She tries to fight, she tries to escape, but he always finds her in the end. He uses the shadows to weaken her, to bind her down as she attempts to free herself. Yami Marik stared as Elecktra growled, trying to break the long ropes of shadow that bind her wrists and ankles. Yami Marik can't help but feel interested by the girl. She was gifted to fight, fight until the bitter end. Yami Marik touched her fingers and she froze. Her eyes locked with his and he saw every emotion she had felt. Pain, Sorrow, Hopeless, very little joy and happiness, he noted. For a moment, neither of them spoke. Elecktra chewed on her lip, because of the uneasiness she felt around him. His presence made the magician's scalp prickle and goosebumps appear on her arms. She torn her gaze from his eyes and gazed at the black ground, hugging her arms. Yami Marik brushed aside her hair and gently lifted her chin.

"Are you afraid of me?" He whispered. When Elecktra didn't answer, he sighed.

"Still refusing to speak, hmm?" Elecktra turned her face away from his fingers, but kept her eyes on him. Yami Marik hummed and began to circle the magician.

"You are much like my weaker side, you know." Elecktra lifted her head to look at him.

"You and my other side both went against what was expected of you. You managed to escape death and he escaped the curse of never seeing the light of day." Elecktra gritted her teeth as she listened.

"You realize though, it was fate that made it so we could be together."

"Fate can fall apart for all I care." She hissed and he looked at her.

"So the raven is showing her feathers, eh? I'm surprised that you would say that about fate, Little one." Elecktra turned her head to the side, away from Yami Marik so her hair was a curtain between them. Yami Marik reached out and brushed it behind her ear, then he cupped her cheek with surprising gentleness.

"Is it because fate has been so cruel to you? It was fate that carelessly ripped your parents away from you and left you to die by the hands of a man that didn't even care what became of you?" Elecktra head snapped and fire burned in her dark green eyes.

"You mock my pain."

"Life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is a liar." He retorted and Elecktra looked away again. The yami began to pace around her again.

"Fate has been rather cruel to you, even I will admit. Hardship after hardship was hurled at you and yet, you braved it." Yami Marik stopped behind her. She shivered slightly when she felt his breath on the back of her neck.

"Each hardship you faced and you didn't break as each passed, and for that, I love you." He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck.

"You aren't capable of love." Elecktra shifted so she was looking him in the face.

"You're a demon, you don't know what love is, you only know of lust." Yami Marik frowned.

"Oh really?"

"Yes, and I could never love a demon." She hissed. Yami Marik only grinned, showing off his teeth.

"You will learn to love me." He whispered, starting to kiss her neck again.

"You may not love me now, but you will in time." Yami Marik lifted his head to look her in the eyes.

"You belong to me, My dark queen..."

A/N: Hi! Yes, I'm alive. Sorry for making you guys wait for a long time, but I have high school to deal with and my muse decided to hide on me, but for some odd reason, Yami Marik has been popping up in my mind. Yes, I know how weird that sounds, but I keep listening to Snow White Queen by Evanescence and find that pretty much describes E's relationship with Marik's dark side. So yea, here my drabble for E and Yami Marik, hope you enjoyed.

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