Author notes aren't allowed so let's have Ben and Cindy annouce this.

"Hi! We have our little Vesper hang-out Base ready for new recruitment of Vesper!" Ben waves cheerfully.

"Full details are there and remember, khbr23hw does not own the 39 clues." Cindy said.

"Are we forgeting something...?" Ben narrowed his eyes.

"Check your fly."

"Crap." Ben zips his fly up.

"The name! It's called the Vesper Hangout or something close to that." Cindy exclaimed.

"The Vespers are waiting for you guys. And remember, NO SUSPENDERS!" Ben shouted, pointing to a scar on his left arm. From a cut he got because he wore suspenders...


"That my friends is the URL." Ben said.

"Annnnnd... If you really like us, say so and we'll be in a whole story with chapters and stuff!" Cindy piped up happily.

"I think khbr23hw has gone crazy with this." Ben whispered.

"I HEARD THAT! But I do agree, I just love evil. Vesper 1 is my older brother." khbr23hw smiled.

"Ben, ju-just run! SHE IS RIGHT THERE!" Cindy screamed and the Jackels half ran half tripped out of the room.

"I'm just like that." khbr23hw grinned.



I feel so over-percky because of this!

Join us! I oversay this but

We're waiting for you...

khbr23hw- logged off.