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I freeze as soon as I step into the room. My golden eyes meet his magenta ones, and I can feel my whole body subtly flinch back.

No fucking way...

I was standing in a room with my ex-boyfriend. This was sort of inevitable, given that we'd both applied to the same college before we'd broken up in our senior year of high school, but who knew that it would happen so...so soon? I don't know if I can handle having my first class of the day with him every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Just seeing him around campus is hard enough as it is.

Actually, maybe I should be more specific. Seeing him around campus, holding hands with that Saaya girl, doesn't always make my day any easier. All the awkward ice-breaking activities that the school had to offer for freshmen week couldn't take my mind off of the image of them walking together, their arms around each others' waists, his fingers occasionally tilting up her chin for a gentle kiss.

Being treated like a princess - not only by him, but also the rest of the student body – was nice during my high school years. Not that I missed being the one he held. I'd absolutely hate for anyone to get that idea. It just seemed off-putting to me that he'd found someone else so quickly, while here I was only ever talking to my new roommates. I didn't have time to look for a new boyfriend, nor the interest. But even so, the whole situation is a bit unsettling.

And now that we'll be here together every other day for the next few months, it's more than a little bit awkward, too.

We both quickly look away from each other, desperately trying to occupy ourselves other ways. I walk over to the nearest available seat, a chair in the back of the room next to the door, and sit down. My shaking hands pull out my English notebook and a pencil and lay them on the table in front of me. Of all the classes in the entire school, why did I have to choose English? I hadn't studied it since junior year, and it's not like I'd be going to America anytime soon.

My two new roommates, a tiny, quiet blonde named Rima, and a childish brunette named Yaya, took the two open seats next to me. Ah, yes, that's why. After much begging and pleading from Yaya to join them in "just one class, please, please, please Amu-chi!", Rima had approached me with eyes clouded up with tears. How could I say no and start off my year being known as The Girl Who Made Rima Cry? I eventually relented, and now here I was. Fantastic.

A few other students started trickling into the classroom as the hands of the clock ticked dangerously close to the starting time. A boy with long, flowing purple hair took the seat next to the green-haired bespectacled boy in the front row, who had arrived earlier than anyone else. A tall red-headed boy with tanned skin followed. His hand held tightly onto that of the supermodel-esque girl behind him, her long, blonde twintails flowing behind her. Her clothes were quite fashionable, I noticed as she passed, and it seemed like she was trying hard not to break out into a big smile as her boyfriend squeezed her hand. Finally, a tall, dark haired man steps through the door. He is quite handsome, with dark, midnight eyes, and looks just about as enthralled to be here as I am.

I was so lost in my thoughts that didn't even notice the red-headed teacher come into the room until he was going around the class, handing out the syllabus. As he got closer, I got a better look at him. His long, unkempt hair was held back in a ponytail, and a pair of silver-framed glasses perched on top of his nose. His big, goofy grin stayed glued to his face as he reached my seat. "Good morning, Miss Hinamori!"

"Ohayoo, Nikaidou-sensei..." I replied nonchalantly. I wasn't really in the energetic mood he seemed to be in. How does anyone even have that kind of energy this early in the morning?

"No, Miss Hinamori. Call me Professor Nikaidou," he corrected in perfect English. I expected there to be a lot of English immersion in a college-level class, but on the very first day? This is already overwhelming...

My mind wanders throughout the class period. If this is the kind of stuff my roommates are getting me into already, I'm going to get into a lot of trouble this year. And Tadase...I visibly shudder at the thought of spending so much time with him. The syllabus on the table in front of me catches my eye. I pick it up, reading through it for a little distraction. It's all pretty basic stuff: office hours, handing homework in on time, contact information...until something catches my eye. Chicago? I do a double take at the syllabus. We could study abroad in Chicago? Like, that big city that's somewhere in the middle of the U.S.? Wow, what an opportunity. So early in the year, too. From the looks of it, we'd be going during winter break.

I lean over to Rima, who's blankly staring ahead. "Hey, Rima," I whisper, trying to keep my voice hushed, "did you know about the study-abroad trip?"

Her eyes flicker over to me for just a fraction of a second before returning to the front of the class. "Obviously," she quietly replied, her expression unchanging. "Why else would I sign up for an English class?"

"Wait, what? Was Yaya in on this, too?" I whisper, my tone growing more intense. They were plotting this from the beginning, I just know it. But if our whole class it going, that means-

"Professor Nikaidou? How long will the Chicago trip be, exactly?" The blonde up front lowered his hand. Yep. Tadase would be going, too.

This was going to be a very long semester.

After an exhausting first day of classes, I finally return to my dorm. As I open the door, I see Rima sitting at her computer, and Yaya lying on her bed with a comic book. Rima glances at me before returning her attention to her laptop. "Hey, Amu. How were classes?"

I find myself sighing as I drop my heavy bag onto the floor. I sit down at my desk, taking out my computer to get started on my homework. "Not too bad, mostly just introductions. Home ec and art class really wore me out though, and I still have theater and cheerleading practice later. I don't know how I'm gonna survive..."

"Wow, you're busy, Amu-chi!" exclaimed Yaya from the top bunk bed.

I look up at her as I open up my computer. "Shouldn't you be doing your homework, Yaya? We do have English homework." I asked. Maybe it just seemed like I got a lot of homework compared to these two, but I had the sneaking suspicion that they weren't exactly the studious types.

"Ah, you're no fun, Amu-chi. Yaya will just do it later!" With that, she flopped back down onto bed, taking her comic with her.

I'd just turned back when I heard Rima's voice from behind me. "Speaking of English, what was with you and that blonde kid? You guys couldn't keep your eyes off each other."

My eyes instantly widened as I struggled to stammer out a response. "I-I-It's not like that at all! H-He's actually my-"

"Amu-chi has a boyfriend? Wow, so fast, too!" Yaya sat up, abandoning her comic again in favor of juicy drama. It seemed like she was even easily distracted from her procrastination. I found myself getting even more defensive.

"Absolutely not! He's my ex! My ex. I definitely don't have a boyfriend, especially not some idiot like him." I didn't want to start giving these two ideas right off the bat. Unfortunately, that only seemed to give them more ideas.

"No boyfriend, hm? Well, that guy in the front with the purple hair was pretty cute..."

"I like the green-hair one! Which one was your favorite, Amu-chi?"

I look from Yaya to Rima and back in shock. "W-Why do I need to have a favorite? It's not like we're going to pair off on the trip or something!" I looked back to my computer and tried to focus on my work, but it seemed that my roommates were having none of that.

A look of sudden seriousness came over Yaya's face. "You're absolutely right, Amu-chi. There would be one left over no matter what. We wouldn't make you be the ninth wheel while everyone else celebrated not being lonely with their lovey-dovey sweethearts!"

My face started flushing with embarrassment. "Lonely? Wait, who said that I would be the ninth wheel? I could find someone if I really wanted to!"

"I think I saw that Tsukiyomi guy checking you out, Amu," Rima said from behind me. "Or maybe he was just worried that you were having a seizure. You kept on shaking and sweating."

Even more blood rushes to my face at the thought. Not exactly the first impression I meant to leave.

"Hey, yeah! Amu-chi can pair off with the tall guy!"

"You just said we weren't pairing off with anyone!"

"I just changed my mind. So it's settled, then! We'll all have lovey-dovey sweethearts to play with in Chicago!"

I hang my head in defeat and exasperation. What exactly have these two dragged me into?

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