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Utau quickly changed and headed downstairs to the pool room while I was in the bathroom. She'd knocked on the door to tell me that she'd texted everyone to meet us down there. How she'd already managed to collect everyone's numbers, the world may never know.

I tie the back of my swimsuit, plenty tight to make sure it doesn't slip. Who knows what could happen in a hot tub full of horny guys? I spin around, checking myself out. It had been quite a few months since I last wore a bikini. There wasn't much need for it in college unless you were on the swim team. Even so, my trips to the gym, though fewer and further between they they maybe should have been, were paying off; my waist is slim, with just the subtlest hint of a line going down my stomach. My chest still feels flat as ever, though - I know a B-cup isn't bad, but it's hard not to feel small next to Utau's Cs.

I grab one of the towels from the bathroom rack and slip into my sandals. If we were starting our trip with a hot tub party, who knows what else could be in store?

Quickly, I make my way to the elevator and to the lobby. Without much trouble, I find the entrance to the pool room, adjacent to a dark room filled with various workout machines. It really seems like we're the only ones in the hotel at this time of night. As I enter, I'm taken in by the beauty. The floors are all golden marble, and a huge pool of blue water sits squarely in the center, completely still. The fluorescent lights reflect off of it stunningly. To my right sit Utau, Ikuto, Kukai, Kairi, and Tadase in a bubbling hot tub, lit up by bulbs beneath the water.

Utau notices me as I enter. "Hey, Amu, come on in! The water's awesome," she beckoned. Her long, golden ponytails sit halfway in the water, Kukai's arm around her shoulder.

I set my fluffy towel on the marble floor, eager to join everyone. I step into the warm water, letting out a sigh of contentment as it envelops me completely. Ikuto moves over, making a space between himself and Kukai for me to sit down. Jets of bubbles hit my back as I sit down next to him. This is absolute paradise.

Yaya comes through the door, looking absolutely thrilled. She's dressed in a navy one-piece swimsuit, which looks an awful lot like a school-issued one. Her eyes dart from us to the huge pool, as if making an incredibly important decision. She bites her lip indecisively.

"Hey Yaya, where's Rima?" I ask, catching her attention.

A slightly guilty look comes over her face. "I'm not sure. I was so excited that I just changed and ran down here!" She looks again from the hot tub to the pool. "She's probably on her way down right now."

The boys chat amongst themselves as I talk with her. "You can jump in the pool if you want, Yaya. It might be a little cold, though," I say, noting her distress.

She brightens up even more, like a huge burden has been lifted off her shoulders. "Awesome! I wanna splash around in there so bad, but I didn't know if you guys wanted me to stay with you." she drops her towel on the floor next to mine before running full-speed towards the pool. Her high-pitched battle cry rings out across the room, everyone's eyes on her as she launches herself over the water. "Cannonball!"

For such a tiny girl, she sure knows how to make a huge splash. Even from the hot tub, I feel a few drops of cool water land on my face. Seconds later, her head reappears on the surface. She's furiously dog-paddling over to the ladder leading out of the pool. "C-C-Cold! S-So cold!" Everyone laughs as she pulls herself out of the water and dashes over to the hot tub, each step splashing on the smooth floor. One foot after another, she lowers herself into the warm water and takes a seat between Tadase and Kairi. She shivers as she tries to look indignant. "I changed my mind," she explains, but can't help but smile.

Seconds later, Nagihiko emerges from the door, in only a pair of dark blue swim trunks with a fluffy towel slung over his shoulder, carrying a fully-clothed Rima bridal-style in his arms. Her arms are crossed over her chest, still wearing her same white skirt and pale blue blouse from before. He carries her towards us, slipping off his shoes along the way. "Hey guys. Guess who forgot her swimsuit?"

"Ah, is that why you're going topless tonight, Nagi?" Kukai teases from beside me. I can't help but smile at his joke. I'll admit, Nagi would make for a pretty girl.

Rima glares intensely at him. "No one told me we'd be swimming!" she snaps. "And the gift store is closed, it's not like I could buy one."

I give them a look of confusion. "Okay, but...why are you being carried, Rima?"

She crosses her arms more tightly, doing her best to look frustrated. The man carrying her speaks up. "She was a bit...hesitant to come down. It's going to be lots of fun though, right?"

Utau beams at them. "Of course! This hot tub feels like heaven." She further relaxes into Kukai's arms, enjoying their closeness. "I'd love for you guys to join us," she said, smiling sincerely.

A mischievous look suddenly crosses Nagihiko's face. "What do you think, guys? Think Rima should join us?" A cheer rings out from the hot tub, along with a whistle from Kukai. He looks down at the girl in his arms. "I guess it's settled, then." After shrugging off his towel, he gingerly steps into the hot tub, Rima starting to squirm around. He's nearly waist-deep when she cries out.

"No, you idiot! You can't, I'm not wearing a swimsuit!" He stops, not going any further in. Rima's skirt barely touches the surface of the water.

Utau smiles at them, amused. "You can just wear your bra and panties, Rima. It's pretty much the same thing."

Rima's expression turns to one of surprise as Nagihiko slowly steps out of the hot tub. He sets her down so that she stands on her own feet. Her face starts turning pink as she mutters her answer. "That sounds like...well, I would, but..." Her gaze falls to the floor, her next sentence barely audible. "I'm not wearing a bra..."

Utau seems completely unfazed, her smile persisting. This time, it was her turn to look mischievous. She glances from me to Yaya. "That's no big deal, right girls? I mean, we can't have Rima being the only topless one." Wait, what is this girl implying? Have the hot tub fumes gone to her head already? She turns back to Rima. "That is, if you're okay with it."

The tiny blonde looks hesitant for a moment, then smiles. "Promise that what happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub?"

Utau nods, standing up so the water level is under her navel but still above her swimsuit bottoms. "Promise. Here, I'll start." I can't help but think of how absolutely stunning she looks. The silver metallic bikini top that covers her sizable breasts is covered in tiny beads of water, mirroring the rest of her tanned body. Her hands reach up behind her, skillfully undoing the knot behind her neck. She holds the top on her body with one arm, using the other to undo the tie on her back. She peels the fabric off her chest, freeing her breasts as she sets it next to the hot tub. It's amazing how comfortable she is in her own skin, but with a body like that, it's no surprise. Her nipples are hard from the sudden cold air flowing over them, and it's quite a sight to behold. I can't tell what's more breath-taking: the stunning metallic swimsuit that barely covered her, or her voluminous breasts out in the open, which speaks wonders for the bikini top.

Kukai's expression becomes visibly distressed when she sits back down, concealing herself under the foamy surface of the water. Like someone had taken away his candy, I think. I glance at Yaya, who's standing up in the hot tub, eagerly pulling her arms out of the shoulders of her swimsuit, peeling it down her body. She doesn't have nearly as much to show, her chest flatter and childish. She sits back down, letting the rest of the skirted swimsuit float around her body in the water.

With that, all eyes turn to me. I glance at Utau for help, who meets my gaze with comforting amethyst eyes. "It's okay," she mouths silently. Well, it's not too big of a deal, right? It's not like my bottoms are coming off or anything. I reach behind myself, trying to imitate Utau's grace as I untie the knot, but end up fumbling with it for a bit before it comes loose. I do the same to the knot in back before pulling the fabric up from the water, tossing it behind me, careful to keep my breasts under the concealing foam of the water.

"Aw, you're no fun, Amu-chi~! Being naked is fun!" Yaya said across from me. She earned a few snickers from the boys.

"Who said anything about being naked?" I shoot back, my face reddening. Though, it might not matter too much. Kukai is already pretty distracted, and Nagi and Kairi don't seem to bothered by it either. It's nothing Tadase hasn't seen before, but Ikuto...for whatever reason, I'm not sure I want him to see my boobs quite yet.

She shrugs, turning to face Rima with everyone else. Rima is now alone outside the hot tub, with Nagihiko have already submerged himself into the tub between Ikuto and Tadase. She rolls her eyes a bit, undoing the zipper on the side of her wet skirt. It falls down her legs, exposing a pair of simple, powder blue panties. Her fingers slowly work their way down her shirt, button by button. It opens up a bit each time, exposing her body. She shrugs it off, her expression blank as her modest breasts come into view. They're very close in size to my own. She reaches up, tying her long, wavy hair into a ponytail before joining us in the water. It's starting to get a little crowded, but she squeezes herself between Nagi and Tadase.

Her eyes meet Nagihiko's, her expression smug. "Well? You don't think that I'm going to be the only one of us stripping do you?"

A look of panic came over his face, and us girls could only laugh. I wonder if they always play games with each other like this. "Y-You want me to...?"

She smirks, something I've never seen her do before. "It's only fair, right?"

Utau elbows Kukai hard enough that he bumps into me a bit, as if urging him to do something. He speaks up as if on cue. "S-She's right! The boys should, too!" With that, he stood up, showing off his blue boxers with bright yellow stars, and a not-so-subtle hard on. He quickly pulled them off and sat back down, flashing us for the briefest second before setting them beside the hot tub. Damn, Utau's a lucky girl. But wait, is what I think about to happen actually about to happen?

Nagihiko accepts the challenge, always eager to compete with Kukai. He mirrors his actions, sliding out of his swim trunks while I modestly look away. I look at Rima instead, whose eyes seem to be popping out of her head. Out of surprise, or something else? I'm not sure I want to know.

Tadase and Ikuto both silently stand up. Holy crap, are they glaring at each other? What is going on here? The water covers Tadase's swimsuit bottoms on account of his height, but Ikuto isn't quite so lucky. I don't know if I can bear to watch. I close my eyes as their swimsuits come off, my face reddening as surprised gasps ring out all around me. My golden eyes open just in time to see them both sinking back into the water, and happen to catch a glance of Ikuto's happy trail on the way down. His pubes are even darker than his hair, and the image sticks with me. Whatever sort of contest they just had, I can't help but feel like Ikuto won.

I turn to Kairi, whose swim trunks sit folded neatly beside the hot tub. How the hell did he do that? What kind of little ninja is he? I shift in my seat, slightly uncomfortable. This kind of public nudity didn't exactly exist in my high school. Well...now what? Are we just kinda supposed to sit here and talk and ignore the fact that none of us are properly covered? Even with the bubbles of the hot tub covering me, I can't help but be paranoid about something slipping.

Yaya pouts, her arms crossing in front of her modest chest. "That's no fair! I feel silly just wearing half a swimsuit now."

Oh god, what is she going to do? "Yaya, it's fine! You look great just like that!" I start, trying to convince her otherwise as she starts to stand up.

I notice that Kukai's hands are no longer above the water. Oh dear. "Yeah, Utau," he coos into her ear, "the boys can't be the only ones skinny dipping, right?"

She shoots him a quick look of annoyance. "Well, maybe if you took your hand out," I manage to hear her say under her breath. One of his hand comes out of the water, finding its place back over her shoulder. She starts smiling again, satisfied that he won't try anything more. "I suppose you're right," she says more audibly, for everyone to hear. Her hands start moving under the water, from one side of her hips to the other. Seconds later, she pulls a pair of matching silver metallic swimsuit bottom from between her legs, setting it beside her top on the side of the hot tub.

My eyes meet Rima's in a look of hesitation. "Should we?" I mouth to her silently. She shrugs as Yaya stands up, more than eager to shed the rest of her one-piece. "No reason not to," she mouths back, smiling. I smile back. I can easily untie my swimsuit bottoms like Utau without showing anything. What the hell, I might as well.

Her fingers hook into her panties, pulling them down as I untie my bottoms one side after the other. I sit up a bit, letting the fabric slide between my legs. I set them behind me, next to Ikuto's swim trunks. There. No big deal.

There isn't a stitch of clothing left in the hot tub. And I have to say, I don't mind nearly as much as I thought I would. But now what? Utau, as always, takes charge. "So, what do you guys want to do?"

It was pretty obvious from Kukai's face what he wanted to do, but it seems Utau wants to include everyone. Yaya is quick to speak up. "I know! Let's play a game!"

Utau smiles at the idea. "What kind of game are you thinking?"

Rima seems deep in thought for a moment, trying to think up the best party games. "How about Never Have I Ever?"

Yaya pouts. "That's so boring, Rima-chi~! We should do something fun, like Firetruck!"

Wait, Firetruck? That's the same as the game Nervous, right? What the hell is she thinking?
"Yaya, why Firetruck?"

"Only because it has the coolest name ever!" Her face turns a bit guilty. "Actually, I don't really know what it is. It just sounds really awesome."

Kukai decides to take initiative again. "Alright! All those in favor of Never Have I Ever, please raise your hands now!"

My hand shoots up out of the water. I'll be damned if I have to play Firetruck while stuck between Kukai and Ikuto. Kairi joins me in his vote, but he seems to be the only one.

A smirk comes over the redhead's face. "And those is favor of Firetruck?" Everyone else raises their hand as mine sinks back into the water, including Kukai's. "Well, Firetruck it is then! Should I explain the rules?"

"Yes, please~!" exclaims Yaya from across from us. Doesn't she know how dangerous it is to volunteer for games she doesn't even know about?

Kukai smiles, counting off. We're in perfect boy-girl order, save for Ikuto and Nagihiko sitting next to each other. "Okay, so when it's your turn, you put your hand on the leg of the person to your right. You slide your hand up their body, and occasionally stop and ask 'Are you nervous?' When they start to feel uncomfortable, then they say 'yes,' or 'nervous.' As soon as they do, you have to take your hand off immediately. If they get nervous before you reach the inside of their thigh, they owe you a favor. If they don't, then you owe them. Everyone understand?"

I nod with everyone else, looking to my right. Oh god, I'm going to have to touch Ikuto. What if he doesn't get nervous? What if he doesn't stop me?

"Good," the redhead says from next to me, "then Utau will start!"

His girlfriend rolls her eyes a bit and smiles in exasperation. "I guess we need to set the example, right?" Her hand dips under the water, probably touching his knee as far as I can tell from the angle. She slides her hand up his leg a few inches, though it's nearly impossible to see with the constant bubbles and foam from the hot tub. "Are you nervous, Kukai?"

He shakes his head, a big, goofy grin on his face. "Nope! You'll have to try harder than that."

Her hand slides up even more, and she's maybe at his inner thigh now. That went fast. "How about now?" He shakes his head again. At this point, I can't tell for the life of me where her hand goes, but she sure seems content with wherever it is. "Not even right now?"

His goofy smile persists. "Nope." As far as I can tell, her hand is staying in the same place, but moving up and down. She's not doing what I think she is, is she? She shakes her head in defeat, her hand still moving. "Fine. I suppose you win this round. I think we can find something I can do for you later." She removes her hand, brushing her bangs out of her eyes. "Your turn, Kukai," she says, turning to him.

He turns to me. Oh god, I totally forgot about this part. I'm almost too nervous already. "Are you ready, Amu?" I nod my head confidently. I can totally handle this. "Of course!" I feel myself flinch a bit as he puts his fingertips on my knee. They slide up just a couple of inches, stopping on the top of my leg. "Are you nervous?" Honestly, it's not too bad so far. Though, I would feel more comfortable if we weren't both butt-naked. "Nope!"

As his fingers travel closer to my center, I feel how calloused and rough they are as they approach my inner thigh. I can't help but think about how nice they would feel somewhere else. "Nervous, Amu?" After a deep breath, I can still confidently shake my head no. I don't know how much longer I can last like this. It would be different if a slip of the hand didn't mean someone's fingers touching my lower lips. His hand slides in between my legs, touching my inner thigh. Okay, now I'm started to get a little uncomfortable. He moves another inch towards me before stopping. "Are you nervous?"

I can't help but nod my head yes. His hand immediately comes out of the water. I relax, letting out a breath I didn't even know I had been holding.

Okay, now that that's over, now it's time for something much more nerve-wracking. I turn to the dark-haired man next to me. He has a small smirk on his face, like he's enjoying the scene around him. He turns to face me, his piercing blue eyes gazing into mine. "Ready?" he asks me.

I can't help but smile back. "Hey, that's my line." After searching around a bit under water, I set my fingertips on his knee. My heart really shouldn't be beating as fast as it is as I slide my hand just an inch or two up his leg. It's not exactly the first time I've touched a man like this, after all. "Are you nervous, Tsukiyomi?" He smiles. "Ikuto, please. And not even close." I slide my hand farther, slowly making my way in between his legs. At this rate, it would take forever to reach my goal. "How about now?"

He shakes his head again. It's definitely going to take more than this. It's not like this is exactly his first time being touched, either. My hand slips a bit, and I feel it brush against something hard that it most decidedly not his thigh. I jerk my hand out of the water at the realization. "N-Nervous!" I exclaim without thinking. Everyone around me erupts into laughter.

Kukai is the first to speak up. "I think you need to practice this game a little more, Amu," he manages, tears of laughter forming in the corners of his eyes.

"S-Shut up!" I snap back. I can feel my face turning red again. There's no way I'm ever going to live this down, even if they might not have seen what actually happened. I hope it wasn't too obvious.

Ikuto turns to me, desperately trying to conceal his laughter. "Guess you owe me a favor now, right Amu?"

I roll my eyes. "W-Will someone else just hurry up and go already?"

As the laughter begins to die down, Nagihiko makes a big show of cracking his knuckles above the water. "Guess it's my turn, then. Ready, Rima?" His hand dips into the water, touching her knee. Her facial expression becomes gradually more horrified as her slides his hand closer to her crotch. His hand speeds up a bit as her nears her center. "Nervous ye-"

"Yep! Don't touch me, perv," she says, swatting his hand away. It's hard to tell how serious they are with each other sometimes. She looks indignant as his hand comes back out of the water. How far did he make it, exactly? After all, she did vote to play this. She turns to Tadase, her expression making it more clear that she is trying not to show her enjoyment. "Ready?"

He nods at her. I'm not too sure how I feel about this. I mean, he's been with a total of maybe two girls, and now Rima will be touching him? It really weirds me out. After fixing her hair, her hand enters the water. She inches closer and closer to his crotch. I can barely stand to watch. What if she touches him? What if he's hard, and she judges me once she knows what I felt inside me for so long? My gaze goes down, my face flushing at the thought. Before I know it, I hear his voice across from me. "Alright, I'm nervous." Rima's hand comes back out of the water. She smiles up at him. "I guess I owe you, then."

And with that, I try to black out the mental image of what just happened. All eyes are on Yaya now. She's all smiles as Tadase's hand starts moving up her leg. He manages to keep a nice poker face as he progresses. "Nervous yet?" She shakes her head at him. "Nope~!" I admire how bubbly she can be, even in a situation like this. Seconds later, I hear her yelp. "Ah, where do you think you're going, mister?" Okay, so maybe her bubbliness is mostly due to her lack of understanding the rules completely. No big deal, considering that Tadase immediately takes his hand out of the water.

She turns to Kairi, who has a very serious expression on under his glasses. "Ready, Yaya-san!" Alright, maybe neither of them really understand the game. Her hand slides up his leg, his face visibly turning pink as she moves. "Nervous, Kairi-chi?" His solemn expression stays glued to his face. "Never! This is what I've been training for!" Training? What sort of training is he talking about? I'm completely baffled as she inches farther between his legs. "How about now~?" His face is beet red at this point. "Yes! I concede defeat to you, my honorable opponent!" I'm vaguely curious as to how a sex life between them would work out, if that's how they always communicate with each other.

I turn to look at Utau, who's smile has never let up. I guess she's the kind of person who really likes parties like this. Her hand is under the water, moving up and down just as it was before. I guess she and Kukai have their own rules as to how this game is played. "It's getting late, guys. Do you wanna head back and catch a couple hours of sleep?"

Kukai's face turns to one of disappointment. "Aw, right now? But we're having so much fun." I'm just going to interpret that as "all of us," as opposed to what he probably actually means. "Sure. We should finish unpacking too, Utau," I chime in.

She nods. "It's settled, then. We're heading back guys, we'll see you later." She grabs her swimsuit bottoms from the side of the hot tub, putting them under the water and tying them back on as I do the same. Yaya pipes up as Rima grabs her panties from the hot tub's edge. "Aw, it's no fun without you guys. We're coming up, too!" She grabs her one piece swimsuit and wrestles to get it on underwater. The boys follow suit, taking their swim trunks. Guess it's no fun without us girls.

I reach behind me to grab my top, but my hand just hits the marble. Uh oh. I turn around, seeing it several feet away. Guess I threw it farther than I thought. I look around the hot tub. Well, they all seem pretty distracted, especially with Utau making a show of putting her top back on. I'll just make a dash for it. I run up the steps of the hot tub, not bothering to cover myself as I dash towards the abandoned bikini top. My modest breasts bounce with every step, and I hear a whistle from behind me. Okay, maybe this wasn't my best plan.

Along with the hoots and hollers from the boys, I pick out Yaya's voice. "Go, go, Amu-chi!" I can't help but smile despite my flushed face and exposed breasts, nipples hard from the cold air. I gingerly bend over to pick it up, only egging on the boys. I cover myself clumsily as I tie it back around me. Honestly, It's almost sort of nice getting this reaction for my body. Do I really look that good? A small smile crosses my lips.

I guess I'm giving everyone a show after all.

Holy fruitcakes, this came out to be long. And just in case you need a more visual guide to their seating, please enjoy this super-crappy diagram I made in ten minutes in MS Paint, just for you guys: imgur qePI1 (replace the space with a dotcomslash, of course :P)

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Ikuto: I've heard she writes lemons about us, too.
Amu: Evil! All of you! Just let me hot tub in peace!

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