Hey everyone! As promised, here is one of the long-awaited sexy scenes! Hope I didn't leave you hanging too badly. Anyway, please enjoy!

I stare at the package in disbelief. The same multi-speed silver vibrating bullet I noticed in the store now rests in my hands, separated from by bare hands only by a layer of solid plastic. First the mood ring, and now this. At this rate, I'm somewhat nervous about leaving him to shop unsupervised. And when the hell did he slip this in my bag?

My face burns with frustration, but I can't help but be a little curious. I peel off the tape holding the package together and separate the plastic shell. I toss the plastic casing and instructions to the side, investigating the toy. The silver bullet has a black line encircling it, and is attached by a wire to a slightly bigger control panel. The controller only has two switches: one that flips it from off to on, and a slider that adjusts the intensity. I shake the bullet, and hear something rattling around inside. Sounds like the batteries are included.

Looking around the room, I evaluate my surroundings. Considering where Utau has gone, she probably won't be back for a while. And it's not like we'll be going back to the Magnificent Mile again on our trip, right? I probably won't get the chance to return it. So, maybe, as long as it's already out...

I go into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it behind me. My fingers work at the zipper of my jeans, and they quickly fall to the tile floor. My shirt and bra quickly follow, my nipples hardening from the sudden cold air and the naughty thrill. I close the toilet lid and have a seat, clad only in cotton panties and striped knee-high socks.

Spreading my legs apart, I take a closer look at my new toy. I hold the bullet in my left hand, and the controls in my right. My finger pushes the power switch, and a red LED light flashes on above it. I push the slider up just a tiny bit with my thumb. The bullet buzzes to life in my hand, and the intensity surprises me. This is what the lowest setting feels like? Although I've never owned a toy before, it seems pretty powerful.

My nipples have peaked, standing out like two hard, pink erasers on my perky breasts, almost begging to be touched. I set the controller down on the bathroom counter and go to work on them, touching my left very gently with the bullet. My whole body shudders with intense pleasure. I trace small circles around my nipple, letting the vibrations take me away. I start on my other breast, massaging it with one hand while I rub the sensitive center with the vibrator. The sensation jolts throughout my body and settles between my legs, where I can already feel my panties dampening from the wetness flowing out of my delicate lower lips.

Absentmindedly, my free hand slips between my thighs, softly rubbing my clit through the cotton fabric. It's noticeably swollen, even under my panties. My fingers roll over it as my nipples enjoy the intense vibrations from the bullet, my body throbbing with a new but simultaneously familiar feeling. I don't know if it's from the excitement of naughtily using my new toy, or if I'm just super horny from not getting myself off for a few days, but suddenly I feel quite daring. I trail the bullet down, letting it buzz against the skin of my flat stomach, and gingerly brush my clit with it. My whole body jumps at the intense, unfamiliar sensation.

This is what the lowest setting feels like? Even through my panties?

The feeling is absolutely overwhelming, but it feels...really, really good. I open my legs a little wider and take the bullet firmly in my hand again. I point it at my clothed clit and gently trace little circles around it, teasing myself mercilessly. My eyes close and my breath escapes as a shaking, shuddering sigh. I press my new best friend firmly against my clit, now adapting to the intensity, and start to feel my body tense up in an all-too-familiar way.

I immediately know that if I don't stop right away, I'll cum hard in my already wet panties. Not wanting to cut my pleasure short, I stand up and slide them down my sock-covered legs. They hit the tile floor with an embarrassingly wet sound. I take another deep, shaking breath before I resume my play time, leading the bullet back to where it belongs. I set the tip against my naked clit, swollen with pleasure and anticipation, and glistening with clear-white juices. I feel the pleasure shoot up through my entire body, but try to relax as I close my eyes. It's been far too long since I've had sex – about seven months now – and up until now I've relied only on my fingers to relieve the constant tension. My clit buzzes wonderfully under the vibrator, and I feel only the slightest pang of regret that I didn't try this sooner.

With my eyes squeezed shut, my hand searches the counter top for the controller, and slides up the intensity a bit. My whole body spasms in a delicious, pre-orgasmic way at the increased sensation. I can feel my juices pouring out already, soaking my hand and the bullet as I hold it still against my jewel. My mind starts to wander, picturing all the things I've been missing.

Being on all fours, having my hips grabbed tight as he slams himself into my aching pussy. I vaguely feel my hand rubbing my clit with the toy, moving it even faster along my slippery spot.

His lips against my neck as he slides in and out of me, hitting my favorite spot with every thrust. My hand slides up the intensity to the highest setting, and my body shudders as my pussy contracts, warning me of what's about to happen.

His dark, midnight blue hair a mess as I bounce roughly on his dick, his face clenched up in orgasm, his deep voice calling out my name as he fills me with shot after shot of hot cum. "Amu...Amu!" My muscles tense up, my pussy tighter than ever, contracting and pulsing and leaking out my juices as I-

"Amu. Amu! Whenever you're done getting yourself off, get out here," a deep voice says, pounding on the bathroom door.

I yelp as I drop the toy in surprise. It buzzes and shakes loudly against the tile floor, and the noise seems deafening to my heightened senses. I stand up, only to fall to my knees on shaky legs, and scoop up the bullet, frantically hitting the switch on the controller. "Hold on! I-I'm just...brushing my teeth!" I throw the toy under a fluffy white towel on the marble countertop and turn on the water in the sink, hoping that he might actually believe me if he hears it. Holy fuck...was I just thinking about him? My heart racing, I scramble to get dressed, and turn the water back off, looking in the huge mirror in front of me. My hair is a disaster, sticking out in places, my bangs damp with sweat. I run my fingers through it a couple times. This will have to do.

As I open the door, Ikuto towers over me outside. His expression is one of amusement. "Brushing your teeth, huh?"

"I have an electric toothbrush, give me a break! What do you want, anyway?" It's not the first question that comes to mind, but it's the first that I ask. The first is, how the fuck did you get in here? Thinking back, maybe I didn't lock the room's door. Even so, who does this guy think he is?

His eyes shine with excitement, betraying his cool, detached expression. "I'm bored. Kukai just kicked me out of the room."

My heart still pounding like a drum, I manage to stammer out, "W-Well, what do you want me to do? I'm not your babysitter, you know."

Fuck. That mischievous look can't mean anything good. Not for me, at least. "I was just thinking of heading downstairs and relaxing in the hot tub for a while. I was going to invite you along, but if you don't want to come..."

Of course I want to come! I almost did until you had to go and interrupt me! I almost blurt out. Instead, I sigh before answering him. "Alright. Just give me a minute to change, okay?"

His signature smirk extends for the briefest moment into a smile completely devoid of bemusement or sarcasm. It goes by so fast that almost miss it. "Sounds good. I'll meet you down there in a few." With that, he's out the door, heading down the hallway to the elevator.

I roll my eyes and close the bathroom door to clean up. What am I going to do with this guy?

After changing into my swimsuit and sweeping my hair into a messy pink ponytail, I head downstairs and join Ikuto downstairs. I set my towel on the edge of the hot tub and slip out of my sandals before stepping into the hot, bubbling water.

He eyes me as I settle into the tub. "A swimsuit? That's no fun," he teases with a look of mock disappointment.

My brow wrinkles as I imitate his smirk. "Skinny dipping wasn't part of the deal. Please tell me you're wearing a swimsuit."

"You could find out," he says suggestively, scooting closer to me.

"As if." Despite his teasing, I don't mind at all when his toned arm splays itself over my shoulder. In fact, I nearly sigh in relief when our hips touch and I feel the cloth of his bathing suit against my thigh. Outside, the sun is threatening to plunge beyond the horizon, and the peach and purple colored clouds filter its light through the tall hotel windows. Alone in the room, bathed in the sunset together, the scene almost feels a little...romantic. Even if I don't mind, should I? "You didn't bring me down here to try anything funny, did you?" I remark, noting our proximity.

He chuckles, and I can't help but roll my eyes at the sound. "Not unless you want me to."

Now really shouldn't be the time to wrestle with these sorts of questions, but...is that what I want? "O-Of course not, perv," I say, but my stammer betrays my sincerity. "I'm only consenting to cuddling and talking. And you're lucky you're getting the former considering that little stunt you pulled."

A brief look of – am I really seeing this? - guilt crosses his face. "Ah, you found your little present already? I thought so," he jokes, his tone careful.

I'm not having any of this. "First you nearly fucking propose to me with a mood ring from that gift shop, and then you sneak-" I quickly glance around, confirming that we're still alone, "a damn vibrator into my bag!" I can't tell whether he looks more amused or horrified at my outburst. "I mean, we're not even in a relationship!"

The word gives him pause. A smile twitches at the corner of his mouth. "Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about..."

Oh no. I can already feel my pulse speeding up, the sound pounding in my ears. "Y-Yeah?"

His arm unmoving around me, he continues, "I'd be kidding myself if I said I'm not enormously attracted to you."

"Whoa." I realize that I had just said that out loud, and he smiles as all the blood in my body rushes to my face.

"And I was wondering..."

I take a deep breath, trying to relax as I brace myself for what he was going to say next.

"...if you'd like to try starting something with me."

Another deep breath fills my lungs, but I'm dizzied by the fumes, not to mention the ton of bricks just dropped on me. My eyes close briefly as I sort out my thoughts, and open again to Ikuto's face. His cheeks are just a bit flushed, and I tell myself it's just from the heat of the hot tub. "Ikuto..." I exhale, letting all the tension out of my body. Well, most of it, anyway. "I just...I don't know..." Try something? With me? And that confession...Why is a guy like him so attracted to a girl like me? I'm not tall, or supermodel gorgeous, or so sexually confident, and I certainly don't have incredible boobs. Not like Utau, I catch myself thinking. Compared to someone like her...why me?

Somewhere inside myself, I find confidence. "Ikuto, I feel the same way. I catch myself looking at you every day, and when I'm around you, my heart just races." I carefully omit the fact that it's not always out of happiness, but of annoyance. "I don't think I've ever been attracted to anyone like this before."

I sigh, and he remains silent. I suspect he's perceptive enough to know I'm not done speaking. "But I don't know if I want...this. Something like that with you, I just..." Hot tears sting at my eyes. Crying under pressure, I've found, is a bad habit of mine. "I can't right now. I'm sorry."

With that, I stand up and exit the hot tub, covering myself with my fluffy white towel. Even when I hear the water splashing around him as he stands up, I don't look back at my perverted, dark-haired friend. As much as I try to push it away, a single question persists in my mind.

But if that's not what I want...then what is?

Sorry for the super-long wait! I've been really busy all summer! And if I'm being honest, that's probably not going to change during the school year; I'll be working two jobs and taking organic chemistry and Japanese and stuff. OTL

Amu: So what? Japanese isn't that hard.
Honey: Only because you speak it natively!
Ikuto: What's the big deal with organic chemistry, then?
Honey: It's supposed to be the hardest chemistry I'll have to take! It's the leading cause of students dropping out of pre-med.
Ikuto: If you focus as hard on chem as you do on writing your fanfiction, you'll be well on your way.
Honey: To medical school? :3
Ikuto: To dropping out...

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