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She is so beautiful.

My lovely wife who has the warmest smile that could brighten the whole world. Her love, her devotion, her gentle soul, I found them all when I look into her eyes. She may have aged, but she is Rin, my Rin, the only Rin in the world. The only woman that can make my life feels whole, the touch that likes no one else. I hold her tightly against me. She smiles, her cheeks turn pink. She never creases to amuse me for she is still being shy after all these years. She sometimes calls me the devil, for I love teasing her. I hug her tighter as her arms reach around my back, "You are beautiful," I whisper.

She giggles, her cheeks deepen from pink to reddish, "I am an old woman."

"A beautiful old woman." A smile reaches her lips, "My beautiful woman." I add, my lips widen as well. She loves my rare smile and I show it to her as often as I could.

"Stop," she gently slap my left shoulder and put away a bit so she can looks into my eyes, "People will laugh if they hear you." she says with a smile.

"Let them." Yes, laugh if you want, just watch out for your head. I don't need people to tell me what to think. Rin is beautiful so I will say she's beautiful. I have loved her and will always love her no matter what she looks like. I lean and seal her lips with mine and follow through our lovely cycle once more.