And that was it. He was alone. At least Ood Sigma said that his time was up soon. He didn't think he could take anymore.

He hung his head in depression as he walked down the London road. Why did everything happen to him? He was one of the better Time Lords! He didn't deserve this.

Doctor, it'll get better, he tried to convince himself as he opened the TARDIS door...

Someone was there. All he saw was the long black hair. They turned around, their face in a shock that one couldn't put into words.

"What?" He asked. How could they have gotten in there? And it couldn't have been a repeat of the Donna thing... "Before you ask, you're in the..."

"Oh my God, you're real!" The girl exclaimed and ran to him.

He slipped in. Who was she?

"I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of yours!" She said, as if she had read his mind.

Oh, no... He started running into some hallway. Now I see why Fivey hated me at first...

"Come back here!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

No! He thought.

"Let me love you!"

Oh hell no... He hit a... Dead end? How did the TARDIS have dead ends?

Two arms suddenly grabbed his waist. "You're now mine, Doctor!"

"Please... I'd like to be my own..."

"No! You're lonely and I'm here to help that!"

Wait... How did she know? "How do you...?"

"Doctor, I want to come with you..." She made her best puppy eyes. And they were bloody good, that's for sure. Good enough to convince him.

"Oh, alright! Just for a few days!"

She let go and started jumping up and down, squealing. "Yay! Yay! Yay!"

He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. "As long as you behave."

"Sure I will. I just have a question."

"Hmmm?" He turned around.

"You haven't seen the Master, have you?"

What sort of a question was that? "No..."

"Aww! You two were so cute together!"

And then he realized something that made him go red with embarrassment: "You're one of... Them!"