood, embracing the remaining of the one that gave him which he loved the most, and what they had taken from him too.

He raised his gaze, rage and hate hitting his mind hard. And yet, looking directly to the face of Odin the only thing he could master was "why?", filled that single word with such poison and pain that it sent a shiver over the Allfather's spine.

"It had to be done" Was his only answer. Only that, not a single good reason to slay her like a beast… Loki wanted to scream in fury, wanted to burn, to release the fire inside of him to consume both him and his wife, leading them into their daughter's arms, and to take the whole Asgard with them in revenge for their cruelty. They called her "mother of monsters" but they were the real monsters, coward deities within their golden arrogance and pride.

The god of Chaos suddenly felt his blood boil with poison; his instincts gone black with rage and an immense urge to kill, to destroy, to crush everything into dust. And he would, he would take revenge for her, he would make the world come down.

With a deep cry he let his dark come forth, his voice shaking the very foundations of Asgard like a roar of a wild beast, never before he felt so close to his breed and now...

Now Angraboda is dead. And Asgard better pray for their lives. because they just released the Evil