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Title: Mixed-Up and Matched-Up
Warnings: AU-ish MyMusic. Sometimes the characters will be a bit OOC.
Setting: Before the killing of Scene's avatars. Scene will still be Scene in this fanfic. Trust me on this.
Pairings: SCENTERN 2!, Techstep, maybe Medol/Indol. Oh, and a one-sided Scindie. Anyone have any ideas?

Part One: The Mix-Up

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Metal one morning. He... or now, a she, had woken up a female. (S)he looked at the clock, exclaimed a curse, and ran downstairs and out the door to get to work.

"Whooooa..." she said, when she opened the door. The once male Intern 2 had now changed into a beautiful, strict-looking woman. "Hi... Intern 2..." Metal said, before turning to Scene. Scene had changed, too. Who once was a bright and bubbly teenage girl had now changed into a jittery and peppy handsome teenage boy. "Hi... Scene," Metal said, facing him. "Hiii, Metal!" he replied, in a voice that was higher than the average male's.

Intern 2 looked up at Metal. "Hello, Metal," she said in a low female voice, very quickly. She then went back to typing on her computer. Metal ran into the bathroom to see what she looked like. Her hair looked just like it had when she was a he, her beard was gone, and she was actually very nice-looking. Her get-up was more grunge than metal, with a black T-shirt under an unbuttoned red and white plaid flannel shirt, stonewashed jeans and black sneakers.

Then, Metal's eyes flew to her chest... She had boobs...

Metal then walked to Techno and Dubstep's office, hoping they weren't changed. But, unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Techno was now a colorful, glowstick-holding guy blaring Daft Punk's 'Around The World' at full volume through his neon green headphones. Dubstep, on the other hand, was now a pretty, neon-clad girl blaring Skrillex's 'Bangarang' through her set of neon green headphones, to match Techno's.

"Heyyy, Metalll!" Techno said, dancing around. Dubstep was making the noises from the song. "Hi, Techno and Dubstep," Metal replied, waving. Dubstep then wub-whispered something into Techno's ear. He smirked. Metal decided to leave the two alone to dance while he went to go see if Idol and Hip-Hop were different.

"PLEEASE don't be screwed up..." Metal repeated over and over as she walked towards Idol and Hip-Hop's area. But this wasn't to be. Hip-Hop was an African-American, somewhat full-figured, fairly nice-looking female and Idol was a Justin Bieber hair-wearing JB look-alike. Metal wanted to get away from Idol as quickly as possible, wanting to throw up over the uncanny resemblance.

"Hey, Metal!" Idol said in an airhead guy tone. Metal waved and then quickly turned to face Hip-Hop. "Yo, Metal!" she said to Metal, smiling then turning back to her gun collection. Metal said hello back and then went to find Indie.

Surprisingly, somehow, Indie was unchanged. "M...Metal, is that you?" Indie said, looking curiously at Metal. "Yeah, it's me. What the hell is going on around here? Scene, Techno, and Idol are guys, and me, Intern 2, Dubstep, and Hip-Hop are chicks!" Indie stared down to check and make sure he was still a male, and was relieved to find out that he still was.

"I have NO clue what's going on, but whatever it is, I'm pretty sure this has to be some sort of a curse. And I know EXACTLY who might've caused this whole thing..."

"Dammit, Scene, why'd you have to mention that stupid website?" Indie yelled at him. Scene said, "Sorry! Now I'm a boy and Scene's saaaaaaaaaaaaaad..." and pouted with his lower lip. "No, Scene, it's not your fault," Intern 2 said, budging into the conversation. "You didn't know that any of this would happen. Indie sighed, rolled his eyes, and then slammed his hands onto Intern 2's half of the desk.

"JUST BECAUSE YOU MAKE A GOOD WOMAN DOESN'T GIVE TO THE POWER TO INTRUDE ON CONVERSATIONS, INTERN 2!" Indie yelled. Intern 2 looked both confused and offended. "So... you think I make a good woman?" Indie sighed again. "Shut up, Intern 2." Intern 2 shook her head and then went back to typing.

"Scene, now the weird website people turned us into the opposite gender, and you have to make it right. Look, no one is blaming you for what happened. It was a stupid mishap and I'm sure that if you would've known the consequences, you wouldn't have mentioned anything. But you still have to talk to the website people. I don't wanna be a chick for any longer than I have to be," Metal said to Scene.

Scene quit pouting and smiled at Metal. "Thanks, Metalllllll!" he said, now with his normal voice from when he was a she. "WHOA!" Scene said, shocked by the sudden change. He was turning back! He turned back to a she in a matter of seconds. "SCENE'S BACK!" exclaimed Metal, smiling. Scene nodded and said, "Well, I'm back, but why isn't everyone ellllllllllllllllse?" Metal stared at herself. Yep, he was still a she. Metal muttered a swear.

At the end of the day, Scene and Hip-Hop had changed back. "Well," Scene said to Intern 2 as they grabbed their things. "I'm sorry I got all of us into this mess, but I'm happy there are more girls around the office!" Intern 2 sighed. Scene was always so optimistic and cheerful. Intern 2 had always liked her when she was a he, but Scene had always been chasing Indie...

Intern 2 had always felt like he had no chance... but maybe if she turned back into a guy, he COULD have a chance! "Yeah, but, I still miss being a guy," Intern 2 said, joking around with Scene, who laughed back. Intern 2 liked Scene's laugh. It just fit her personality. Oh, if only Scene liked him/her back...

The next day, Idol turned back into a female. "Oh, thank Gorgol," Metal exclaimed, after hearing news of Idol's transformation. "I almost threw up every single time I looked at her when she was a dude. She looked like Justin Bieber..." Metal shuddered after the thought. Metal had never particularly liked Idol as even a FEMALE, but he was glad she was now no longer a Justin Bieber look-alike.

And then Dubstep changed back into a guy, which overjoyed Techno AND Dubstep; so much that he and Techno, who was still a guy, threw a HUGE rave. But sadly, Techno, Metal, Intern 2, and Scarfman, or rather, Scarf-WOMAN, were still unchanged. Scene brought back the website people from 4*censor* and negotiated. They said the curse would wear off by the end of the week and by then, everyone would be back to normal.

Everyone hoped so, especially Intern 2.

"Hey, Scene..." Intern 2 said, shyly. "Yeah, Intern 2oooooooooo?" Scene replied, smiling back at her co-worker, like her usual, peppy self. "Um... can you keep a secret?" Scene nodded, her black hair with fake neon streaks bobbing with her movement. Intern 2 lowered her voice and whispered, in Scene's ear, "I think you have a secret admirer. He's a guy, or who used to be a guy. He's really shy and doesn't like to admit his feelings."

Scene immediately got jittery. "Is it Indieeeeeeeeeeeee?" she asked, in high hopes. "I don't think so. Sorry, Scene." Scene pouted. "Is it Dubstep? Because he's sorta cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!" "Nope." "Is it Hip-Hop?" "No." "Metal?" "No..." Scene then began to think. "But... I listed every guy at MyMusic..." Intern 2 sighed and shook her head. "No, you haven't."

"Then... that leaves... you."

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