Ryan and Kelly had been married for three years, and had a two year old daughter, Bailey Jane, whose first name was her father's middle one. They were still at Dunder Mifflin, although Ryan was a sales associate now. He'd been promoted by Michael after he and Kelly got engaged, although the company was leery about giving him a second chance. After he'd fudged the numbers when he was Michaels' boss and was arrested, everyone had written him off. Everyone, but Michael and Kelly. Deep down, he'd never forgotten that. It had taken him a long time to get there, but eventually he realized how much Kelly meant to him and he proposed to her in front of everyone at the Scranton branch and she tearfully accepted, and even Michael's eyes were a little moist as well. It was like watching his hypothetical son take his first steps on his way to adulthood, and he couldn't have been prouder.

Kelly was the devoted mother everyone knew she would be. She had quit her customer service job to be a full time mother, but Michael had needed a part time assistant and she had agreed to return on a contingent basis. She loved being a mother, but part of her missed her friends at Dunder Mifflin, and also wanted to be with Ryan as much as possible. It was only fifteen hours a week, and besides, who was a better boss than Michael? He gave awesome parties, he remembered her birthday, he let her pick out his ties, and she listened in to all of his phone calls. That was until she realized his phone skills were as bad as his public speaking ones. He was demanding, and she had to fix an awful lot of his faux pas, but he didn't demand much of her, and whenever she needed time off to be with Bailey, she got it.

She was a great wife and housekeeper, but the one thing she knew that she couldn't do was cook. She burnt everything she touched. She even burnt toast. Ryan had gotten used to doing all the cooking, and lots of ordering out, and he teased her all the time. Kelly was very sensitive about it, but she tried to laugh it off. It was their anniversary, and Ryan decided to surprise her.

Over dinner at a nice restaurant, Kelly went first with her surprise.

"Here honey. I got you two tickets to that Eagles game you've wanted to see. I hope you like it," Kelly smiled proudly. "I gave Michael the other ticket, I thought you two would have an awesome time."

Ryan sighed. It was the thought that counted, he supposed.

He handed her her gift. It was an envelope.

"Cooking classes?" She was shocked. "Honey, are you trying to tell me something?"

"It's just that with Bailey getting older I just thought that you might want to improve yourself. It's not a criticism. I hope you realize that. I want you to feel better about yourself. You're totally an amazing wife and the best thing to ever happen to me. I just think that you would surprise yourself by trying new things. When I married you I promised you I would support you in anything you did. Well this is one of those things."

Kelly stood up and hugged him. "You really are the best. I don't think I've ever been happier than I've ever been right now. I've always hated those super happy couples who seemed to have it all, but look at us! Who would have thought that we'd be one of them?"

Ryan smiled. Yes, she was right. They really did appear to have it all. Little did they know appearance could be deceiving.