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"Sky, I know you're upset but-"

"But what? You're taking me away from my friends and away from school, I'm going into year 13 mum, you'd think it'd be stressful enough without this big move." Sky slumped into her chair and dug out her iphone.

"Hun, this is a big opportunity for me, please you'll be fine, you're good enough at making friends." This was the last thing she heard her mother say before she put on her headphones and waited for take-off.

"Hi, I'm Gina. Are you the new neighbour?" The dark haired woman inquired.

"Hiya, I'm Zoe and yes, just moving in." Zoe smiled at her new neighbour.

"Do you need any help? I have five boys just lazing around my front room."

"Five, wow. That's a lot of boys."

Gina laughed "They're not all mine, I have three boys, but the other two basically live at my house." The two women laughed "Have you got any children?"

"Just a daughter, Skylar-Rose. A very angry and stubborn teenage girl, who is very upset with me at the moment." Zoe shook her head "Let me just go and get her."

Zoe returned a few moments later with a very reluctant Sky, there awaited Gina with three out of five boys.

"Gina, this is my daughter; Skylar-Rose, Skylar, these are our new neighbours."

"Nice to meet you."

"Lovely to meet you too Skylar, these are my three boys; Beau and the twins; Luke and Jai" The last one, Jai, looked at Sky with squinted eyes, like he was trying to figure something out.

"What happened to the other two?" Zoe asked

"James and Skip legged it when they heard they actually needed to get off their fat arses." The one named Beau said.

"Okay, well Skylar I'm going to steel your mum for a few hours if that's okay? Boys you stay and help this lovely young lady unload and unpack, got it?"

"Yes mum." The three boys chanted at the same time.

Once the two mums were out of sight down the road one of the twins asked "So Skylar-Rose, where are you from?"

"Please, just call me Sky… I'm from London." She replied pushing her chocolate brown hair out of her eyes.

"Wait… are you S-K-to-the-Y on tumblr by any chance?" The other twin asked.

"Yeah…" Sky squinted her bright green eyes.

How the bloody hell did he know that?

"Oh shit! You're Jai Brooks aren't you? We've spoken a few times on Tumblr and on Twitter"

"Sky? Wait! Jai that's the girl you're in love … oomph!" Jai punched Beau in the nuts just a tad too late.

Sky stood there watching the three brothers fighting thinking how she's glad she's an only child. "Hey guys, shouldn't you be helping me instead of beating the living shit out of each other?" at that moment all three boys grabbed a box and followed Sky through the house.

A good few hours later, after getting everything in the right room and out of the boxes, the four teenagers sat in the living room.

"Well this is not how I expected to spend my first day on a new continent, sitting with three boys in my living room" She joked.

"Yeah, we weren't expecting to be spending our Sunday helping people move in next door" Luke shot over a wink; she knew he was going to be full of sass.

"So, Sky. What school you attending?" Jai quipped in.

"I think it's called Penola… or something like that…"

"Cool that's where Luke, James and I go!"

"Cool, at least I'll have someone I'll know" She and Jai shared a small smile, not going unnoticed by the two other boys present.

"Sky and Jai sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n…" SMACK "Ouch! What was that for?" Beau whined.

"You're such a dick" Jai said under his breath, earning another giggle from Sky, he could get used to that sound.

They spent all afternoon talking, mostly the boys questioning Sky about London and her old school and friends. The Sky's phone vibrated.

From: Mum (5.30)

Still out looking shops, will b hme l8er. Order pizza. Luv Mum x

Sky looked down and laughed at her mother's terrible excuse for text speak. The boys looked at he as if she was crazy, she showed them the text and Beau pulled out his phone to order the takeout.

Sky's phone buzzed again.

I'm with my friends having a sleep over at mine

Mum said lights off but they're still on at half nine

There's nothing gay bout doing nails and doing hair-

"Hello? Hey daddy…No, the plane crashed and this is now my spirit talking to you… yeah it's good… mum's gone out with one of the neighbours and left me to unpack… no not on my own, the next door neighbours are helping… teenagers, yes… boys, why?... Oh my God! Dad you are so embarrassing!... I'm hanging up now… Bye… Love you too."

Sky looked up from her phone to see the three boys starring at her.

"Number one… what was that playing on your phone?" Luke started "And number two… awwww 'Daddy'"

"Number one… that's The Midnight Beast, they're this unsigned band from south London, they freaking rock! And number two… I don't know… I've always called my dad that or 'Pops'" she shrugged.

Monday, this is the day Skylar had been dreading, at least having people she knows already will help, right?

She got out of bed and cranked up the volume of her favourite band 'The Midnight Beast' and jumped into the shower. The water was nice and refreshing after travelling and settling into the house.

Once she'd gotten out the shower and dried off, she started to get ready, grey skirt, white shirt and red blazer with the Penola high school logo on it, boring, she hadn't had a chance to pick up any school shoes so she decided on her black vans to finish of the look. She then braided her hair into two plats. Big step from having now uniform to now having one.

"Skylar, the twins are here." Zoe called up to her daughter. Sky quickly grabbed her Vans rucksack and walked down to the sight of the Brooks twins in the same dull uniform, all except the grey shorts they wore instead of skirt.

"Come on, we gotta go pick up James."

They finally got to school, Sky found out she had all her classes with Jai, Luke and James so she would never be on her own. This school was different to her last; it seemed more static, dull. Her last school was so full of life, students practically jumping off the walls, singing and dancing in the hall ways.

"Welcome to hell." Jai whispered into her ear.

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